50 -year -old Zhu Liqian Moxibustion Gong Gong Cold Artificial Inspection Andy Lau takes care of her daughter in person

Hong Kong media report screenshot

According to Hong Kong media reports, Liu Dehua, 54, and Zhu Liqian, have been married for 8 years. The two have a 4 -year -old baby girl Liu Xiangyi. They have rumored that Zhu Liqian will help her husband after the lanterns.Moxibustion, repeated defeat and repeated battle finally got their wishes. The news said that Zhu Liqian had successfully conceived for 4 months. Recently, he had a belly to the city of Kowloon under the guard’s belly.! "

On the 6th of next month, Zhu Liqian, who was 50 -year -old, became a invisible woman behind Andy Lau for many years. The two married in the US Gambling City in 2008. They have always wanted to have a baby Hua Zai. Four years later, she successfully gave birth to her daughter Liu Xiangyu.Hua Zai, who was only 50 years old, wept, and the two couples loved the baby girl.Zhu Liqian, who has been a daughter -in -law, is almost 50 years old. It turned out that she had never forgotten the aftermath of the Liu family.

Artificial conception

It is reported that Zhu Liqian, the more younger the chance of pregnancy, the slightly slightly pregnant. After she can have her husband, she can find Dr. Su Weiji, a gynecologist who was born for her daughter two years ago, and she was artificially conceived for her.Chen Tai, who is a doctor, uses moxibustion to treat the "palace cold" problem, conditioning the body to increase the chance of pregnancy.Moxibustion, Andy Lau mainly does the waist bone, his wife goes to do moxibustion because of the "Gong Han" problem.

Last Tuesday, Zhu Liqian appeared in Jiulong City to buy seafood under the bodyguard. She wore a mask with a loose shirt and a convex belly, and her pregnancy flavor was very strong. The news said that Zhu Liqian had been pregnant for 4 months.He did not deny his wife’s pregnancy: "Don’t respond, thank you for your concern." Some said that he knew that his wife was happy again and ecstatic. In order to make her wife concentrate on the fetal, she was not allowed to pick up her daughter from school. She would rather take care of her daughter in person."Go to Hong Kong in the morning, you ca n’t force to take a bath, take a child to school, and then accompany your family breakfast. The point is that you can gossip with the family.

Stop working

Earlier this year, Huazai, who was preparing to return to Hong Kong in Beijing, took a picture of a mask. Leave a message to love his wife and daughter: "Don’t worry me, go out with a mask, protect yourself, and protect the family around you!The heart of the family calmed down, thinking that when I was waiting, I would meet my parents, lovers, and daughters. "In fact, after Hua Tsai was kicked and exploded, he had written an apology" belated frank "and admitted that he wanted to have children:"Actually, I always hope that there is a child, and the age is even more unchanged. After the doctor’s proposal, the success rate of relying on medical methods will be higher, so good, do it!" So it is not difficult to understand that he and his wife wantThe son’s mood.

As for some that Hua Tsai is to accompany her wife, she will stop working after filming the new drama "Bomb Demolition Expert" next month, and will be rejected indefinitely.Chinese Star Movie "Big Gao 2".

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