5. 11 Specials 肥 Want to lose weight?These methods help you judge whether it is really obese!

May 11 each year is the world’s prevention and treatment of obesity.As a science popularization platform that promotes science weight loss, starting from this issue, we have launched a series of content to help everyone understand the dangers of obesity and understand the necessity of medical weight loss.

There are many people who want to lose weight now. Some are indeed because obesity affects health and life. Some people lose weight purely because of their love.The former is really necessary to lose weight, and the latter needs to do a good habit of balanced nutrition and maintaining exercise.

So when you start to lose weight, you need to judge whether you belong to the obese crowd in a scientific way.

Method one BMI (physical index)

BMI is a commonly used standard for measuring the degree of fat and thinness of the human body and whether it is healthy, also known as the physical index.There are different standards for reference people for different races.

In our guideline, the criteria for the judgment of the adult BMI are: 18.5 ≤ BMI <24 is the normal weight range, the 24≤BMI <28 is defined as overweight, and BMI ≥ 28 is defined as obesity.

The BMI calculation formula is:

Physical Index (BMI) = Fang of Height (KG)/Height (M)

Although the physical index method is widely used in obesity determination, if you are minor, athletes with muscular developed, crowds who are undergoing weight training, women who are pregnant or lactating, are weak or sitting for a long time.People, or patients with edema, then you do not apply this measurement method.

Method two quantity waist circumference

The waist circumference is the simplest and practical indicator of fat accumulation (that is, central obesity), which can be used to determine the weight overweight of the risk of obesity related diseases in the abdominal fat distribution.

In China’s obesity standards, 90 cm of men’s waist circumference is obesity, and women’s waist circumference is 85 cm as obesity.More than this standard, it represents the gathering of relevant diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and abnormal blood lipids.

The waist circumference here refers to the length of the circumference of the circumference of the lower edge of the rib bow and the horizontal position of the iliac rail connection.Children under the age of 12 use 2 cm on the umbilical as the measured plane.

When measuring the waist circumference, remove the waist covering clothes, stand easily, and droop naturally with both hands.Put the tape from the middle point of the upper edge of the cheekbone and the lower edge of the rib. The leather tape is parallel to the ground. It is around the abdomen for a week, keeps close to the skin without squeezing the skin, and measures the length of the waist circumference after normal exhalation.

Combining the measurement of the waist circumference and the BMI weight index can better and more reasonably evaluate a person’s weight. Based on such a standard, there are more than 100 million obese people in China.

Method three waist and hip ratio

The waist -to -hip ratio (WHR) is the ratio of the waist and hips, and it is an important indicator for determining central obesity.The boundary value of the waist and hip ratio vary with age, gender, and human race.

It is generally believed that WHR exceeds 0.9 (male) or 0.8 (female) can be regarded as central obesity, but its dividing value varies with age, gender, and race.At present, it is useful to replace the waist and hip ratio to predict the tendency of heart obesity.

Women’s ideal waist and hip ratio is about 0.67 to 0.80; male ideal waist and hip ratio is about 0.85-0.95.

Method quadriofi -fat rate

The body fat rate refers to the proportion of fat weight in the human body in the overall weight of the human body, reflecting the amount of fat content in the human body.

Weight loss is for the purpose of loss of excess fat, so the fat rate can well measure the weight loss effect and eliminate weight fluctuations.

Commonly used tools for measuring body fat include fat meters, fat scales, human body component measuring instruments, etc.

Different instruments have different normal body fat range. Generally speaking, adult men> 25%and adult women> 30%can be identified as obesity.It should be noted that women’s body fat rate is too low, which is not good for reproductive health.

Through the above methods, you can understand whether you are really obese. If you are really in a state of obesity, then you will lose weight when spring flowers bloom!

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