48 -year -old Xu Jinglei recently exposed!Talent has appeared in the photo, Dink for many years, and the small abdomen is suspected to be pregnant

Recently, 48 -year -old Xu Jinglei shared a recent photo. It was originally shared his life photos, but he did not expect that it caused many heated discussions from netizens.

The reason is that in Xu Jinglei’s recent photos, the lower abdomen bulges, suspected to be pregnant.It is reported that Xu Jinglei has been with her boyfriend for 13 years and has never thought about having a child. Is it 48 years old and want to open and decide to have a small life?

In the recent photos shared by Xu Jinglei, she wore a black and loose short sleeve, the breeze fluttered, and she was out of the photo. She was indeed a talented woman in the entertainment industry. The whole person had a literary temperament.

Today, Xu Jinglei has settled in the United States and opened a comfortable and comfortable life. In her recent photos, her parents appeared. After she arrived in the United States, she had not seen her parents for almost three years.

And this time, why is it so coincident?Xu Jinglei received her parents from the United States. She was a driver. She took her parents out to travel, appreciating other landscapes, and would also make good food for her parents.

When Xu Jinglei stood with her mother, her mother couldn’t hold her mouth with a smile. Xu Jinglei also put her right hand on her mother’s shoulder. Under the "helping way" of the wind, she could faintly see her lower abdomen.

After seeing the recent photos of the talented daughter Xu Jinglei, netizens were surprised: "Is it pregnant?" After all, Xu Jinglei had insisted on Dink. If she chose to get pregnant, it would really make many audiences incredible.

The audience’s doubt and speculation is not groundless. First of all, Xu Jinglei’s previous dressing style is also very loose, but the whole person looks very thin and the clothes are very fit.The state of blessing;

Secondly, is Xu Jinglei’s parents going to the United States just coincidence?The epidemic has always been in the United States. Why did he suddenly reach the place where his daughter lived this time?If there is no particularly big thing, maybe her parents will not leave their hometown and go to the United States;

Furthermore, Xu Jinglei settled in the United States is very relaxed. She either practiced calligraphy or various sports and was very self -disciplined.But during this time, Xu Jinglei rarely exercised, and even she said "less practice". How can she give up if her body allows?

In the end, the sharp -eyed netizens saw Xu Jinglei’s recent photos and found that she was holding a cane. If she walked for a long time, would she use her hand stick to be injured by her feet?If your feet are injured, how can you dare to drive and take your parents out to play?When the body is sinking, naturally you need the "help" of a cane.

Netizens discussed the heat, but Xu Jinglei did not respond, nor denied.Perhaps for her, her life does not need to be explained. While her career is temporarily put on hold, I hope she can come up with good news, at least in her old age, she will not be so lonely.

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