42 -year -old Cecilia Cheung is suspected of 4 child?The lower abdomen is raised during the live broadcast, and the insider broke the news anonymous

Cecilia Cheung began to broadcast live. She was 42 years old and her facial features were exquisite and high. She was a standard Hong Kong style beauty.

Cecilia Cheung’s live broadcast of the goods is not bad. I sold hundreds of millions of nights in the evening, and there were millions of achievements. It is indeed Cecilia Cheung. The appeal is quite strong.

She won’t hold herself. On the contrary, she is more grounded. She tried to try on and tried it. She has a sincere attitude and has attracted many netizens. She is very popular.

I watched two live broadcasts of Cecilia Cheung, and I was controversial. The first live broadcast was wearing a pink loose shirt. It seemed that people were very happy and good.

In the second live broadcast, she wore a lace shirt and blocked her belly. She was back with a bear. Netizens speculated whether she was pregnant with four babies.

After all, Cecilia Cheung wants to have a daughter. She is now stable in her emotional state, and it is not impossible to want their children.The comment area is also funny. Someone comes to determine that she is pregnant, with a look of pregnancy.

There is also a mysterious person who knows the news that Cecilia Cheung has signed a contract with the news that the husband’s husband’s net red company is indeed pregnant.

Of course, she did not post evidence, and Cecilia Cheung himself did not announce it himself, so we could not determine that it was true.

Cecilia Cheung’s strange girl who played from one hand to bad cards and rescued the bad cards. When Gillian was still recruited by old things, Cecilia Cheung had already set up a new person, that is, the good mother who was unhappy.Essence

Cecilia Cheung participated in Sister Lang, and she could not rehearse for more than ten hours. As long as she came to the stage and twisted, she could stand in the C position.

The audience will always automatically add a love filter to Cecilia Cheung. After the divorce, Cecilia Cheung takes two sons alone. She has to make a movie while she is in love.

It is precisely because of this distinctive contrast that Cecilia Cheung is completely whitewashed, but Cecilia Cheung is really not easy. Although she has money to ask a nanny at home, she still needs to participate in her son’s learning and growth.

In recent years, Cecilia Cheung has nothing to take. Her work is three sons. The biological father of her younger son has become the unsolved mystery of the entertainment industry.

Some people speculate that it was Nicholas Tse, and some people speculated that it was a ex -boyfriend or a current boyfriend. It was a bit mixed to see the photos of her son, so I excluded Nicholas Tse.

In fact, it is not important who is the identity of the biological father. What is important is that Cecilia Cheung likes children very much. Since she was a child, she wished to marry at the age of 25 and give birth to a few more children.

She finally realized her wish. Although the marriage was not perfect enough, the children gave her psychological comfort.Even if he was married, Cecilia Cheung still called Xie Xian’s father. The two children were very close to Grandpa.

Nicholas Tse is also more affectionate than we imagined. He has a stable feelings, and he still remembers the children. He has already made a will, and all the property is left to the two sons.

Cecilia Cheung is still very blessed. She has divorced her parents since she was a child. She came out to work early and supported her family. She was a realistic version of Fan Shengmei.

The money you earns should be subsidized for the family, read a book for your brother and sister, and buy a house and a car for your family. The expenses are still very large.

For many years of divorce, Cecilia Cheung also found his own emotional destination, but did not announce it to the public.

She had been in love and never got blessings, so she would not make it public, but also to protect the other half.

When she was middle -aged, she finally put away her sharpness and became soft.The flashing point on her body should be the glory of motherhood, which makes people feel very kind.

Regardless of whether she is pregnant or not, everyone should not be strange. I ca n’t hide it. After a few months, I have a pregnancy, and I ’m fat.

If there are really four babies, I hope to be a daughter, and the children’s daughter is more complete!

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