40 -year -old Sun Yizhen exposed his son. The due date is December.

When Sun Yizhen was 40 years old, he married the male god Xuan Bin. When the wedding picture was exposed, everyone had envious eyes!The handsome man, the woman’s beautiful, the children born together should also be highly valuable!

The marriage was announced in February, and the fact that Sun Yizhen was pregnant in June was announced. Everyone was waiting for the baby’s birth.

After pregnancy, Sun Yizhen announced that the suspension of work at home is waiting for delivery!For a while, she went to her friend’s wedding with her pregnant belly, and was ridiculed "not understanding politeness."People who are pregnant are not allowed to attend the wedding. This is not good for the newcomers, but she is still here and stands in the front row. Many people turn black for Sun Yizhen because of this incident.

Fortunately, Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin’s word of mouth are good, and the popularity of this matter is not popular.Recently, from the Korean media, it was reported that Sun Yizhen exposed his son with his son and had been confirmed to the hospital.

When the official announcement was pregnant in June, it must have passed the danger period of 3 months. It is no other time for the baby’s due date, but it did not say any day.According to this due date, Sun Yizhen was pregnant when the two got married. As for whether it was "Fengzi married", we would not know.

There were two months before the due date. I did not expect that Sun Yizhen had lived in a high -end confinement center in advance, and began a series of prenatal education work before giving birth.

When she gave up her work for the child and concentrated on delivery at home, Xuan Bin was not idle.Although he couldn’t accompany his wife and children, he was trying to make milk powder and provide children with a good growth environment.

Through the pregnant woman taken by Sun Yizhen, she can see that her figure has not changed a lot!In this month, other pregnant women were either thickened with their arms or thickened their waist, her legs were swollen, and her feet were fat.

But her figure is still very slim. No one will find that she is a pregnant woman if she does not take a pregnant belly. At a glance, she knows that she also pays attention to figure management during pregnancy, otherwise she will not remain so good!

Netizens heard that when Sun Yizhen was pregnant with her son, she felt that she was a blessed person. It was not enough to have Xuan Bin’s love, and there was another little prince to protect her. After the child grew up, the two handsome guys followed her like a bodyguard, like a bodyguard.The same, see who dares to talk to her.

Now the only hope for everyone is that she and the little prince can be born safely, take a good confinement, and return to bring good works as soon as possible.If you exit the screen for a long time, you will be forgotten by the public soon, which will spend her reputation for decades.

Other celebrities will be hidden in their wedding and babies. I am afraid that fans will take off their fans when they know, but Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin choose to announce it. Fortunately, fans accept this result, and even look forward to the birth of the tiger baby.This is also a fate.

Since even the children’s gender, due date, etc. have been announced, the moment they hope that the child is born, the two will share the baby photos so that those who care about the child can see it as soon as possible.I don’t know if you heard this news, I thought about it?

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