4 kinds of vegetables have been included in the "carcinogenic list". Will eating too much cause cancer?These really have to eat less

In this mysterious world, we are dealing with various "lists" every day.Some lists are rejoicing, such as "List of Rich" and "Outstanding Student List"; some lists are worrying, such as "List List" and "Black List".

However, recently, a list was frightened, that is the "carcinogen list".What is even more surprising is that the "criminals" on this list turned out to be the four kinds of vegetables in our daily life: folding ears, tomatoes, root bean sprouts, and bergamot.

This makes people can’t help but ask, can these four vegetables really cause cancer?

First, let’s take a look at these four vegetables.

Folding roots: Also known as Houttuynia cordata, it is a plant that is widely distributed in provinces south of the Yangtze River Basin in China.

According to some information on the network, the roots of folding ear contain the aristoline-BII-BII, aristoline-AII, and aristuradide-Fii (total 0.016g/kg).

The products of these substances in the body are considered to have strong carcinogenicity.However, this does not mean that folding the roots can cause cancer.In fact, the roots of the ears are not the plants of the aristoltae family, and the aristoline I in the plants of the aristoltae family is considered to have strong carcinogenicity.Therefore, folding the roots does not cause cancer.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are common vegetables in our daily life. They are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, such as vitamin C and β-carotene.So far, no scientific research has proved that tomatoes can cause cancer.

Root -free bean sprouts: Root -free bean sprouts are the buds that are germinated by bean plants under certain conditions, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.Similarly, no scientific research proves that root bean sprouts can cause cancer.

Bergame melon: It is a genus plant of the gourd family. It is native to Central South America and is now planted in the world.Bergame melon is rich in various nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium.Similarly, no scientific research proves that the buddha melon can cause cancer.

In general, these four vegetables are safe in normal diet and will not cause cancer.However, any food should be eaten in an appropriate amount, and any food can have a adverse effect on health.These four kinds of vegetables, both from the perspective of nutritional value or taste, are important parts of our daily diet.

So, where does this "carcinogen list" come from?This involves a word we often say- "rumor".In this era of information explosion, rumors are like wildfires. Once it ignits, it is difficult to extinguish.

And this "carcinogenic list" is such a wildfire. Its existence has made us fear of these four vegetables, and some people even start to avoid these vegetables in case.

In general, the four vegetables of folding roots, tomatoes, root bean sprouts, and bergamot melon will not cause cancer. This is just a rumor on the Internet.We must have the correct concept of eating, don’t be controlled by rumors, and start from me.

In our lives, the kitchen is a mysterious and charming place. It has a variety of delicious food to satisfy our taste buds.However, do you know that in this seemingly warm place, but there are some real "killers"?

First, let’s take a look at the barbecue.Barbecue is the favorite of many people. The aroma of the barbecue is coveted.But do you know?In the process of grilling at high temperature, the meat in barbecue will produce a substance called "polygon aromatic hydrocarbons". This substance is recognized as carcinogenic substances.

Moreover, the smoke of the barbecue also contains a large amount of harmful substances, inhale for a long time, and it also hurts the lungs.Therefore, although the barbecue is delicious, we still have to eat it in moderation.

Next, let’s talk about fried food.The fried food is crispy and tender, and the taste is excellent, so people can’t stop when they eat.

However, during the process of high -temperature frying, fried foods will produce a substance called "acrylamide". This substance is a strong neurotoxin that is long -term consumption and is extremely unfavorable to human health.

Moreover, the oil content in fried foods is very high, and it also has a great impact on cardiovascular health.Therefore, although fried food is delicious, we still have to eat it in moderation.

Let’s take a look at the meat pickled meat.The taste of pickled meat is delicious and has an endless aftertaste.But do you know?During the marinated process, the meat is a substance called "nitrite", which is a strong carcinogenic substance.

Moreover, the salt content in the cured meat is extremely high, and it also has a great impact on blood pressure and cardiovascular health.Therefore, although the meat is delicious, we still need to eat it in moderation.

Finally, let’s talk about sugary drinks.Sugar -containing drinks are sweet and delicious, making people forget the calories as soon as they drink.But do you know?The sugar content in sugary drinks is extremely high, and long -term drinking can cause a series of health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Moreover, additives and pigments in sugary drinks have a great impact on human health.Therefore, although sugar -containing drinks are delicious, we still have to drink in moderation.

In general, the real "killer" is not the vegetables that are framed by rumors, but the common barbecue, fried foods, meat, and sugar -containing beverages in our daily life.

These foods and beverages contain a large amount of oil, salt, sugar, and additives. Long -term consumption is a food that can really cause cancer.Therefore, we must have the correct concept of eating, eat these foods in moderation, and maintain a healthy eating habits.

In this seductive food world, each of us is an independent small universe, and every bite of food is the shaping of this universe.So, how to make our small universe more healthy and vibrant?On 1. Choose fresh ingredients and stay away from chemical additives

First, we need to choose fresh ingredients and stay away from chemical additives.Fresh ingredients are rich in nutrients and can provide our body with the energy and nutrition.

Although chemical additives can make food look more attractive, long -term consumption may cause harm to our body.Just like those seemingly shining stars, in fact, they are already dead stars. We cannot be confused by the surface of Guanghua. We must see the nature of things.

2. Balanced diet, comprehensive nutrition

Secondly, we need to balance our diet and comprehensive nutrition.Each food has its unique nutritional value. We cannot eat partially. We need to eat various types of food in order to provide comprehensive nutrition for the body.

Just like we can’t just look at the world of color, it will lose the richness of the world.Therefore, let’s open the color box of the food and use the color of various foods to draw a healthy life scroll.

3. Equal diet to avoid excessive amount

Once again, we need to eat in an appropriate amount to avoid excessive.Excessive food will cause a burden on our body and may lead to various health problems.

Just like we can’t work and study too much, it will make our physical and mental exhaustion and lose the joy of life.Therefore, let us nourish our body and enjoy a healthy life with an appropriate amount of food.

4. Time to eat, develop good habits

Finally, we have to eat regularly to develop good habits.Timed diet can help our body build a good biological clock, which is conducive to physical health.

Just like we need regular rest and work, so that our lives can make our lives more orderly and fuller.Therefore, let us use a regular diet to shape our lives and enjoy a healthy life.

Let us use fresh ingredients, balanced diet, appropriate amount of food, and regular diet to shape our healthy life.Let our little universe full of vitality and vitality.Let our life, because of a healthy diet, is better.


In this world, no food is an absolute "angel" or "demon". There is only an appropriate amount or not.

Those vegetables that are crowned with the "carcinogenic list" are actually treasures given to us given to us by nature. They are rich in various nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Eating in moderation is good for health.

And those seemingly seductive barbecue, fried foods, pickled meat, and sugar -containing beverages are the "invisible killers" we need to be vigilant.

A healthy diet is a life attitude, a respect and responsibility for self -health.Let’s start with every bite of food, pay attention to our health and cherish our lives.Let’s use a scientific perspective to look at our diet and look at our lives.

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