38 -year -old mother’s pregnancy experience: After two CT flat sweeps, I found that she was pregnant (1)

In November 2019, I found that my menstruation has not come. This is not the same as before. I used to be particularly accurate before. Generally, the number of monthly numbers is fixed.

"Otherwise, are you pregnant?" I don’t know how to come up with such a thought.

Remember to buy premature pregnancy test strips a long time ago, there should be still at home.I picked up a meal box.

After testing, I found that there were two clear bars on the test strip.I was a little bit embarrassed at the time, I didn’t believe this result, but I had to believe it.

I am a physique that is not easy to get pregnant. I got pregnant once in 10 years and gave birth to Dabao.In the past few years, the second child was forced by the pressure that my husband gave me. I also thought about the second child, but after a few trials, I did not play, and I gave up.The finished things, although my husband would talk to me from time to time because of this.

I was most worried that I went to the hospital on November 9 to do CT flat sweeps and checked two places. At that time, the results of the inspection was fine.But now I am pregnant. Is CT radiation to the fetus, but it has become my heart disease?

I went to the hospital to consult an expert. The experts did not give a clear answer. It was just that radiation was possible, but no one said that it was not good.The doctor asked me to think about it. Before I left, he also said: A few years ago, one of his friends also had a child after doing CT. Now the child is more than 20, and his body is very good.

When I went home, I couldn’t consider any answers. I went to consult an expert in eugenics. She took out her notebook to draw me the notes she made with a pen.What is the second?What is the amount of radiation that can cause damage to the fetus?I also gave me a pen, saying that in principle, my CT’s radiation could not reach that dangerous dose, and it was much worse. In principle, there was no need to worry about it.

In the end, I had to decide to leave the child. I haven’t said it yet. I found out that one week before pregnancy, because the weather was cold, my small shop was also very cold, so I blown the little sun for a week.With legs, I am afraid now, but who knows that I am pregnant.I thought to myself: Check it on time in the future, I believe the current medical level.

I officially opened my pregnancy journey.


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