38 in the late pregnancy 38

Pregnant women will always be particularly curious. 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus almost occupies the entire uterine cavity of the pregnant woman. The fetal activity space is getting smaller and smaller. It feels that the pregnant belly has not changed. Will the fetus stop developing?In fact, this time is not the rise of the fetus, but the fetal brain and lungs are still developing, but the growth of the fetus will slow down.

The fetus is 16-36 weeks when the fetus grows fastest.The fetus weighed only 0.24 catties at 16 weeks of pregnancy, and the head and hip length were only 12.5 cm. By 36 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal weight increased to 5.5 catties, and the height increased to 48 cm.

At 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will continue to develop. These four performances appear in the fetus, indicating that the fetus is developing well, and the baby is high after birth.

The weight of the fetus at 38-40 weeks of pregnancy increased by 400-800 grams, and the head and hip length increased by 1.7 cm. The height increased less and the weight was relatively increased.

38 weeks of pregnancy: about 49.3 cm in length, 6.2 catties of weight, 9.08 ± 0.59 cm in double diameter, 30.63 ± 2.83 cm in abdominal circumference, and 7.20 ± 0.43 cm long.

The fetal breathing and digestive system has been perfected, and the lung development of the fetus has matured. Even if it takes delivery, the baby can survive outside the palace.Most fetuses have entered the basin, the number of fetal movements will be relatively reduced, the placental function will become 2-3, and the amount of amniotic fluid will reach 800 ml.

39 weeks of pregnancy:

Weighing 6.6 catties, 50 cm in length of the head and hips, 9.21 ± 0.59 cm in double top diameter, 31.34 ± 3.12 cm of abdominal circumference, and 7.34 ± 0.53 cm in length.

The fetus will obtain a large amount of antibodies from the placenta and store it for the protection of the baby after birth.At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will still maintain a posture after the basin, and the mother’s contractions will be more frequent.

40 weeks of pregnancy:

The head and hip length is 51 cm, the double -top diameter is 9.28 ± 0.50 cm, the abdominal circumference is 31.49 ± 2.79 cm, the femoral length is 7.4 ± 0.53 cm, and the weight is 6.8 catties.

The secretion of hormones at 40 weeks of pregnancy will stimulate the mother’s delivery, and the fetus completes the first turn to prepare for the upcoming childbirth.

1. Fetal lung development.

Generally speaking, the lung development of the fetus will mature at 38-39 weeks of pregnancy, but some babies have developed rapidly, so the lungs have matured at 38 weeks of pregnancy.

2. The fetus often snores.

The fetal snoring is practicing the breathing of the lungs. The fetal lungs will continue to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid to exercise their lung breathing. This can ensure that the fetus can start working normally after the fetus is born and provide the baby with oxygen.

The fetus hiccups, pregnant women can feel the beating of the abdomen for a while. If the pregnant woman often feels that the fetus is practicing snoring, it proves that the fetal breathing ability is getting better and better. Each snoring will last for 10-15 minutes.most.

3. The fetal weight growth is obvious.

At 40 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus will reach 5.5-7 pounds. If the pregnant woman is not eating much during pregnancy, but the fetal development is also good, it means that the fetal absorption ability is better. After the baby is born, the weight growth will be particularly obvious.Personal mother is also easy to feed.

4. There are many forms of fetal movement.

Whether it is during the day or the night, the fetal movement is more active, and the fetal movement is powerful, indicating that the fetus is good for physical strength, the fetus is good, and the baby is healthier. After the baby is born, the resistance will be better.

The fetus is getting bigger and closer to the due date, so pregnant women have to be checked once a week, so if there are abnormal pregnancy, the doctor can find and treat it accordingly.

For 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, check-up items: check-up, routine urine, fetal heart monitoring, 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, at least one prenatal B-ultrasound, doctors need to determine the childbirth method of pregnant women.Pioneering heart monitoring and prenatal B ultrasound are important, pregnant women must do.

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