35 weeks of pregnant mother’s pants on a pool of blood, almost gone, was a sneezing calamity?

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"Fortunately, the operation is timely, otherwise I don’t know what to do!" Recently, in the obstetrics and gynecology ward of Xixi Hospital in Hangzhou, the School of Medicine of Zhejiang University, Mr. Wang (pseudonym) of Yu Hang said that what happened a week ago still had a lingering heart.The

His wife Ms. Yang (pseudonym) was 35+5 weeks of pregnancy, which caused the placenta to peel and bleed early because of sneezing …

Pregnant women saw red early and thought they were in delivery

I didn’t think it was a placenta early stripping

That night, Ms. Yang was ready to watch TV on the sofa after eating. After standing up and sneezing, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. At first she thought it was normal pregnancy pain, and she didn’t care.Unexpectedly, the pain gradually intensified, and the couple who felt wrong hurried to the Xixi Hospital in Hangzhou.

"My wife started my stomach pain after dinner. I just saw the redness below, is it almost born? But we are not enough." Mr. Wang hurriedly described the situation with the emergency doctor.

Tong Ling, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department on the day, rushed to check with Ms. Yang immediately. I saw her pants on a pool of blood, listening to the fetal heart 106 times/minute, and judging that this was not an ordinary label.

In order to further clarify the diagnosis, the doctor conducted an ultrasonic examination of Ms. Yang and found that there were about 4*5cm blood blocks in the rear placenta.

"Originally, the placenta was peeled early, and surgery was needed immediately, otherwise adults and children are dangerous!" The emergency department, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and anesthesia operating rooms immediately formed the rescue team to open a green channel for Ms. Yang.

15 minutes later, a baby’s cry came from the operating room. The mother and child were safe, and everyone finally relieved.

After the placenta was stripped, it was found that there was about 7*8cm blood blocks after the placenta. "Fortunately, the operation is timely. If it is sent late, the adults and children may be gone!" Dr. Tong recalled.

Do these things well

Prevent placenta early peeling

Mr. Wang and his wife really couldn’t figure it out: Why would a sneezing cause the placenta early?

Dr. Tong Ling explained that the placental peeling usually occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and the incidence rate is only 1%.

The causes include the lesions of the blood vessels, such as hypertension during pregnancy, chronic kidney disease, etc.; Mechanical factors, such as trauma, especially abdominal blunt trauma, can induce premature placental stripping; the pressure of the uterine cavity is sharply reduced, including twins, amniotic fluid, amniotic fluidToo much, the fetal membrane breaks up early, and after the uterine cavity pressure drops sharply, the placenta and the uterine wall occur are dislocated and peeled; in addition, there are smoking, drug abuse, choric membrane amnioxylitis, auxiliary fertility technology, and a tendency to form thrombosis.

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When Ms. Yang stood up, she suddenly sneezed, causing the pressure of the uterine cavity to decrease sharply, which caused the placenta to peel early.

The typical clinical manifestations of placental peeling are vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and uterine tension, and uterine tenderness.In the early days, the abnormalities of fetal heart rate were performed, and the symptoms of hemorrhagic shock were severe.

Because the placenta is more urgent, pregnant women should regularly check the birth and find abnormalities in time; if there are hypertension or kidney disease during pregnancy, timely treatment and blood pressure should be controlled in time.

At the same time, we must also develop good living habits, not smoking, not drinking, etc., to avoid long expectation in polluted environments; try to sit down when you want to sneeze, so you should try to hold your stomach with your hands as much as possible.

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