32 -year -old Zhai Lingyun is full of flavor. He once destroyed the basketball career of the men’s basketball player and married into a wealthy man.

In February, the well -known model Zhai Ling took a photo of his son on the Internet, and said: "Your first Valentine’s Day, happy to go to kindergarten."

Since the scenery married into the giants, Zhai Ling’s style of painting has changed greatly, and the model from the scandal has transformed into a good wife and mother, and the whole person is full of happiness.

Many people lamented that Zhai Ling was born with a good life. She was represented by her ex -boyfriend’s malicious revenge. After destroying the men’s basketball player Zhang Bo’s basketball career, she could still marry a wealthy man.

Zhai Ling, who is so exciting in life, is also a woman with a story.

[Zhai Ling was maliciously retaliated by his ex -boyfriend, but his reputation was shocked]

Many people like to call Zhai Ling as a beast. Due to the height of 177 cm, she won the runner -up of the Chinese Lienn Model Finals at the age of 19 and the third place in the Chinese Finals of the International Model Contest. The future is unlimited.

At the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, Zhai Ling was wearing a black dress, standing out with a fresh and elegant temperament and devil -like figure, and was hailed as the "first car model" by the majority of netizens.

However, Zhai Ling, a well -known model in the modeling industry, has a wave of emotional life.

Before he debuted, Zhai Ling had a boyfriend, and the two loved them very sweetly.

However, with the rise of Zhai Ling’s career, the two had cracks due to the feelings of gathering less.In order not to affect his career, Zhai Ling had a pain to break up to her boyfriend.

I thought this was just a love story of the wind and snowy moon. I did not expect that the ex -boyfriend was unwilling to be abandoned. In order to retaliate against Zhai Ling, he maliciously scattered the intimate videos of the two on the Internet, which had a great impact on Zhai Ling’s reputation.

Seeing the video released by his ex -boyfriend on the Internet, Zhai Ling was afraid that he did not dare to go out, and washed his face with tears in the house all day.It wasn’t until three months of silence that she bravely returned to work and re -stood on the stage as a model.

However, "Sai Weng lost his horse, knowing not to be blessed", although Zhai Ling was silent because of the malicious revenge of his ex -boyfriend, he became famous afterwards, and he became a well -known model. His career was greatly rising, which was a blessing.

After this incident, Zhai Ling received the olive branches thrown by many crews, which not only appeared in Paris Fashion Week, but also entered the performing arts circle. It brushed a wave of heat in the movie "Iron Man".

[Zhai Ling and the men’s basketball team Zhang Bo met, but destroyed his basketball career]

Although he experienced a failure and embarrassing relationship, Zhai Ling still did not disappoint love.With the comfort and help of his friend Yang Di (this Yang Difei Peter), Zhai Lingcai thoroughly walked out of the shadow, and the two slowly came together.

However, this relationship is still not long. Yang Di always missed his ex -girlfriend in his heart, which led to the two people’s suspicion, and it didn’t take long to part ways.

Just as Zhai Ling was sad because of this relationship, a genius men’s basketball player named Zhang Bo entered her world.

It is reported that the two met in a shooting activity, and Zhang Bo and the young and beautiful Zhai Ling talked well.It didn’t take long for the media to take a picture of the two of them, but Zhang Bo responded that the two were just good friends.

However, although she did not recognize her relationship, Zhang Bo was very fond of Zhai Ling. Even in order to get along with her more time, she did not hesitate to go back at night during basketball training, resulting in being expelled from the national team.

Although Zhang Bo has entered the national team again with his strength since then, maybe because of his poor energy, he can no longer find the state of the past, and he chose to retire shortly after a long time.

Because of this, many people think that Zhai has destroyed Zhang Bo’s basketball career, and he is a "red face".

However, Zhang Bo never complained about Zhai Ling. Until the two could not be friends, he had never said that Zhai Ling was not, and even after breaking up, he would maintain her in public.

Zhai Ling also felt guilty about destroying Zhang Bo’s basketball career, so she rarely talked about Zhang Bo in public and was unwilling to take his popularity.

[Zhai Ling meets true love, the scenery marries into a wealthy man]

After bidding farewell to the men’s basketball player’s ex -boyfriend, Zhai Ling was a little disappointed with feelings until she met true love in this life.

During a trip to Sanya, Zhai Ling met with a young and promising young talent. The two talked very well, and they had a late situation.

As for the love experience of the two, it was unknown, but in 2014, Zhai Ling directly announced the wedding news with the man on the Internet, and took a bikini photo with her husband, with a sweet and happy smile on his face.

It is reported that Zhai Ling’s husband was born with a good family.After marrying Zhai Ling, the two settled in Canada all year round and lived a sweet and loving life.

However, it may be the reason for the grandeur. Zhai Ling has slowly withdrew from the entertainment industry since he got married. After pregnancy and child, he became a good wife and mother, and the family of three was happy.

Today, 32 -year -old Zhai Ling has not appeared in front of the public for a long time. From her social dynamics, she often travels, shopping, and drinking afternoon tea. Occasionally, she has a chef. Don’t live too comfortably.

And her son has reached the age of the kindergarten, but from the beautiful photos of Zhai Ling’s exposure, she is still beautiful and still full of charm, and even adds a bit of grace and luxury.

At first, Zhai Ling was vilified because of the malicious revenge of his ex -boyfriend. Now, as a victim, she is married to the giants and becomes wide.

For Zhai Ling, she has experienced confusion and pain, and has encountered slander and misunderstanding.But everything is worthwhile to gain a happy life.

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