32 -year -old I was unable to get pregnant unexpectedly, my mother -in -law advised her husband to divorce me


While God closes a door for you, it will definitely open a window for you."So, no matter what kind of difficulties have given us, as long as we do not admit defeat, we will definitely defeat difficulties and live a happy and happy life. What do you think? Have you encountered a very difficult thing?What about it?

Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Jing. I am 32 years old. I am 26 years old to marry my husband. I am pregnant.This is our first child, and everyone at home is happy.

During the four months of pregnancy, my husband took the weekend and said that he took me out to disperse.

The weather was not very good that day, and light rain.I had already rejected and said I was resting at home.

But her husband feels that this little rain does not affect, not to mention that we drove ourselves, which is also very convenient.

So we drove away.

When driving on a highway, our car was hit because of the slippery road.

Her husband instinctively hit the steering wheel towards the left, causing me to suffer secondary injuries when I was sitting on the co -pilot.

I was scared at the time, and people were fainted.

When I woke up again, I was already lying on the hospital bed.

What is even more heartbroken is that my child is gone.

I stayed in the hospital for more than half a month before I was discharged.

Back at home, under the care of her mother -in -law, I continued to sit for half a month of "little confinement".

My husband was originally a elementary school classmate. He was very close to the family. After graduating from college, he returned to his hometown. From the time of encounter, we came together. I work in a private company and my husband is working in a state -owned enterprise.

The family was very sad about my abortion, and my husband even blame and sadly. I comforted him and said, "Husband is okay, we can still have it. This child has no fate with us. We don’t have to blame and feel sad. We are young. We are young. We are young. We are young.When I raise my body, we will regenerate a baby. "My husband’s tears flowed down. I thought he was moved. Later, I learned that he had something to hide from me. After a long time, I knew that I could not have birth.

This is due to my mother -in -law. I was rest that day. My mother -in -law thought I was nap, so I had been with me. Later, she went downstairs and said to her husband, "I advise my husband to divorce me. I thought, why did my mother -in -law say that?Is it because I did something wrong, listening to my wife said, you think clearly, I still advise you to divorce her early. "Living your own life, what do you have to do with me? My wife, I will protect you by myself, so don’t participate. "

After listening to my husband, I was even more confused. What was it hiding from me?I have been confused, is it because I can’t have children?I now wonder if my body is wrong?My husband kept comforting me and said that I was fine.The words that my mother -in -law finished speaking is even more sure of my guess.So while my husband and mother -in -law were sitting in the living room, I went downstairs and asked if I had something to hide from me?I have the right to know, can you tell me?My mother -in -law said even more unscrupulously: "The last car accident made you unable to get pregnant anymore. I advise my son to divorce you. I want my son to have his own child. Is there any mistake?Divorce. "My brain buzzed, the sky collapsed, it turned out to be my problem.

My husband saw that my mood was wrong, and let me take a good rest. She first sent her mother -in -law back. After returning, her husband hugged me and said, "Wife, you have to believe me, give me a little time, we will have his own child."I wondered again. I can’t have a child from my own children. Do you have to have children with other women?During this time, I was very confused and I didn’t know how to go.

On this day my husband came out and went to a early education center. The name of the center was quiet mother. My husband held an early education center in my name. He said to me, "We will have a lot of children in the future.You like children, we can adopt one, as long as you do not divorce, do you know how much I love you? I just want to go with you to get old, where I go, I will not separate from you, because it is becauseMy fault caused you to be unable to have children. Use my second half of your life to make up for you and take care of you. "I shed tears at the time, holding my husband’s crying, and I felt like I was alive again. I was extremely happy.

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