3 months of pregnancy, my husband pushed me to roll off the cliff: daughter, why don’t I let you marry like this

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Text/Swordsman Mother (Swordsman Mother’s Parenting Parenting)

Daughter, mother, began to be anxious for your future marriage.

Thailand’s pregnant women fell into a cliff.

On June 17th, Ms. King of Chinese Pregnant Woman accidentally fell cliffs in Thailand. Fortunately, she was rescued by a big tree during the whereabouts, and her mother and son were safe.

When everyone was grateful for her, the incident reversed.

That is not an accidental falling cliff, but to obtain huge property murder, and this man is his own pillow, the child’s biological father.

Ms. Wang claimed that the husband behind her pushed her fiercely, which led her to fall into the cliff, and he wanted to make an accident to invade her huge amount of property.

Usually, the man who cares about loving lovers is so vicious that he does not even let go of his own children.

Every time I see such news, I want to raise you for a lifetime, and it is also good to not get married and have children.

Think about it, in the end, my mother still hopes that you can find a man who is worthy of your love and love you very much for the rest of his life.

Therefore, it is really important to see a person’s character before marrying.

Below you have to listen to me seriously.

Psychological has a personality, called marginal personality, refers to emotional and behavioral instability, and accompanied by a variety of impulse behavior characteristics.

What kind of personality is he?

Li Meijin, a professor of psychology, explained this personality.

This kind of man is very good when he is good, and it looks like a person who is worthy of life.

But once you encounter a problem, you are anxious, you are anxious, sometimes crazy, often accompanied by violence or even inestimable consequences.

Indeed, it is good to be in normal times, but their emotions come here. You have no prevention and will not leave you the time for you.

Their emotions will always swing back and forth in the two extremes, either insulting or storms.

Mom’s friend, your aunt Qianqian, he met such a husband.

Grandma broke her head when she took the child. She was very distressed and told her mother -in -law: "Mom, be careful when taking the child in the future."

After speaking, she sat on the sofa holding her daughter, then watched her husband who played the game and played a mobile phone, poked him with his fingers, and said, "Look, your mother saw the child breaks the baby’s head."

As soon as the words fell, a large slap on his face.

This slap slapped her, and then her husband hit her again.

He said while fighting, "You said my mother? I think she can’t see it well, what are you doing."

After the fight, he started to apologize again. Looking at the little daughter in her arms, she forgive him.

But because of a word, she said, "Mom, remember to wash your hands before eating."

The same is violent.

She decided to divorce and now forgive him again.

Because when he is usually good, it is really good for their mother and daughter.

So she forgives again and again, but he also intermittent attacks again and again.

Daughter, if you get along with a man, you don’t know when you can make him crazy. If his emotions change impermanence, then you stay away from him.

Men who can’t even control their emotions, often emotional, are not worthy of your relationship, let alone marry him.

The 1 -year -old child is seriously ill, what will do as a father?

As a result, he would divorce his wife regardless of his wife, and let her return the money.

What kind of man will see money more important than his child’s life?

It turned out that Yu Yanxia in Shanxi was introduced to marry Chen Haoyu in October 2017, and gave birth to his son Chen Haoyu in March the following year.

The child was found to be purple the next day after birth, was diagnosed with hypoglycemia encephalopathy at the hospital, and had heart disease, and was sent to the intensive care unit.In the end, it was also confirmed to have baby spasm.

After knowing that the child was sick, the child’s father’s family took the child as a burden and let her throw away the child.

When Ms. Yu was unwilling, they sued the divorce. After the court was not allowed, the family disappeared completely.

Such a man is selfish and has no responsibility. Even if the child is not sick, he will not be happy with him.

Just like the writer Wu Man blocked the river, "Everyone who is irresponsible has its sinister and brutal side."

You know, for a woman, maybe love can make you sweet for a while, but only this man is responsible to make you feel at ease.

When you encounter difficulties and illness in the future, the responsible man will accompany you to spend a difficult time.

Chen Daoming once said: "Good men don’t have to be romantic, but they must be responsible."

Therefore, her daughter remembers whether the man who pays attention is responsible.

No matter how good a man is, no matter how good he is.

Writer Sacori said: "If a person is deeply grace, and then he will look back with the benefactor, he must take care of his decentness, and he must be more vicious than an unreasonable stranger."

Thanksgiving for a person, how can such a man moral?

How can he see your efforts, even if you pay everything, it is nothing but sacrifice.

do you know?The daughter -in -law of his hometown finally decided to divorce.

But I was happy for her, and she finally recognized the man.

She married him for four years and gave birth to two children. She watched the baby at home and brought the baby, and he made money outside.

Seems good, right?

She always thought it was because he was very hard and did not see home for a year.

The fact is that he lived with another woman outside and made all the money to that woman.And the money she spent was given by her mother -in -law, but she didn’t know.

She always said, "I have paid so much for him, and worked hard to give birth to two children. He would be grateful for me. I don’t believe he will be sorry for me."

Until she received his divorce agreement, neither of the two children, because the woman was pregnant.

At first, he chased her. When she fell in love with him, washed her hands for him to make soup, and gave up her work for him. When she gave birth to children, he forgot her efforts and even turned a blind eye.

Hugo once said: "Despicable villains are always forgotten, and forgetfulness is originally a despicable part."

People who do not understand gratitude are even more terrible than wolves.

In fact, when she associated with him, it can be seen that the boy’s parents worked hard for him so much. Not only did he not thank him, he even scolded his biological parents.

How can such people even grateful that they do n’t understand their parents, how can they respect you and be grateful for your dedication?

Therefore, whether a person has gratitude is in his daily life.

Daughter, when you encounter impermanence of mood in the future, do not have a sense of responsibility to do things, and do n’t understand the man who is grateful to others, you must not have it.

Such men not only do not help your life growth, but will continue to consume your life.

Message Discussion: Which men do you encounter in life make you think you can’t marry?

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