3 months of pregnancy in January, the woman was swept out by her in -laws, and her mother -in -law: I found out after marrying


Sometimes it is not unfair destiny, but that I have not figured out the truth of being a man.

The weather is cold. Even in the most popular vegetable market, people hurried to home after buying the food, and they were unwilling to stay outside.

Beside the vegetable market, in an abandoned old board room, a young woman was frozen in it, a bed was covered on the ground, and a few charcoal fire burned in a iron basin.

This woman’s surname Zhang was driven out by her mother -in -law’s family two days ago. She lived here alone. The empty two old quilts in the room could not resist the cold. She also burned a few charcoal fire. She was still shaking.

"No, I must go back, I can’t freeze here like this."

After Zhang tried to get the contact information of the reporter, he immediately hit the phone number.

On the phone, the reporter heard that Zhang was abused by the mother -in -law’s family. When she was so cold, she was kicked out and felt very sympathetic to her experience. She immediately rushed over to mediate the contradiction with Zhang’s mother -in -law’s house.

Seeing that the daughter -in -law brought the reporters, the mother -in -law had no good look.

Mother -in -law said to the reporter with a good way: "She is embarrassed to say that we abuse her. What do she do in our house? You let her make it clear first."

Zhang stood aside and didn’t speak. The mother -in -law took out a piece of paper from the house to let the reporter show it. It turned out that this was a test sheet with a clearly written on the B -ultrasound when Zhang went to the hospital for examination.Test Report.

My mother -in -law said that when her daughter -in -law was married, she knew that she had been pregnant for three months, but she thought that since she was married, and she also agreed to make the child out, then let her son live with her.

Where can I know that after finishing the abortion surgery, Zhang, like nothing, either go out to drink with people, or go to Mahjong Pavilion to play mahjong.

"I persuaded her to raise her body well at home, so as not to fall out in the future.

"She often lost money by playing mahjong. After losing money, she called and asked my son to transfer her to gambling debts. I really don’t know how much money is this enough to use her."

Zhang’s delicious and gambling personality in exchange for the dissatisfaction of the whole family.For this reason, the family persuaded her to converge.

Without thinking, the family’s persuasion had stabbed Zhang’s aqua honeycomb. She not only did not appreciate this kind of kindness, but also had a fierce quarrel with her father -in -law.

Zhang Mou became more noisy, and he raised his hand to slap his father -in -law.The uncle on the side saw it and hurried to persuade him.

When Zhang rushed to the little uncle, he scratched a mess. When the husband’s brother was blocked by his hand, Zhang Mou bite his fingers, and he bite the uncle’s fingers.

Watching this daughter -in -law was so unreasonable, the Li family was reluctant to entangle with her again. In a furious, she simply kicked her out of the door and threw out the bedding she used to sleep.

After listening to Zhang’s mother -in -law, the reporter asked in doubt: "Did you not inquire about her before you married her?"

The mother -in -law said helplessly: "After my son knew her, she said that she could not marry without a gift. Who would think that she was still small in her stomach?"

At this time, Zhang’s husband also stated: "I must divorce her! After accompanying her to finish the abortion surgery, I was thinking about living with her.It was bitten into a crushed fracture, and the chickens and dogs were uneasy all day at home.

In order to understand the ins and outs of the dragon, the reporter found Zhang’s ex -husband with doubts, and wanted to understand why Zhang had to marry Li with 3 months of pregnancy from him.

Unexpectedly, what Zhang Mou said was even more shocking.

"When she married me, she came with pregnancy. Later, I gave birth to another child. Because we were not a matter of time, we divorced. Now these two children are raising."

Seeing reporters inquiring about Zhang’s affairs, neighbors who came to watch also broke the news.

"That woman is so amazing. When she lives here, she takes a knife at all!"

Everyone talks about how Zhang Mou doesn’t make sense.

After Zhang and his ex -husband divorced, because he did not restrict his relationship between men and women, his body was also contaminated with illness. In addition, he knew that he was pregnant, so he hurriedly proposed that he would not have a gift and married his current husband.

The current husband knows that he is deceived after marriage, and is still willing to accept Zhang. How can she know that she is difficult to change. In just one month, she hurt her mother -in -law.

After the reporter knew the truth, he found Zhang and pointed out that Zhang was deceiving feelings. It was wrong to disrespect the behavior of the elderly, and asked her what to do.

Zhang said that she still wanted to go back to her mother -in -law’s house and return to her husband to live a good life.

The reporter brought Zhang to the Li family again. Zhang took the initiative to admit wrong the mother -in -law’s family and said that he would change in the future.

"Give me a chance, I will definitely change it."

Li watched his wife sitting on a chair with Erlang’s legs and admitting his mistake. He didn’t believe that she could change it at all, and still insisted on divorcing his wife.

The mother -in -law took out the divorce agreement that had been prepared for a long time, and asked the daughter -in -law to sign it on it: "You signed the word first, and you will go through the divorce procedures in two days."

Zhang said that she could not go to the Civil Affairs Bureau on the grounds that she had no toll.

Her mother -in -law glared at her disgusted, and found two hundred dollars from her pocket and threw it over, so that she would go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce with her son two days after two days.

Seeing that the family couldn’t go back, Zhang had to receive 200 yuan, waiting for the day after day to take a car and get married with her husband.


As the saying goes, "self -loving people are constant love", only self -esteem, self -love, and self -reliance can get unanimous respect for everyone.

When Zhang and his ex -husband got married, he entered the marriage hall with his children. Because of the unreasonable personality, the ex -husband would rather raise two children alone to divorce her.

In the second marriage, she did not learn the lessons of the failure of the first marriage. Not only did she marry Li Li, she also slapped her father -in -law and bit her uncle’s fingers.

Such a daughter -in -law made the Li family avoid it. In order to live a peaceful and stable life in the past, the mother -in -law’s family had to drive her out of the house and let Zhang a little away from her family.

From Zhang’s marriage case, we can see that two problems are.

The first point, Zhang did not reflect on his first marriage, and blindly entered the second marriage.

Zhang thought that she was very smart. After the first divorce, her ex -husband agreed to raise the child who had no blood relationship with herself, which caused her not to be responsible for the child anyway. She could do whatever she wanted after divorce.

After discovering that she was pregnant, she made the same as the law, and used deception as a bait, and married the second husband smoothly.

After removing again, Zhang did not understand to respect the elderly and loved the young, and repeatedly had a mouthful with her mother -in -law’s family or even hit it. It was not until she was kicked out of the house that she realized that she had no place to go.

Unfortunately, when she confessed to her mother -in -law’s family, Zhang Mou’s movement of Erlang’s leg exposed her sincerity. This time, her husband no longer fooled and resolutely divorced.

Therefore, Zhang looks very innocent. Even if she admits it wrongly, she is forgiven, and she is forced to divorce. If you think about it carefully, all this is actually a fault.

Li’s mother -in -law said that Zhang was very angry and thought that their family was a victim. Not only did her son be deceived by Zhang, his wife and his younger son were beaten by Zhang, but they could cause this consequences. They also had a responsibility.

Because you can marry your daughter -in -law without spending money, he can’t wait to marry him into the door without knowing Zhang. However, he was greedy for a big loss and was given an unforgettable lesson by Zhang.

Marriage requires two husbands and wives to operate with each other together. A person who has a good hand without moral bottom line is a bad marriage.

I hope that after being divorced this time, Zhang can truly realize where he is wrong, so that he can make changes and find your own happiness in the future.

Because of being scolded and bite, you have nowhere to settle after being kicked out of your in -laws. Will you sympathize with such a Zhang?Welcome everyone to leave a comment!

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