3 months after giving birth, I discovered and got pregnant for 2 months!The harm to the body is greater than you think

Nanjing, Jiangsu, 38 -year -old Ms. Chen, a 28 -year -old Ms. Chen, was produced 3 months after cesarean section. During the routine inspection, she found that she was two months pregnant.

The doctor said that the children’s retention and no risk are very large. If she choose a crowd, she is a scar uterus, and it is a very short period after the production is produced, which is a high -risk abortion.

WHO recommends that women’s fertility interval is more than 2 years. Ms. Chen has just had a cesarean section for three months. The uterus has not recovered and the risk of continuing to have a great risk.

After repeated consideration, Ms. Chen decided to give up this baby.

Reminder: Many women will return to ovulation soon after giving birth. There is no fluke in the same room after delivery. We must take contraceptive measures.

Many people firmly believe that without ovulation without menstruation, they will not get pregnant, so there is no contraceptive measures. Is this really right?

Experts explain that ovulation and menstruation are not the same thing at all, and breastfeeding contraception is not reliable.Generally speaking, fertility can be reduced during breastfeeding, but this does not mean that there is no fertility.

About 14 days before menstruation, women’s mature follicles will gradually move out of the ovarian surface and protrude out.When the follicles are close to the surface of the ovary, the surface cells are thinner and finally ruptured. This period is called the ovulation period.Even if the menstruation does not come for the first time after giving birth, it may have been ovulated, and it is likely to get pregnant unexpectedly.

Studies have shown that the postpartum ovulation recovery time of different feeding methods is different from one month. The shortest postpartum recovery time takes only 14 days and the longest June+recovery.

Experts remind that the birth of the country is recommended to regenerate after one year, and the cesarean section will be born at least 2 years, which is more beneficial to the health of mothers and babies.

How long can I have a room after giving birth?

This depends on the method of childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Under normal circumstances, the appropriate time for maternal maternal rooms is 2 months after giving birth.The reason for waiting for such a period of time is that the female reproductive organs take about 8 weeks to return to normal.

For pregnant mothers who give normal delivery, the general confinement time, that is, the puerperium is 42 days. This time is the restoration period of the endometrium. After the puerperium, if the maternal body has no abnormalities, the same room can be performed.

The mother should be guided by the doctor when the hospital was checked 42 days after delivery. According to the recovery of her own body, the female reproductive organs take about 8 weeks to return to normal.It takes a while to recover.

Caesarean section maternal is best to be in the same room after caesarean section, because there is a surgical knife mouth in a cesarean section, and the same room must wait until the caesarean section wound heals.

With the opening of the three -child policy, more and more families have the idea of going to three babies, but the mothers must "do what they can".Before the third child, you must restore your body first.

Moms who are not ready to welcome the second child must be responsible for their bodies.Even if there are second -child planning families, after the mother’s uterus and physical functions must be recovered well, they must be prepared to welcome the children.

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