3 kinds of fruits have been included in the "carcinogenic list". Is it credible?Tell you the answer

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"Go, order meals, eat." At lunch, Hui Hui’s colleagues called Huihui to go to dinner.

"Let’s go, but I don’t have a good appetite recently. I didn’t bring a lunch box at noon today."

Huihui signaled his empty hand."How can that, let’s eat something." My colleague took Huihui’s hand to close his heart, "Come on, I divide you some."

Huihui looked at the food in front of him and shook his head and said, "Forget it, I still can’t eat it."

"If you do n’t buy some fruits, try it. I heard that eating plums can appetite. It happened that I brought some today."

Hui Hui’s colleagues took out a few plums from the dining bag, and said, "Come, try it."

Huihui took the plum and put it in her mouth.The sweet and sour feeling is really good. Looking at his good friends to eat, Hui Hui’s colleagues are very happy.

In the next days, Huihui was full of a pocket plum to the company every day.

In her words, eating this was eaten. Until one day, Huihui, who was sitting at the desk, suddenly felt bloating, and then painful.

With the help of colleagues, they went to the hospital together. After being informed by the doctor, Huihui was eaten on an empty stomach to cause the gastrointestinal tract.

I thought it was a good way to solve the problem, but the result hurt Huihui into the hospital …

After listening to this story, will you be shocked?How can it be so terrible to be good for our body?

Fruit contains many vitamins, which can supplement part of the nutrients needed in our body in time.

However, for patients, especially patients with poor stomachs, some fruits need to be eaten with caution.

There is no doubt that this contains plums.Huihui’s story has given us a lively example.

Because plant acids and tannins in plums are extremely likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

So what else is there in addition to plums?

The first is the fruits containing "acid". For example, for example, the fruits such as hawthorn and persimmons in our daily life.

Hawthorn contains a high amount of fruit acid. If you eat more at one time, it will cause our gastric mucosa to be excited.

If a person with fragile stomach and intestines takes a lot of intake in the short term, in severe cases, it will also lead to the attack of the gastric disease.

The persimmons contain a large amount of tannic acid, which reacts with the protein in the body to form tannic acid protein.

This substance easily becomes stomach, causing discomfort in our body.

Of course, it is not that all "acid" fruits cannot be eaten. Similarly, not all fruits without "acid" are completely safe.

It should be noted that fresh dates should not be intake too much.

Although it is rich in vitamin C, as a fruit, fresh jujube itself is difficult to digest.

If there are too many people with poor stomach and stomach, it will cause digestion difficulties.

I wonder if you heard on the Internet that have cancer on the Internet?

In rumors, apples and bananas that we often see in our daily lives are also classified as carcinogenic fruits.

In rumors, the wax on the surface of Apple can cause us to suffer from cancer.

is this real?The answer is of course negative.

In the process of Apple’s natural growth, it will secrete fruit wax on the epidermis to protect itself.

The purpose is to prevent other pest substances from invading themselves. At this time, some people question, isn’t there still artificial wax?

In fact, artificial waxes are also consistent with the stipulated edible wax. As long as it is used, it will not affect our health.

In addition, there are ripe bananas that cause cancer.

Because it uses ethylene, but in fact, it is safe to ripen banana.

There is no cause of carcinogenesis.

There are also remarks that frozen fruits such as frozen pears will produce nitrite during the freezing process, but this statement is wrong in itself.

During the freezing process, fruits are not met at the root cause of nitrite, so this statement is also wrong.

As the source of most of our nutrients, as long as it takes reasonable intake to ensure its freshness, it is difficult to cause harm to our body.

Choosing the right fruit ingesting, whether it is before meals.

Doctors suggest that you can take about 200 to 300 grams of fruits a day, so don’t have the idea of replace meals with fruits.

Fruits are our health auxiliary, do not have a wrong understanding of it.

After encountering a adverse reaction after encountering the fruits, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner.

In daily life, we should also know more about fruit. If necessary, we should pay attention to whether we are allergic to fruits to avoid unnecessary situations.

The online speech is true and false, and more importantly, I believe in the words of the doctor.I wish everyone a healthy and strong body.

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