3.15 The black list of food that has been exposed, 8 kinds of foods are eaten as little as possible, and you know how to avoid it.

315 each year is related to everyone’s interests.I wonder if you have special attention this year’s 315?315 is a day for the protection of consumers’ rights and interests in the country, and it cannot be ignored for each consumer.Because of 315, some businesses dare not boldly do in their diet.

The most important thing to attract is food safety!315 was initially held in 1991 and has been held for 32 years in a row.So do you know which food black lists have 315 exposed?Although it has been so many years, when the Internet was underdeveloped before, people did not know.Today I will share with you the 8 food black lists that 315 have exposed. If you have money and no money, you must keep in mind to eat less.Not much to say, directly share with you dry goods.

Tutu sauerkraut was exposed last year, and it is no stranger to many people!Since the sauerkraut of the pit is exploded, the sales of sauerkraut instant noodles have declined straight.In order not to affect their reputation, some supermarkets directly throw sauerkraut instant noodles into the trash.

What about this sauerkraut?The reporter learned that the old -fashioned sauerkraut that we usually eat is actually marinating the sauerkraut directly in the soil.It was also called soil pit sauerkraut. Workers smoked smoke barefoot and moved sauerkraut inside. After smoking, the cigarette butt was thrown directly into the sauerkraut.After the reporter witnessed this process, the video exposure completely disgusted us.

Since this sauerkraut burst out last year, I have not eaten sauerkraut for nearly a year.I wonder if everyone has forgotten this stalk?

Powder is the most common food in our daily life, especially how delicious sweet potato powder with cabbage with cabbage in winter!Powder bars are generally made of sweet potatoes, but some bad businesses are to save costs.The cassava starch that cannot be eaten is directly into a sweet potato starch. This fake powder is not easy to break, and it can be burned to the end with fire.Therefore, when you buy a noodle from the market, you must judge carefully.Powder must buy large manufacturers, and the sanitary conditions of small workshops do not meet the standards.Not to mention its quality!

I wonder if you have seen this year’s 315 party?What is closely related to us is this Thai fragrant rice. It is said that in some supermarkets is Thai fragrant rice, but it is actually a local rice.The reason why Thai fragrant rice tastes is added to some chemical additives.

The place of origin is fake, can we really eat with rice like me?So when you choose rice, try to choose the local famous.

I don’t know if you remember the lean meat sperm mutton that burst out in 2021, we all know that the price of mutton is particularly high.But some bad businesses can sell for lamb to sell a good price.I will add some lean meat to the mutton. Do you really feel at ease?

Eggs are the most commonly eaten ingredients in our daily life. We all know that eggs are generally divided into two types.The most nutritious is the soil eggs.The price of soil eggs is two to three times higher than ordinary eggs.At this time, some people were so bad that they would add 1 chemical additive to the eggs.

In this way, the egg yolk of the eggs can be turned into dark yellow. For some people who do not understand, they think they are soil eggs.Therefore, when you buy the soil eggs, try to buy it in the farm vendor as much as possible.

We all know that sea cucumber is a relatively expensive food, and the nutritional value in sea cucumbers is relatively rich.Especially in this spring, eating more sea cucumbers can raise the body and reduce liver fire.However, some bad businesses will take counterfeit seabels for Zhenhai.

315 has been exposed before. Most of the sea cucumber breeding in Shandong Jimo is cleaned up with the durable of the enemy. Do you say that you can be healthy after such a sea cucumber eats?

The spicy bar is our favorite when we were young, but we knew from the exposure of 315.Most of the spicy strips are made of ditch oil.Although such spicy bars taste better, it really affects physical health.Even if you like spicy bars, everyone must remember to hold back.

Have you ever drank ice black tea? It is a memory of many post -1980s.Drink a bottle of ice iced tea in the summer.But do you know that most ice black tea is made from a small workshop.Food safety is not guaranteed, and most of them are drinks made of chemical additives.Everyone must be careful when choosing.

Do you still know which foods have 315 exposed?Welcome to share with us.Like this article, remember to collect and forward.Let’s see it next issue.

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