28 crown!Her dream chasing story is moving

February 14th

Xu Mengtao won

Free -style ski women’s air skills gold medal

This is her 28th World Championship

The Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics

Get the fifth gold medal

Also Chinese female player

The first time in the project of the Winter Olympics

Gold medal

After the game

Xu Mengtao shouted

"Am I the first?"


You are the first!

February 14th

It’s her special day

For more than ten years in the field

Xu Mengtao’s Olympic Road

Full of hardship

On this day, she uses an Olympic gold medal

Make up for the regret

Write a new history

Final day

The minimum temperature in the field reaches minus 25 degrees Celsius

But in Xu Mengtao’s last jump

The moment the score is revealed

The audience at the scene was boiling

This historic moment

Enough for everyone present

Excited and excited for it

"I still feel now

At this moment like dreaming


Need to precipitate "

When asked about the feelings at this moment

Xu Mengtao’s body has come to the reporter

But her thoughts

It seems to be immersed in the field and the podium

she says

This final

I have achieved the "immersive" competition

"(In the game)

I don’t know how much the player has jumped in the previous player

There is no one to control anyone "

Even at the end of the game

He collected souvenirs with the runner -up third place

After taking a photo

She hasn’t figured it out yet

Who is the runner -up and who is the third place

"Just want to shout

Just happy, just excited

I don’t want to sleep anymore

I hope this happy moment is a bit slower "

At this dream to be true

Xu Mengtao hopes to take every second of happiness

Taste carefully

"February 14th is a special day

I made a decision

Put my wedding anniversary or something

Both are set on February 14th

I have to be born on February 14th "

Facing a reporter

Xu Mengtao joked

But in a detailed speaking

Her competitive career

There are many critical coincidences with this day:

"The first World Cup champion in my life was February 14, 2009; my first Olympic medal in my life was February 14, 2014 of the Sochi Winter Olympics; my life created history (winning gold)This moment is February 14, 2022. "


A move with American athletes


Just when many people cheered for Xu Mengtao

Many netizens from China and foreign countries

She and American player

Ashley Caldwell

A movement after the game is deeply moved

"I am really proud of you!"

Just after Xu Mengtao was sure to win the gold medal

Cowardwell went up immediately

Holding tightly with the excited Xu Mengtao

While calling Xu Mengtao intimately as "Tao Tao"

Congratulations to Xu Mengtao in his own hometown

Win the Olympic champion

One who works in the US NBC News Network

American Asian reporter

It is expressed on the "Twitter" on overseas social networking sites

Cowardwell’s scene that Xu Mengtao was excited to celebrate

It is the show of the real sports spirit

A Australian

The producer of the sports news website said

At the moment when Costwell and Xu Mengtao hugged

Too "special"

On Weibo

Chinese netizens moved by this scene

Then I wrote a message:

"This is what the Olympic Games looks like"

"This is what humans should have"

"This is the spirit of the Olympic Games"


Moon board is removed 2 times

She still did it

Xu Mengtao is by far

In the free -style ski women’s air skills project

Athletes who have won the most champion

From Vancouver to Sochi to Pingchang

Previous three Winter Olympics

Her best result is to get a silver medal

Gas Gas Grand Slam away from career

Just one Olympic gold medal

And now Xu Mengtao stood on

The pinnacle of your career

——The had ever made many times before

She in the World Cup, World Championships and other international competitions

With this Olympic gold medal

The Grand Slam of the career

But only she knows

Implement such achievements

How much hardship behind

To prepare more enough

For so many years, she hasn’t had a Spring Festival at home


Most experienced injuries torture

Competitive status is inevitable

Xu Mengtao, 31, is naturally no exception

Handicapped injuries

Did not knock her down

After winning the gold medal

She and reporters count carefully

Several Olympic cycles of your own encounter

"Before the Winter Olympics of Vancouver, the cross -legged cross ligament was broken; before the Sochi Winter Olympics, the inner side ligament of the right leg was torn, and the cervical vertebra was prominent;

These are just descriptions of "Simplified Edition"

Her sports career

It was affected by continuous injuries continuously

After the 2016 Winter Games was injured

Receives the front cross -knee front cross ligament reconstruction surgery

Xu Mengtao removed 60%of the half -moon board outside the left knee

After the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics

She undergone surgery again

60%of the half -moon board on the inside of the left leg was removed

—— During the Pingchang Winter Olympics

Xu Mengtao played with the steel nails in his legs

It was not until the game did the game take the surgery and took the nails

She deliberately thanked

Scientific training arrangement of the coaching team

Thanks to the guarantee and medical team

Prevention and treatment of injuries

And she than grateful

And the one in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

After the error is lost and lost card

Persist in yourself who fights for another Winter Olympics

"In the past four years, the moment the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics ended, I really felt that the sky was falling, and then I didn’t have a holiday, and I came back directly. I really came to the present four years."

Pingchang Winter Olympics after failure

Almost let her choose to retire

But her response is:

Perseverance, persistence, and persistence

This time

Xu Mengtao did it


The name was taken by Liu Lanfang, a scripture artist Liu Lanfang

Xu Mengtao said

Your Winter Olympics Champions Dream

It’s only 5 years old

Already germinated in my heart

Gradually take root

And eventually became

The strongest belief that supports her all the way to today

Now her achievement

It will also be included in the history of history

Become the best incentive and reference for younger generations

After the game

Some netizens found a video

In the video

Famous Book Artist Liu Lanfang

Take out the momentum of "Yue Fei Biography" and talk about Xu Mengtao

Sound tone and frustration

The story is ups and downs

She has been to the child class to practice gymnastics since she is four years old

At the age of seven, he was sent to various cities to study

Bend over, press your legs …

"Small hand grinds a row of blood bubbles

Become a thick cocoon "

Liu Lanfang said proudly

Xu Mengtao’s mother is her sister’s daughter

The name "Dream Tao"

It was also given by her

She also gives a poem

Send Xu Mengtao on the "battlefield":

The little girl is guts, and the goal is for the ambition to pay for the ambition

The heart of the Olympic Games is on the top of the Olympic Games, and Xu Mengtao


We may be able to take

Xu Mengtao’s story is written in

Become the next paragraph that attracts the world

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Source: Xinhuanet

Planning: Liu Hong and Li Xiaoyun

Supervision: Mu Yanqiu

Supervision: Cheng Miao

Edit: He Fanchu Hui Zhou Jiamiao

School pair: Liu Yiran Yanhai

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