26 -year -old girl has no father and mother. After breaking up, she found pregnancy, but she insisted on giving birth to a child.

"I have no mother at the age of 7, and my dad is 13 years old. Now my boyfriend has left. The child in my stomach is my closest person!" On February 27, Wang Qiuyan said to the author.Qiu Yan is 26 years old. She has no mother and her father. She once made her feel warm boyfriend. She broke up with her a year ago. After breaking up, Qiu Yan found that she was pregnant. She had nowhere to go.Being able to live in a caring person’s home, girls who have no money, no home, no relatives, no work, and no job now are problems, but she must persist in giving birth to a child.

Qiu Yan’s hometown was in the countryside of Zoucheng, Shandong. She was the only daughter in her family. When she was 7 years old, her mother died of illness. At that time, Qiu Yan didn’t understand the true meaning of her mother’s departure.The child without a mother is like a grass. Fortunately, Qiu Yan’s father loves her very much. Her father also tried his best to use his father’s love to make up for the mother’s love that she was missing. With her father’s company, Qiu Yan happily spent the whole throughout the whole.childhood.The picture shows the day of Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2019, Qiu Yan sells flowers on the square.

However, heaven did not pity this girl who lost her mother’s love prematurely. When Qiu Yan was 13 years old, his father died because of an accident. Qiu Yan became a child without a father and mother.After Qiu Yan’s mother died, the relatives of Qiu Yan’s house almost interrupted the Qiu Yan’s family.After Qiu Yan’s father died, Qiu Yan followed Er Bo’s life alone. The Erbo family was very pitiful that this child without a father and mother was also considered to take care of Qiu Yan.The picture shows Qiuyan go to the hospital alone for a production inspection.

After graduating from Qiuyan Elementary School, he went to a technical school. After a year and a half, he came to Jining to work. After leaving the campus, his life became Qiu Yan’s teacher. Qiu Yan learned to eat alone, learned to go shopping alone, and learned that there was no mother who had no mother.You can also love yourself. You can learn to work hard without your dad’s encouragement, and learn to tell all your minds to himself … But Qiu Yan did not learn how to deal with interpersonal relationships, and did not learn how to be better.Go to communicate with others, so she has not had a few friends in Jining for so many years, and there are no friends of the opposite sex.The picture shows Qiu Yan selling flowers on the square.

Qiu Yan worked hard. In 2015, she opened a small shop selling clothes by her savings for many years, and her business was not bad.Qiu Yan was also kind. She joined the local volunteer group as volunteers and actively participated in the activities of helping the elderly and poor children.Later, due to the family’s reasons, Qiu Yan closed his clothes shop, and then came to Jining to find a job.In the first half of 2018, Qiu Yan opened a clothes shop with her friends. Later, Qiu Yan also met a boy who could feel warm, and the two gradually determined the relationship.The picture shows Qiuyan riding a bike to the square to set up a stall.

This is Qiu Yan’s first love in love. Qiu Yan felt the sweetness and happiness that had never been before.Qiu Yan followed the boy to see the boy’s parents, followed the boy to see the best friend of the boy, followed the boy to the boy’s friend’s wedding, and saw the boy write "We want to be together for a lifetime" on the birthday cake.Qiu Yan felt that she was the happiest woman in the world. After quietly making her birthday desire, Qiu Yan looked forward to a beautiful and happy future.The picture shows Qiu Yan selling flowers on the square during Valentine’s Day.

It didn’t take long before Qiu Yan and the boy were no longer as sweet as the beginning. The friction in their lives gradually became more. Later, the shops that Qiu Yan and her friends opened due to their poor business. Qiu Yan took the money for money.After compensating in, the two of them became more and more quarrels, and they became more and more intense. Helplessly ended the two of them ended with a breakup.After breaking up, Qiu Yan first went home for a few days, and then returned to Jining to live with a friend. It didn’t take long for Qiu Yan to find that he was pregnant and told the boy about his pregnancy.

At the beginning of the boy’s response, all the responses of the boy had been broken up. The children had to stay with Qiu Yan. Later, the boy and Qiu Yan met and coaxed Qiu Yan to go to the hospital to kill the child, but Qiu Yan refused, and the two were therefore.Many disputes occurred.Qiu Yan said that the boy had hit her belly and went to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, the child was not a big deal.Qiu Yan said that when she went to the hospital, she discovered that she was not willing to be this child. After seeing the blurred shadow of the child on the B -ultrasound for the first time, Qiu Yan decided to give birth to the child.The boyfriend broke completely with her.

Qiu Yan’s hometown planned a collective farm in the village, and she was also divided into a house, but the key was in the cousin of her second uncle’s house.Qiu Yan said that her cousin thought about leaving the house and had a lot of disputes with her cousin on the house’s problem.After Qiu Yan returned home, her cousin also firmly let her off the child, but Qiu Yan refused, and eventually they ended in a sever.Qiu Yan returned to Jining and lived with a friend temporarily.

On January 28, 2019, Xiao Nian, seeing the Spring Festival, Qiu Yan was really embarrassed to live with a friend again. When he was in a way, Qiu Yan was collected by a local caring person. Qiu Yan was also in lovers.The family has passed the Spring Festival and has lived so far.Usually, Qiu Yan leaned on to sell balloons, sell flowers and sell some children’s toys in major squares to make money. On the day of Valentine’s Day on February 14th, Jining City was snowy and snowy.It’s dark.After talking about it, Qiu Yan said that he would go out to rent a house, but when it comes to the real problem, Qiu Yan said that he could only take one step.

Some people said that Qiu Yan should flow off the child, saying that she is unable to give birth to the child at all. She needs money and people to go to the hospital to produce, take confinement, and raise children, but Qiu Yan has nothing.Some people recommend Qiu Yan to marry someone, even if the other party’s conditions are not good, but at least they can preserve their children, but Qiu Yan said that she does not want to find from the bottom of her heart. One is that she does not want to marry.I was inadvertent, and I would not believe that someone would accept her.Qiu Yan said that she had seen many single mothers who brought their children alone. For the sake of children, she could also choose not to get married for a lifetime.

"For 5 months of pregnancy, the child had already taken shape. Maybe the moment she felt the fetal movement, she couldn’t give up." A local caring person said Qiu Yan.There is another voice that Qiu Yan’s life is worthy of sympathy. Lost her parents prematurely makes her cognition different from others. Now she breaks her with her relatives at home, and her boyfriend has left her.She naturally thinks that the child in her belly is her closest person, and there is no reason to give up the little life at all. Qiu Yan also said that she has never shaken to give birth to the child’s heart.

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