25 weeks of pregnancy!Specific mothers infected with new crown pneumonia, urgently transferred to the Jiangyuan District District of Zhejiang University

On January 27, 2020, Hangzhou, cloudy.At 6 o’clock in the evening, in the Hangzhou South Expressway Hub, an ambulance printed with "China Health Emergency" issued a buzzing alarm sound, galloping away from the exit.Five minutes later, the vehicle stopped steadily at the entrance of Building 3, Building, No. 3, Jiangyuan District, Affiliated to the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College. The medical staff who had already wore a quarantine service here immediately greeted them.

"Be careful, pay attention to the steps." The new type of coronary virus infected from a new coronary virus infection from a place in Zhejiang was also a pregnant woman who was infected with a new coronary virus infected from a hospital in Zhejiang.Guang, urgently needed the most powerful medical team to escort life.This is another patient who transferred to hospitals after the first emergency protection of the First Courtyard of Zhejiang University.Earlier, the First Council of Zhejiang University had successfully transferred pneumonia patients in the Qingchunyuan area yesterday to transfer to the hospital to the hospital. The patients in all parts of the province had been transferred one after another that night.

Patients have been pregnant for 25 weeks, and their families have never thought about it. They had contact relatives who returned from Wuhan from Wuhan earlier, and they accidentally infected with new coronary virus pneumonia.Life is more important than Taishan!The epidemic is command, prevention and control is responsibility.The first house of Zhejiang University has coordinated, and the preparations have long been rolled out.At 7:47 this morning, after receiving the information of "help" at the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, Professor Liang Tingbo, the secretary of the party committee, immediately convened an expert group for remote consultation and assessment of the condition. Immediately decided: immediately transfer to the hospital, urgent!At 6 pm, the patient arrived at the hospital smoothly and was immediately sent to the isolation ward for further treatment.

It is understood that the first hospital of Zhejiang University after the epidemic appeared, in accordance with the principle of "centralized patients, centralized experts, centralized resources, and centralized treatment", intensive severe cases were concentrated into fixed -point medical institutions with strong comprehensive forces for treatment, and all diagnosis patients were treated in a timely manner.Zhejiang University First Council emergency guarantee for emergency protection on January 26, transferred the focus of the epidemic prevention and control work to Zhijiangyuan District, and resolutely undertake the treatment of patients with critical illness in the province, and started to prevent and control the province’s epidemic conditions in the province.Demonstration and guidance.

Author: Liu Haibo Wang Rui Hu Yingfeng

Edit: Fu Xinxin

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