2018 bride’s pregnancy and wedding day taboo must pay attention to those things that must be paid attention to

What are the taboos on the day of the bride’s pregnancy? Below, I compiled the taboo on the day of the bride’s pregnancy and marriage for everyone. I hope it can help you!

2018 Bride’s Pregnancy and Marriage Day Taboo

1. Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol can stimulate or hurt the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, on the wine table on the wedding day, friends who do not know may also persuade the wine. It is best to replace the wine into other drinks with other flavors.When toasting to the banquet, it is best to replace it with fruit juice or drink.You can also drink it to the groom or the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

2. Security

When there are many people at the wedding, they will be more lively and crowded.The bride needs to pay more attention to the safety of all aspects, and we must protect ourselves, because we can have a small life in our stomach.

3. Rest

The whole day’s wedding process requires a lot of physical strength, so the bride with pregnancy needs to pay more attention to rest.Avoid getting up too early and sleeping too late.

4. It is best not to wear high heels

It is best not to wear high -heeled shoes, and it is best to wear shoes with a heel height below 2 cm.If the heel is too high, the burden on the waist and feet of the pregnant woman will exacerbate the back pain of pregnant women.Even if you are used to high -heeled shoes, do not damage your health for the beauty of the picture these few seconds.

5. Don’t stand for a long time

On the wedding day, you may need to stand by the guests to stand by the guests. The bride can find a comfortable chair. When there is no guest, you can sit down and rest quickly, so as not to be too tired.”P”副”E”

Those brides should pay attention to at the wedding

Red carpet

When you start to become a red carpet, gently pick up the dress, bend your knees slightly, and gently grab the skirt with both hands (if you grab a hand, you will wrinkle the dresses) to get rid of the skirt from the ground to prevent stains from staining.If the dress is particularly thick or has a tail design, do not walk around or go backwards (be careful not to stain your clothes again), but lift your skirt gently from behind, or let the assistant help you.When you are about to reach the finish line, put down your skirt and spread it behind you, and walk a few steps forward and the dress will automatically spread out.

Handle blooming method

If you hold a natural bundle with a natural bundle, you should hold the bouquet with your left hand and set off your right hand slightly. This will feel very warm.If you take a lot of bouquets and be more decent with both hands. At this time, you should raise your head up, your shoulders naturally hang down, your arms are naturally bent, and your hands are placed above the abdomen.a feeling of.

Remember not to hold the bouquet to your chest, so that your shoulders will increase, giving people a sense of nervousness.More taboo holding the flowers in one hand, randomly placed below the lower abdomen, it looks listless, and the mind is heavy.

wear a ring

When the groom wore a ring for the bride, the bride’s elbows were bent 90 degrees. The groom should gently hold the bride’s left hand with his left hand, and gently put the ring on the bride’s hand with his right hand, while the bride should open his fingers a little, his eyes shouldLooking at the groom’s movements, do not float your eyes to other places, and focus on attention.When the bride helped the groom to wear the ring, the groom needed to bend his elbow and stretched his hands to the height of naturally bending. The bride held his left hand with his left hand, his right thumb, index finger and middle finger, and wearing the groom’s left hand ring finger.

(Picture source: Tuwa.com)

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