2013 Shandong Case: Pregnant wives to solve the needs of her husband and deceive girls for her husband to violate

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This is the "wife for husband Huntan", which occurred in 2013.So Tan Beibei started to meet her husband’s "virgin wish".That day, he was passing by a young and beautiful girl, and he instructed his wife to deceive the girl.

Tan Beibei seduced the kind girl to send her home on the grounds of physical discomfort, let her husband invade the girl, and then killed the girl and threw the corpse.This girl is only seventeen years old, but her life will always be fixed.

Follow the pace of Xiaobian to show you the cause and consequences of the matter.

01 Find a prey for the husband

Tan Beibei has been pregnant for five or six months, and it is inconvenient to move, so they use this to seduce good people to help her.

So Tan Beibei was looking for a beautiful girl for her husband. Because she lived far away, there were few beautiful girls.Coincidentally, when she was about to go back, she was passing a female student who was 16,7 -year -old.

Tan Beibei thought: This girl looks good, her husband will definitely like it.

When the girl passed by her, she deliberately fell and attracted the attention of the girl. Natural girls would come forward to help when they see this situation.After seeing it, the girl quickly lifted her up and cared for her body.

At this time, Tan Beibei pretended to be uncomfortable: "I just moved to the stomach, a bit uncomfortable, can you send me home?"

After hearing the girl, the girl immediately said: Auntie is sorry, I have a urgent need to do it, and I can’t send you home."

After the girl turned around, she would leave. Tan Beibei saw the plan to fail, so she forcibly grabbed the girl. It may be too long to walk outside, letting the girl open easily.Later, Tan Beibei went home with a gray face. Her husband saw that she was out of hand and scolded her, so she promised her husband to find one tomorrow.

02 Determine the victim target

One day in 2013, Tan Beibei accompanied her husband to go to the hospital for examination. She learned that her child was about to be born and was very happy, but at this time Bai Yunjiang seemed to see the little nurse on the side.Looking at the 17 or 8 years old, the beauty is very pleasing.

After Tan Beibei inquired, the female nurse often passed by her door.The 17 -year -old Hu Yixuan just took a break that day.Ready to go to the girlfriend’s home, there are gifts in their hands.At this time, Hu Yixuan couldn’t think of it, and the danger immediately came to her.

At this time, Hu Yixuan was still talking to friends, and sent a message to his friends that he was here immediately.Because Hu Yixuan walked slowly on the rainy road.After sending a message to her friends, she found a pregnant woman fell to the ground.

Hu Yixuan ran over without hesitation, helped the pregnant woman up, and cared about whether the pregnant woman was uncomfortable.

At this time, Tan Beibei was very grateful to say: Just a little headache, can you send me home.As a nurse, she promised her out of instinct.As everyone knows, the trap has already been hit.

03 Beautiful Girl Victims

Hu Yixuan helped the pregnant woman and carefully sent Tan Beibei back home. When she was leaving, Tan Beibei’s husband Bai Yunjiang called the girl, expressed his gratitude, and she had to drink water anyway. Hu Yixuan faced the enthusiastic couple and wife.I am embarrassed to quit.

During the two people spoke, Bai Yunjiang handed the preparation of the preparation of the juice to Hu Yixuan.After chatting for a long time, she felt a bit sinking, and she saw something and she realized that she was aware of the medicine. It was too late.Suddenly she saw a shadow rushing over and carried her into the crazy violation of her room. Afterwards, she was afraid that the girl would call the police to call the police. The husband and wife partner killed her cruelly.

In order to prevent others from discovering, the couple found the suitcase from the house and packed Hu Yixuan’s body in. Then the two drove the corpse into the small woods 20 kilometers away, and buried the body.In this way, a young girl was brutally killed and thrown away.

04 Disappearing girl

Hu Yixuan’s parents did not go home at night when they saw her daughter arrived at night, and they couldn’t make a phone call a few times. They realized that her daughter might be wrong, and then reported the police. The police also quickly launched an investigation.The last place where Hu Yixuan appeared.

Later, the couple of Tan Beibei were arrested, but the cunning two of the police had escaped.Police arrested her in her hometown in Bai Yunjiang. Under the questioning of the police, she did not know the whereabouts of her husband.

Police found the whereabouts of Bai Yunjiang by monitoring.Under the full pursuit of the police, he finally arrested him.When the police asked, the couple did not admit crimes.

When the police took out the video, under the leadership of Tan Beibei, the police had found the body of the deceased.When the evidence was thrown around Bai Yunjiang, he eventually acknowledged all crimes.When the victim’s parents learned that their daughter was killed, it was a big blow.

05 Mother of others’ homes

However, after the incident, Tan Beibei successfully gave birth to a boy in the hospital.Many people said, "When she has a cesarean section, she does not give her drunk drugs and let her feel the pain."It is really a pity for the newborn child. With such parents, it is really chill.

"If I do n’t study medicine, I do n’t wear a white coat, I may do an excitement.”

They criminals, and their parents will naturally not adopt the child and have a clear relationship with them.Children can only be sent to the orphanage without being raised.

Before the child was taken away, Tan Beibei said with tears: "Don’t tell who his parents are, I hope he will never know"

The last two were also sanctioned by law.The court sentenced Bai Yunjiang and Tan Beibei to the death penalty and life imprisonment.The incident came to an end.

Summary: It is the emergence of their horses that make the good people in the society stop extending their helping hands and call on everyone to protect others when they help others.The heart of preventing people is indispensable, and the heart of harming people is indispensable.

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