2 taboos during pregnancy, fish and wine with high mercury -contain

The development of the fetus is easily affected by the physical factors of the mother. For the health of the baby, the expectant parents must avoid tobacco and alcohol and a high mercury -containing fish during pregnancy.

Taboo 1: The impact of tobacco and alcohol on fertility has a great

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For mothers, tobacco and alcohol will increase the difficulty of pregnancy, and may even cause miscarriage, malformations, etc. In addition, smoking will also cause women’s menopause for 1-4 years in advance.For dads, tobacco and alcohol will affect the vitality and quantity of sperm, and at the same time increase the probability of malformation sperm.

For the health of the baby, expectant parents will quit smoking and alcohol.

Can I start to prepare for the tobacco and alcohol?

In fact, it is not. Generally, it starts to quit smoking and alcohol 6 months in advance to lay a solid foundation for the healthy babies. Note that it is necessary to stay away from second -hand smoke and three -handed smoke to prevent passive smoking.

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If you are pregnant unexpectedly without smoking and drinking, can the baby still ask?Is there any risk?

In fact, tobacco and alcohol have increased the risk of abortion and fetal malformations, which does not mean that it must not be required.

In the case of this situation, the prospective parents do not have to worry. What needs to be done is to quit smoking and drink in time, and do a good job of production inspection and screening at all stages in time to reduce the occurrence of birth defects as much as possible.

Taboo 2: mercury may cause baby’s cognitive dysfunction

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We all know that fish can supplement DHA and eat more during pregnancy, but we need to pay attention to fish containing more mercury.

Because mercury is the element with the highest risk of teratings in all environmental toxins, mercury may cause the baby’s cognitive dysfunction after entering the expectant mother’s body.

Often, some large carnivores have high mercury content, including: mackerel, tuna, swordfish, sharks, and flagfish.

Which fish contains less mercury?

Pass, bare, catfish, cod, Luo Fei fish, etc. These are fish that can be selected during pregnancy recommended by FDA, which can be eaten 2-3 times a week.

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