15 years later, I was pregnant at the age of 42. I didn’t expect my nephew, so I smashed my 2 million cars.

After 15 years of marriage, after my marriage, my husband and my husband Chen Mingzhe reached a dream of financial freedom, we regretted it.

My husband and I are always yearning for the joy of Tianlun. We want to have a child who belongs to himself, so I started three years of pregnancy preparing for pregnancy. After experiencing countless disappointment and even despair, I finally conceived.

There is a saying among pregnant women. It is said that it cannot be said 3 months before pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to surprise the fetal god to cause abortion!

The two of us who have always advocated science never superstitious, for this treasure of mind, a rare superstition, we carefully guarded this secret, agreed to wait until the baby spent more than 3 months in my stomach, and we shared it with our family members to share with our family members.joy.However, I did not expect that, no matter whether my mother or in -laws, they learned that my pregnancy was not happy to sleep well, but I couldn’t sleep well.

And because of this rare superstition, I saved our baby’s life.

My name is Jia Yujie. Both of them and her husband Chen Mingzhe are very careless. Before they got married, they discussed it. After marriage, I insisted on Dink. Never affect the development of each other’s career.

However, as we walked together through the years, our career has reached the ceiling that we have looked up with each other. Looking at the people around us, we are busy with children to study every day.And it is rich in fireworks. In contrast, the life of the two of us is too deserted.

The two of us discussion may have a chance while trying to prepare for pregnancy. Maybe we have time to have a child. Our little family longs for the birth of a new life.

At first, when the two of us told the family of both parties, we were splashed a lot of cold water.

"Ming Zhe, what’s your big age, what are you tossing? Why are you worried that no one will be elderly in the future? Didn’t you say that you will give your husband and wife to your husband and wife?"

After Chen Mingzhe’s elder brother heard the news of our plan to prepare for pregnancy, he first jumped out of his opposition.

When we were married, the two of us hated being urged to have a child by his family, so he directly told the family about Dink’s decision.

Chen Mingzhe’s family did not agree at first. Later, when we saw that the two of us were very firm, they proposed that Jiahao, Jiahao, the younger son of his elder brother, will be given to us so that Jiahao will end the elderly in the future.

At first I did not agree with it. After all, we decided to decide that Dink because I didn’t like children and did not want to raise children. If I wanted to raise someone else’s children, what’s the point of my Dink.

Chen Mingzhe thought so, but he couldn’t help his parents and family. In the end, we discussed that his brother’s son was given us in the nominal name, but Jiahao lived in his grandparents most of the time, and sometimes returned to his elder brother’s house.Come to disturb my life with Chen Mingzhe.

When a big family was together in the New Year, Jiahao also called us an uncle and uncle. He performed very well in front of our husband and wife. This made me not so awkward.Can help run the legs.

Jiahao is nominally a successor to our couple. Although we have not fulfilled the obligation to raise, we will pay 5,000 yuan of living expenses for Brother Chen Mingzhe’s house every month until Jiahao graduated and married.

Later, as Jiahao grew up, Brother Chen Mingzhe took the initiative to mention several times, and moved Jiahao’s account to our couple’s house.Haven’t had time to do it yet.

Secondly, Jiahao became more and more unprepared. I didn’t like him very much, and even some regrets that the decision to follow him in the nominal nominal.

When Jiahao got married last year, my husband and I went out of 1 million down payment for him to buy a wedding room. This boy not only did not know gratitude, but also disliked us as a loan that he bought for him. He bluntly told Mingzhe,Why can’t you give him a large flat floor in the west of our city so that there is no need to repay the mortgage.

At the wedding, he was drunk in front of many guests and told the bride’s family with a big tongue that all the property in the future will be his.

This made my brother’s brother listening to it, and I was very unhappy, so I quarreled with me.

"Sister, you can understand with my brother -in -law, but why do your future property only give his nephew? His nephew is a nephew, you don’t care about your nephew?"

"He was drunk, we haven’t said that."

I don’t need to explain these to my brother. Thinking about more things is better, I said with patience.

"Then I don’t care, anyway, the husband and wife’s common property are half of your property, how much do you spend for his nephew, how much do you want to give my family, and when his nephew in the future bed controls him, sister, you still have to rely on our Xiaoyong","

My brother left such a word and turned to leave. The attitude of relatives on both sides seemed to be as low as Dink. In the future, we will depend on others in the future. For the first time, I may feel that Dink is a wrong decision. Fortunately, it is time to recover.

After knowing that I was pregnant, Chen Mingzhe’s family came to visit me at home. His uncle stared at my stomach and asked.

"Xiaole, when did you be pregnant, your stomach looks not small, now a few months?"

"I only knew a few days ago. It should have been more than a month. I have n’t performed a birth check. The belly is the small belly.”

In his eyes straight, I subconsciously did not tell the real pregnancy.

"Oh, so small, it is a dangerous time for a few months. The little girl in my unit is only 25 years old. When I was more than two months pregnant, I checked that there was no fetal heart, and the fetus was uncomfortable. Now children have no fetal heart.More, Xiaojie, you must have a good baby. "

"This child is not easy, I naturally raise a good fetal."

The words of his grandma were unhappy, and I returned coldly, and I was exhausted back to the bedroom and lay down.

This woman is very smart. As soon as she entered the room, she kept talking. I ignored her and she didn’t mind if she was like a hostess.After washing the end, then Zhang Luo started to go out for dinner at noon again.

Fortunately, Chen Mingzhe saw that I was not happy in my heart, and pushed that I couldn’t eat the dishes outside. He would not go out at home to take care of me. He took out 2,000 yuan directly, let them go downstairs for dinner, and send people away.

Before he left, he also said that he was going to help me raise a fetus, and we quickly declined.Help me raise a fetus?Just kidding, his big abacus was screaming, and I heard what she meant across the Pacific Ocean.

Isn’t it just worried that I gave birth to a child. Has his son and his son had no share?Where did she want to come to help me raise my fetus?

The days have passed day by day. Since the test of pregnancy, I have given the items in my hand to the dead opponent of the past. My number one competitor Hao Lina, now I will go home on time every day every day, and I will never desperately work overtime. Although the income cliff has a decline,But it can be regarded as a leisurely day.

On this day, after get off work, I took the elevator to the underground parking lot to go home. The company’s downstairs parking space was not easy to find. My car stopped today. When I walked over, I found that the lights there didn’t know why it was destroyed.

I took out my phone and opened the flashlight, groped to walk over, walked to the door and was about to open the door. When I slipped my feet, I fell directly to the ground.

I felt a tingling in my small belly, and then my belly tightened, and my mobile phone was fell far away.

"Help, come, call 120."

I covered my stomach with one hand and called for help. I didn’t know why the ground became very slippery. I didn’t dare to try to stand up again, worried that I fell again.

"With pregnancy, the whole person becomes arrogant, and he can fall down when you stand."

At this time, he did not expect Hao Lina to appear. She went out to talk about the customer back to the company. The car stopped near me. After hearing the call for help, she helped me pick up the mobile phone that was thrown in the distance and hit 120 again.

"Thank you, who might be sprinkled near this, so slippery."

I was shouted by the 120 emergency car all the way to the hospital, and Chen Mingzhe, who got the news, also rushed over, very nervous.

After taking the B -ultrasound, the doctor watched the checklist. Fortunately, the child is big in the month. I just have a little contraction. The child has no problem. Let me stay in the hospital for two days to keep the fetus water.Essence

If it is a small pregnancy age, it is estimated that the child will not be able to keep it.


However, because of this incident, Chen Mingzhe never dared to let me drive to work by myself. Considering that the child needs to take care of someone in the future, I simply resigned and kept it at home with peace of mind.

After finishing the departure procedures, when I went to the company for the last time I took some of the previous debris, I met Hao Lina.

"Thank you last time, otherwise I have been delaying for a long time there, and the consequences are unimaginable."

I really said to Hao Lina sincerely.

"So, I can’t think of us for so long, but in the end you choose to go home and teach your son. I wish you a healthy child."

My sudden departure made Hao Lina a little sad.

"Yeah, sometimes it’ s wonderful to think about it. After so many years of busy, I finally returned to the original point willingly. "

I said goodbye to Hao Lina. When she was about to go downstairs, she suddenly stopped me again.

"By the way, Sister Jia, you may be targeted at you last time. After you were pulled away by the ambulance last time, the security guard in the parking lot came to the light bulb and found that the entire parking lot was only your parking location, the driving position, the driving position, the driving positionSoybean oil was sprinkled in front of the door. You go back and think about who offended, be careful yourself. "

Hao Lina told me that her words made me feel creepy instantly, and someone actually used such a mean means to hurt me!

Also, everyone who had flashed in my mind that I had offended in work before, but I still couldn’t think of anyone who would do this. After all, if it was because of work, I was lying flat at the time, and there was no deep hatred between colleagues.Essence

After returning home, I told Chen Mingzhe this matter that he was very serious after listening. The two of us wanted to decide to call the police.

This child is too difficult to come. We can’t bear a little risk. Only for thousands of years as a thief, there are no millennium anti -thief. In case the person hasn’t hit one, he will find a way to hurt me.

After the alarm, the police quickly went to our company’s parking lot. Through the surveillance video that I fell, there was a clue.

There are a lot of monitoring probes in the parking lot. All the behaviors of the person who trying to harm me are filmed. It can be seen through the surveillance video that that person is very alert., The whole person covers the tightness.

He obviously followed me to the parking lot that day. After I got out of the car to work, he took a large bottle of dark oil from his pocket, and then fell directly to the position of my owner’s driving door.

So a big beach’s slippery oil, let alone I am pregnant, even if the normal people who are healthy will go over.

After doing these things, the man seemed to worry that if I saw oil on the ground, they would not walk over. Then he walked around in the parking lot and found the control switch in the parking area.The main gate was pulled down directly, and then the area of my parking was dark.

"This person’s parcels are so strict, and it takes so much energy. I just want you to fall down. It should be an acquaintance in your life. Do you think he is impressive?"

While letting us watch this video content, the police asked, while Chen Mingzhe and I watched the full video and looked at each other, there was an answer in each other.

Although this man’s face was very tight, his way of walking like his nephew Chen Jiahao.

Thinking of the recent time, I haven’t come to harass me to harass me. Chen Mingzhe and I understand.

After all, this is Chen Mingzhe’s relatives. I shook my head and told the police that I couldn’t think of who it was, because the matter did not cause substantial harm, and the police did not investigate the matter.In the future, contact them again.

On the way home, Chen Mingzhe was silent. After arriving at home, he seemed to have made up his mind to meet his elder brother.

Chen Mingzhe was showing off with them, telling them clearly that my child was 5 months old, and their small tricks would not affect my fetal guarding. At the same time, if they hit the child’s idea in my belly, he would be blindly masked with the police.It’s Chen Jiahao.

Chen Mingzhe was filial. Since his parents left, he regarded his brother -in -law as his elders as his elders. He usually let me endure no matter what they said, but this time, he finally got angry for his child.

Looking at the silent elder brother, Chen Mingzhe also said that he had made a will. If we have no children after the death of the two, all our property will be donated to the orphanage. Since then, we have not had any extension with Chen Jiahao.

After that, Chen Mingzhe was completely indifferent to his elder brother’s family and almost no longer contacted.

After five months, I gave birth to a daughter as expected. The couple Dink for 15 years and finally had their own children. Today’s life is very happy.

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