14 facial cleanser evaluation: 11 alkaline, lady -grade facial cleanser’s mouth reputation was "Waterloo"

Press: Which facial cleanser is better?Which oil removal effect is stronger?Take a look at the results of the evaluation!

The first step of washing the face as a skin care seems simple, but it is hidden.

After a day of work, small particles hidden in the haze, dust floating in the air, and sweat and oil secreted by the skin itself are covered on our faces.

How to maintain our "face engineering" under the economy economy?

In August 2022, "Consumer Report" evaluated 14 facial cleanser. Let’s take a look at the test results together.

Objective: total number of colonies, total fungus and yeast, total number, pH value

Subjective: Cleaning oil -deduction effect, changing water change, foam density, difficulty of cleaning, tightness after washing, mildness

Face skin is generally thinner than other skin, especially women, and the face skin becomes thinner with age.

When performing daily cleansing, it will inevitably clean off some sebum film on the surface of the skin, especially cleaning products with strong cleaning power, which will completely destroy the sebum film, resulting in "excessive cleaning", making the skin more vulnerable to the invasion of external material and invasion andTightness, dryness and redness appear.

The pH value of the human skin surface is weakly acidic, and Asian’s skin pH is usually between 4.5 ~ 6.5.

If the facial cleanser with a high alkaline component for a long time will destroy the pH of the surface layer of the skin, accelerate the aging of the skin, and promote the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, which exacerbates the "greasy" of the face.

For facial cleanser products, according to the provisions of the GB/T 29680-2013 "Facial Washing Milk and Facial Washing Cream", the scope of the pH value of emulsified cleansing products is 4.0 ~ 8.5;Facial milk products, implement their own corporate standards).

The test results show that the 14 facial cleanser’s pH value of the evaluation is between 5.92 ~ 9.86, all within the scope of the standard requirements.

Among them, 3, such as Xin, Ximuyuan, and 3 models are weakly acidic; An Yanke and Dabao are neutral; in addition, a variety of facial cleanser is too alkaline for the natural acidity of the skin, especially some soap -based facial cleanser.Milk.Among them, MUJI, Birou, Shanke, and Xiangyi Materia Medica have a large pH value, and they are relatively alkaline.

The pH value determines the attributes of the skin.Generally, the lower the oil, the lower the pH value, and the more biased the dry skin, the higher the pH value.Given that human skin is weakly acidic, the use of weak acidity and strong cushioning facial cleanser is the most reasonable to the skin.Consumers with oily face can choose neutral or weakly alkaline facial cleanser, but it is best not to use it for a long time.

Regarding the high pH value of some facial cleanser, this magazine interviewed relevant manufacturers.

Birou replied to this magazine: "After using high pH to wash the product, consumers with normal skin will rise in a short period of time, but after a period of time, the skin pH value will return to the usual level." This magazine will beAsked whether the high pH may cause excessive cleaning, it states: "The human efficacy evaluation test was conducted before the listing of this product, and the mildness of the product was fully verified. Therefore, under normal circumstancesType) The possibility of excessive cleaning will not be brought. "

This magazine also inquired with the source of Shanke, MUJI, MICF, and Yuemu, which has a high product pH, but before the press release, the other party had not received a reply.

Oily skin itself has a lot of oil secretion, especially in the summer, it can almost produce oil at any time. Excessive oils make the skin look bright and greasy.

Cleaning is undoubtedly the most direct and effective way to remove oil.A suitable facial cleanser can not only remove excess oil, but also lay the foundation for subsequent skin care.

A total of 15 volunteers were collected in this magazine. Through the changes in the oil content of 15 minutes and the sample before the use of the sample, the cleaning effect of the cleaning of the facial cleanser was evaluated.

The results of the evaluation show that the three facial cleanser’s cleaning oil cleaning effect of new, Dabao, and MUJI.

On the contrary, the cleaning effect of the source of Yuemu is slightly inferior. The cleaning rate difference with the blank control group (water) is 2%, which is relatively not to better resist the oil light.

After the blind evaluation of 15 volunteers, the comprehensive foam density, the difficulty of cleaning, the sense of tightness after washing, and the multi -dimensional indicator of mildness.The low is the source of Shanke, Nature Hall, and Yuemu.

Nivea bubble is dense, easy to flushed, and very gentle.Volunteers commented that "the bubble comes out as soon as it is squeezed, very delicate, dense", "rinse quickly and no residual", "ultra -mild, not irritating, skin feel."

Bi Rou was well received because of the rich bubbles.Volunteers evaluate "don’t rub the bubbles with hands", "The bubbles are quite dense, soft, and very healed" "a little dry and tight feeling."

It is not fake to the grass, and it is more refreshing after washing. According to some volunteers, it is a bit dry.Volunteers commented "Wash it off", "Clean and refreshing", "Not too tight, but a bit dry."

Shanke tried the third largest ranking, and was considered "more difficult to clean", "a bit tight", "a bit stimulating to touch the eyes."

Nature Hall was spit out because of a clear sense of tightness after washing. A volunteer commented that "after washing water was rinsed, the water was tight to the face, which was more dry than before washing."

The source of the lady’s facial cleanser is the bottom of the blind evaluation, which is surprising.Many evaluations such as "there is a tingling sensation when washing, and it feels a little itchy after washing" "The smell has a kind of plastic feeling" "partial drying, not suitable for dry skin", "difficult to clean, the eyes can not open"Essence

In addition, the other eight facial cleanser evaluations are semi -ginseng.Ximuyuan’s "foam delicate" and "slightly tight"; Dr. Kerr "foamed faster" and "dry after washing"; such as new "rinse is easier", "it is not as convenient as squeezing foam"; An Yanke ""There is no bubble" on the upper face "there is no bubble"; MUJI "better smells" and "slight tightness"; "foam is just squeezed out and is very delicate" "a little tight after washing";"" The apple muscle is obviously pulling after washing "; Dabao" was more moist "and" there is no foam in your hand. "

In the national cosmetics supervision and random inspection information, news such as exceeding the total number of facial cleanser, exceeding the standard of mold and yeast exceeds the standard.

People usually put their facial cleanser in a wet bathroom. If it is a facial cleanser with poor sanitation, it means that it is more likely to become a breeding ground for bacterial breeding in subsequent use.

Microbial is an indicator that can directly reflect the sanitary status of the product. The facial cleanser’s microorganisms can cause skin infection, and the by -products produced by microorganisms (such as fungal toxins) may also be harmful to the human body.

The test results showed that the total number of facial cleanser’s colonies, the total number of molds and yeasts of this evaluation was not detected (<10CFU/G), which was far lower than the national standard limit (the total number of colonies ≤1000cfu/g, mold and yeast and yeastThe total number ≤100cfu/g) is within the scope of safety.

[Special statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality conditions of the same batch or other models of products.

In addition to subjective trials, cleaning and mildness, we also tested a variety of allergic risks such as formaldehyde, Nepalese golden ester in the sample. Which facial cleanser is safer?Please look forward to the evaluation report that is about to be launched ~

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