12 super full contraception methods, which one hurts girls?

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In the past, two outpatient patients made the demon tower deeply feel that the science popularization road was far away. There were always female friends who could not see our article, and there would always be places that we could not take care of.But because of this, it has strengthened the determination of the demon tower to continue to work hard.

Case number one

The first case made the demon tower cry and laugh.

A 26 -year -old young woman came to the hospital because of the pain when I felt a lower abdomen.

After the conventional medical history inquiry, the demon tower mastered a few very important information. "Menstruation is always delayed for a long time, so whether it is a mood at home when I have a contraception in sexual life."

After the consultation, it was a physical examination, because it was winter, and she was very thin. At first, the demon tower did not see any clues from her body shape. I thought that nothing was good for contraception. As a result, she was pregnant.It is the manifestation of threatened abortion, and it may also be the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

But after she took off her down jacket and lay her belly, she felt that she was too simple.Her belly was obviously bulging. When she touched the navel, she could touch a very obvious block, and the demon tower really felt something moving.

As a rigorous doctor, the Demon Tower did not immediately tell her that she was about 5 months pregnant … Instead, I found the fetal heart with Doppler fetal heart. It was determined that the increase in the increase was the uterus of pregnancy.And that "movement" is indeed the baby’s fetal movement.

When the Demon Tower told her that she was not a lower abdomen, it was fetal movement, and according to the size of the uterus, it should be that when she was pregnant for nearly 5 months, she first stunned, and then became overwhelmed.

She called her boyfriend in front of the demon tower. The demon tower vaguely heard the tone from the phone full of joy.

Case 2

The second case made the demon tower feel angry.

Patients are also a young woman who specifically registered to consult the use of emergency contraceptives.

As usual, the medical history was conventional. The demon tower learned that her boyfriend did not like to use condoms, and always adopted in vitro ejaculation to contracence, but he did not have a good self -control ability. As a result, she had eaten three emergency this month this month.The contraceptive pill, the purpose of this visit is to ask, can she take the fourth emergency contraceptive pill …

Originally, the Demon Tower wanted to talk about her, but seeing her innocent eyes, the demon tower thought that except for a boyfriend who did not care about her, the lack of sexual knowledge was probably the root cause of this problem.So the Demon Tower spent nearly 10 minutes specifically, and went to popularize all kinds of common sense of contraception with her.I hope she can really listen to her heart.

In fact, the Demon Tower often encounters the girls’ questions about the use of contraceptives and the choice of contraceptive methods. In view of the lack of sexual knowledge, today we will come to a collection of contraceptive methods. I hope that through this popular science, you can make you not allow you to not be able to make you do not.Then actively or passively make some "errors".

The method of contraception available for women

Short -acting contraceptive

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Speaking of contraceptives now, we often refer to short-acting contraceptives, such as Mom Fulong, You Siming, You Siyue and other drugs. Their contraceptive effects are mainly through the "hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis"The effect of ovulation suppression is achieved, and at the same time, it can increase the viscosity of cervical mucus and prevent sperm from being able to penetrate.

As a method of contraception that foreign women are very highly respected, its advantages are naturally many: small doses, fast metabolism, fewer side effects compared with long -acting contraceptives, and can fully enjoy intimateness during the medication period.Affected ovarian function, you can try your pregnancy immediately.

In addition, it can adjust menstruation and improve skin state, and the most important point is that according to the instruction manual, the contraceptive success rate can be as high as 98%. It can be said that it is a very efficient contraceptive method.

Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious: Many women will cause missed and wrong due to busy or carelessness. This is the most common cause of contraception failure; when there is no gap, the infection rate of sexually transmitting diseases is naturally increased …Mowing

There are many taboos in short -acting contraceptives, not suitable for every female friend, so you must take it after excluding taboos, otherwise it may cause danger; although the side effects are small, many women in clinical practice are unable to endure bleeding after taking bleeding after taking.In the end, this contraceptive method was abandoned.

In addition to short -acting contraceptives, there are also oral contraceptives such as visiting relatives and contraceptives, long -acting contraceptives, etc., but for various reasons, they have gradually lost their competitiveness in the field of contraceptives. ThereforeLa!

Internal Bareer

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As the name suggests, it is the effect of contraceptiveness to put a kind of birthdown device in the uterine cavity.With the continuous improvement of contraceptive technology, the latest generation of active contraceptive devices -Man Yuele is gradually rising. It can not only be contraceptive, but also have the effect of treatment for endometriosis.

Advantages of the in -palace: you can also enjoy intimate sexual life, not affecting ovarian function, and you can get pregnant after removal. Some intra -palace breds can also treat diseases. It is also a very efficient contraceptive method. The success rate isIt can be as high as 98%.

However, it has a relatively obvious disadvantage: after being put into the palace in the palace, due to the continuous stimulation of foreign bodies, the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease in the pelvic disease in the palace is higher than that of women without the in -palace.Whether placing or removing the in -palace, surgery is required.


In fact, the principle of buried skin buried is almost the same as that of Man Yuele, but Man Yuele puts the contraceptive device with drugs in the uterus, and the skin buried it under the skin and continuously release the progesterone.The purpose of contraception.Similarly, because it is more likely to cause the side effects of Yin’s irregular bleeding, it has not yet been promoted in China.

Tubal ligation

Regarding this contraceptive method, the demon tower is not ready to say too much. In the age of family planning, many women performed tubal ligation.In all women’s contraceptive methods, the demon tower believes that this is the most cruel, none of them.If your husband asked you to ligate, then it is better to be a companion.


Set on Tintin (left) and the condom that placed in Yin Road (right)

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This is a very widely used contraception method. Everyone basically understands. The correct and useful use of condoms. It is a contraceptive method that the demon tower has always been recommended.

It does not mean that it is better than short -acting contraceptives or in -palace. In fact, its contraceptive perfection power is not higher than short -acting contraceptives and in -palace.The way of contraception, by this, I believe that the condom will occupy a place on the stage of contraception for a long period of time.

Emergency contraceptive

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The demon tower recommends that you can only apply it to emergency situations.Emergency contraceptives are by no means a conventional contraceptive method. Its success rate is only about 80%, and it may also cause complications such as menstrual disorders, abnormal uterine bleeding, and ectopic pregnancy.If the man said to you, "It’s okay, use the medicine afterwards," the demon tower suggested, push it open and fall away.

Contraceptive ring, monthly service contraceptive pill

With the development of medical technology, people also have some new exploration results in terms of contraception, such as two more emerging contraceptive methods.

One is the contraceptive ring placed in Yin Road.

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Yes, you did not hear it wrong. It is a contraceptive tool that is valid for one year and placed in Yin Road. It seems magical. In fact, it is inseparable from its ancestors.The usage is a bit like a short -acting contraceptive, that is, it is placed in the Yin Road for 3 weeks, takes out for 1 week, and the one -week take out will have Yin road bleeding.

A seemingly good invention, but the monster tower does not recommend everyone to try it. If it is used, if it is stuffed, there will be a certain degree of foreign body sensation during sexual life. If it is deep, it is veryIt is possible that you ca n’t take it yourself. In addition, when you have Yin -Dao inflammation, it is definitely not recommended to leave this “foreign body” in Yin Road, but this will inevitably affect the effect of contraception.

The other is a monthly service contraceptive.

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It is composed of six polymer arm. It looks like a snowflake. Similarly, it placed the drug in these six polymer arm. After takingThe device stays in the stomach and slowly releases the effect of contraception.

Similarly, this new type of contraceptive device is still in the experimental stage. Although it can open its arms and stay in the stomach, how can it be excreted through the gastrointestinal tract, there is no particularly good solution yet.Therefore, everyone can just do it.

Men’s available contraceptive method


The reason why the monster tower is not divided into two types of condoms into two types of men’s condoms and women’s condoms, mainly because, no matter which condom, the demon tower hopes to have the initiative by women, because you have the right to ask men to use men to useConstitution to provide you with the greatest degree of protection.


The attitude of the monster tower on men’s ligation is exactly the same as that of women’s ligation.

First of all, this is a creative contraceptive method. There are many methods for contraception. It is not necessary to adopt this.Lice, because all surgery, no matter the size, is risky.


The spermist agent is also called a liquid condom. It has also been popular in small scale for a period of time under zero -distance gimmick. It is essentially the sperm that enters the vagina through chemistry.However, it has a failure rate of nearly 20%, and it may cause serious damage to the female reproductive tract. Therefore, the monster tower does not recommend that you take this method of contraception.

Male oral contraceptive

Like the short -acting contraceptives taken by women, men can also use oral contraceptives for contraception. We have also done relevant popular science before, and the demon tower will not repeat it. The prospect is beautiful.

Male contraceptive needle

There was a news about the male contraceptive needle on the hot search. Its name was Risug.It is a type of injection that needs to cut a small mouth to expose the vasters and inject an artificial gel called Vasalgel into the male vasure tube. It can interfere with the negative charge of the sperm surface.Enzymes that must be used make sperm lose the ability to swim and combine with eggs.

▲ Picture source: intercepted from NCBI

In fact, this injection began phase I clinical trial as early as 2002. After 17 years, it finally entered the phase III clinical trial in 2019, and the data is happy.

Physical effects such as micro -current or rectal massage can leave the polymer to leave the voyal pipe.

As a new method of male contraception, it has the advantages of minimally invasive, efficient, and long -lasting effects (the longest contraceptive effect can be maintained for 13 years), but because there is not enough data to support its reversibility, plus no yet not yet, there is no yet no yet.Really applied to the clinic, so you can understand it.

Today, this contraceptive collection is very long and the content is many, but in fact, it is relatively simple to summarize:

① Short -acting contraceptives and in -the -palace biockers are the two most efficient contraceptive methods at present.

② The condom is still a mainstream contraceptive method, and it can effectively prevent sexual transmission;

③ The method of contraception that is not written, such as safety phase contraception, in vitro ejaculation contraceptive, not to be considered, not reliable;

④ Combining your own situation, it is important to choose the appropriate contraceptive method;

⑤ Anti -time contraception is the most correct. Afterwards, contraception can only be used as an emergency remedy.

In short, if there is no plan to get pregnant for the time being, you must take good protection measures ~ I wish you all your love and safe love.

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