10 types of reasons can cause numbness and 5 methods, which can relieve symptoms

Major hands and feet are a common symptom. From a medical perspective, numbness means that it feels abnormal and belongs to irritating symptoms.Wood means a lack of feeling and is a destructive symptom.Therefore, numbness is the evolution of the symptoms to destroying symptoms.Major hands and feet may be a temporary feeling of abnormalities, or it may be a signal issued by severe diseases.To accurately judge the real cause of numbness in hands and feet, to avoid delays of the disease.

The cause of numbness in hands and feet, in general, can be divided into two categories, physiological and pathological.Physiological hands and feet are numb, usually after being oppressed and maintaining a fixed posture. For example, pressing the arm during sleep, or a long time of heavy objects, causing insufficient blood supply to the peripheral blood vessels and causing numbness.In this case, the symptoms are mild. After rest, massage, and relaxation, the symptoms will be relieved or disappeared.Pathological numbness will recur and continue to aggravate. It may be accompanied by other symptoms. There are disease signals hidden behind them. You need to identify it carefully. From 10 angles, you can find common causes of real diseases.

The first cause of numbness of hands and feet is diabetes, which is characterized by symmetrical numbness, similar to the feeling of wearing gloves or wearing socks. This is a common manifestation of peripheral neuropathy. Therefore, long -term numbness of hands and feet should first think of detecting blood sugar levels.Controlling this numbness is to control the blood glucose index within the scope of the standard.The second cause is cervical or lumbar spine disease. Due to the pressure of the nerve root, the sensation of the corresponding nerve distribution area is abnormal and painful. Such numbness may be related to the changes in the body position. For example, patients with nerve root cervical spondylosis.When you start to feel numb, you start to move the cervical spine. For example, the symptoms improve when the neck flexion or back extension.In addition, this numbness may be accompanied by muscle soreness, dizziness, and tinnitus.

The third cause that causes numbness of hands and feet is hypertension, especially when the blood pressure suddenly rises, the whole body’s small arteries will spasm, the blood flow of the limbs is affected, and the symptoms of numbness of the hands and feet.Category 4 is peripheral neuritis. Due to long -term malnutrition, vitamin B1 deficiency is caused, causing numbness in hands and feet.Category 5 is hyperuricemia. Due to uric acid deposition, compression of nerves, causing numbness or pain, characteristic is that numb parts will continue to change.Category 6 is arteriosclerosis, which causes an excessive cerebral ischemia, causing limbs to numb, characterized by 1 side of the upper limbs or lower limb numbness, which lasts for several hours to several days.

The seventh cause of numbness of hands and feet is poisoning. For example, patients with chronic alcohol poisoning occur in multiple system dysfunction, and even irreversible damage occurs, and hands and feet are numb.The 8th cause is diet or drug factors. For example, patients with anorexia, nutritional imbalances lead to vitamin deficiency and cause peripheral neuropathy.People who often use anti -infective drugs or laxatives also have similar problems.Class 9 reasons, women’s physiological cycle changes, for example, in the late pregnancy or menopause, unilateral or bilateral hand numbness, paroxysmal pain, acupuncture or burning sensations affect the fine movement ability of the fingers.The 10th cause is a special disease. For example, when the wrist tunnel syndrome is in the largest flexion position, the thumb, index finger, middle finger, numbness appear, or at night, wake up because of numbness or pain.I have improved.

The cause of numbness in hands and feet is complicated and needs to be vigilant.For example, if 1 side limb is numb, and it is accompanied by dizziness, visual blurring, unclear language, and poor coordination ability, it may be a sign of stroke, especially patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.If this kind of situation occurs, it is necessary to consider the dangerous situation of cerebral arterial stenosis or thrombosis falling off, and you should seek medical treatment in time.For the numbness of the hand and feet that is continuously occurred, it cannot be taken lightly. For example, due to the increase in hand -operated operation, the wrist tunnel syndrome, commonly known as the mouse hand. If it cannot be treated in time, it may cause muscle atrophy, affect the execution ability of the hand of the hand, and some work.I can’t persist.

In daily life, if you have temporary hands and feet, you can try to relieve symptoms through the following 5 methods.First, the opposite limbs of the numbness of the numbness, such as the numbness of the left foot, lift the right arm several times.Second, gently beat the numb parts.Third, soak your feet before going to bed to promote blood circulation.Fourth, do more stretching movements.Fifth, strengthen muscle strength exercise.

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