10 pounds of fat in half a year, Hangzhou’s beautiful girl was stunned: Why reduce the more fat?The doctor said the truth in a word

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

"Keep your mouth, open your legs!"

It is the golden law of losing weight for men and women.

Ms. Li (pseudonym) who eats less and moves much more movement

But I lost ten pounds in half a year,

why is that?

Ms. Li was originally the "little beauty" in everyone’s mouth.During the period of weight loss, she ate less, moved a lot, and never touched the supper once, but her weight increased from 55kg to 60kg.

"I seem to be drinking cold water!" Ms. Li, who was puzzled, accompanied by a good friend and came to the Department of Endocrinology of Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for consultation.

For half a year of weight loss, the more fat and fatter?

Under the inquiry of the doctor’s clinic doctor, Ms. Li revealed that she had a great reduction efficiency in the six months of weight loss. Even if she slept early at night, she still fell asleep every day during the day, her response was slow, and her memory was reduced.Stupid.

The doctor further asked the menstrual situation. Ms. Li said that her menstruation time became irregular, and even two months did not have menstruation at all. She thought she was pregnant, and the results of the examination only showed irregular menstruation.

Combined with Ms. Li’s abnormal physical condition in half a year, the outpatient doctor suspected that there was a problem with the thyroid gland, and immediately arranged a thyroid disease -related examination for Ms. Li.

After the test results came out, the doctor would not expect that Ms. Li suffered from hypothyroidism. At the same time, because of her poor appetite, Ms. Li also suffered from mild anemia.

The endocrine medical care team immediately performed the treatment of You Jiale hormone for Ms. Li, and "privately customized" a new daily daily diet and lifestyle for Ms. Li. She asked Ms. Li to strictly perform it.EssenceAfter several months of treatment and cooperating with diet, Ms. Li’s weight finally returned to the level of more than half a year ago, and her body re -has a S curve.

The ignored hypothyroidism and "fat"

what is the relationship?

A hypothyroidism is the abbreviation of thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid hormone is secreted by the thyroid gland to regulate metabolism in the human body.Patients with hyperthyroidism are manifested as metabolism, shaking hands, and weight loss.On the contrary, the metabolism of patients with hypothyroidism will slow down, swelling, cold, and weight gain.

Due to insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones, slower body metabolism, reduced energy consumption, excess energy is stored, which can lead to fat accumulation, and at the same time lead to the abnormal gathering of water and sodium salts in the body.It is manifested as gaining obesity.

If there are 5 or 5 items in the following questions, it is "yes", indicating that you may have hypothyroidism, it is best to go to the hospital’s endocrinology department for consultation.

1. Feeling fatigue, often sleepy, lack of physical strength and energy;

2. The brain is slow, the attention is difficult to concentrate, and the memory decreases;

3. Increased weight;

4. The skin becomes dry, the nails become crispy, and the gray is easy to break;

5. I often feel cold (even when others feel the temperature is appropriate);

6. Low mood and depression;

7. Slow metabolism, sometimes constipation;

8. Muscle skeletal is stiff and painful, feel numb;

9. Increased blood pressure or slow heartbeat;

10. Promotion of cholesterol.

How to treat hypothyroidism?

Jin Jianhong, deputy director of the Department of Endocrinology of Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, introduced that in fact, the treatment of hypothyroidism is not too difficult. It can be used to prevent and treat hypothyroidism through the following methods.

1. Timely go to the hospital for treatment to choose drug treatment.

2. Eat less salt lightly. Eat salty can increase water and sodium in the body, causing the body edema to increase.

3. Increase high dietary fiber food and rich in vitamin food intake. Patients with hypothyroidism often merge the symptoms of constipation. High dietary fiber food intake can increase gastrointestinal motility, such as miscellaneous grains, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits, etc. At the same timeFood cooking should be as soft and rotten as possible to reduce abdominal distension.

4. Low -fat diet, limiting high -fat and cholesterol food intake, such as: egg yolk, cream, animal offal, nuts, fat, etc. at the same time, reduce the use of food oil and control it within 20g.

5. Control heat intake, appropriately supplement high protein foods, you can eat high -protein foods such as lean meat, eggs, peeled poultry, and fish meat, but control the amount of intake too much.

6. Increase the intake of iron -containing foods, such as lean meat, animal blood, etc., to correct anemia.

If patients with hypothyroidism want to lose weight, they should first correct the thyroid function under the guidance of a doctor, and then do it according to the general weight loss process, such as: diet control, strengthening exercise or drug treatment.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · Correspondent Yang Qian correspondent Xu Youjia Li thought

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