10 cold knowledge during pregnancy, the mother who has giving birth may not know, all of them are amazing

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Women have grown from a girl from a girl, from a girl to a mother. This process is difficult and difficult to say this process!While suffering from all kinds of discomfort, after all kinds of suffering, they also experience the happiness of pregnancy. While feeling their changes, they also witnessed the evolution and birth of the baby’s life!

A series of physiological phenomena such as pregnancy and childbirth have always happened to women, but there are exceptions.

A friend was pregnant for more than two months, and he responded very much during pregnancy. Basically, what he ate vomited, and even his favorite food had no appetite.This is normal, but it is bizarre that her friend’s husband was even more powerful than her.Friends said that she just wanted to vomit, and the husband next to the husband immediately vomited!

At first, my friend still felt that her husband was deliberately imitating her and was very angry.But after vomiting a few times, it doesn’t look like pretending!Friends feel so angry and funny: I am pregnant, a man is heavier than me, how can there be someone like you!

In fact, this is also a kind of "manifestation after pregnancy", but it is a manifestation of the prospective father, and many people may have not heard it; and there are still many similar "cold knowledge during pregnancy".Mom, take a look.

Some people may not believe it, but really!

There is a period of Zhou Anqin vomiting Ning Yiyu’s plot in "Freshman Diary 2". After Zhou Anqin was pregnant, Ning Yiyu vomited more fierce than her. As long as she had a momentum of vomiting, Ning Yanyu immediately vomited, than herFast.

In fact, this situation is called "pregnancy companion syndrome", which is mostly caused by psychological factors.

When the prospective father saw the serious early pregnancy response of the pregnant mother, he would have nervousness and anxiety when he was worried about his wife and baby. He may also have poor appetite and poor sleep."Performance.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that there are often nasal bleeding, gum swelling or bleeding.

This drinks a large amount of progesterone secreted in the body and the increase in blood capacity.If the amount is not much, you can physically stop bleeding, and then pay attention not to cut your nose frequently, rubbing your noses, and pay attention to oral hygiene. More fresh vegetables, fruits and other vitamins are added.

Perhaps a series of impacts brought by pregnancy, such as pregnancy vomiting, stomach discomfort, body swelling, deformation, etc., will make the pregnant mother’s experience very bad.

But there is one thing that people who have never been pregnant cannot be compared.Some medical demonstrations pointed out that women’s experience in a complete pregnancy can increase the immunity to the body for 10 years, which will greatly reduce the chances of women suffering from Fuke Bing.

Throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers always feel that the air flows in the body and constantly exhaust, which is usually referred to as "fart".If there is a place where there is someone and can’t control it again, it will be a bit embarrassing.

In fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about it. This is a normal manifestation. They are all people who have come. Any mother who has the same experience can understand you.

I saw a comments from a quasi -dad under an article: Why do my daughter -in -law drool after pregnancy?

In fact, this is also the effect of progesterone. Pregnant mothers will feel that there are a lot of saliva. Sometimes, if you don’t pay attention to, you will "splash" saliva. The most embarrassing thing is that when you sleep at night, you often flow on the pillow and the sheets.

The unknown husband did not know what happened, and thought that his daughter -in -law dreamed of what was delicious.

Pregnant mothers who have this situation are recommended to brush their teeth more appropriately and maintain the hygiene in the mouth.

This is the most amazing. The flat belly before pregnancy, suddenly "transformed" during ten months.

The uterus before pregnancy is only 50g, and almost fist size.

After wearing a baby, it can continue to grow with the baby’s development, and not only to install the fetus, but also put more placenta, enough baby to survive amniotic fluid.

The pregnant mother who is pregnant or multi -fetal is even more powerful, it will be more "installed", the capacity is too big to be beyond imagination, it is really amazing!

Many parents may feel that the baby is too boring in the stomach?

Don’t worry, the baby has a lot of things to do. Most of them are drinking amniotic fluid and spitting amniotic fluid.

This is because the fetal baby does not need to breathe in his mother’s belly and supply oxygen through the placenta and umbilical cord, so there will be no danger when the fetal baby swallow amniotic fluid.

In addition, some of the amniotic fluid that the baby drinks is actually his own urine, but the amniotic fluid will continue to replace and metabolize through the mother’s body, which will not affect the baby’s health.

Many times we will record fingerprints, and everyone’s fingerprints are unique.

But do you know that the fingerprint has begun to grow at 3-4 months of pregnancy. By the 6th month, the "unlocking password" that is exclusive to him and will accompany him in his life has grown.

Is this wonderful?

of course!

The baby will also have the emotions of joy and sorrow, but we can’t hear the fetus crying.

However, some studies have shown that the baby will cry a few weeks before birth, but the voice is weak, and the pregnant mother cannot feel it easily.

But why did the fetus cry?There may be many reasons, mainly because the baby "feels uncomfortable" only appears. Therefore, it is also recommended that pregnant mothers must go to the birth check on time to discover the abnormalities of the baby in time.

The baby’s baby will also have a bowel movement a few weeks before birth, but it will not be pulled out, but it will only be discharged after he is born.

It is usually discharged within 24 hours after the baby is born, and the color is dark green, which is a fetus.

If the fetal baby has a hypoxia before birth, it may be defeculus, causing amniotic fluid to turbidity, and even black and green. This situation is more dangerous. You must quickly see the doctor and listen to the doctor’s suggestion.

Knowing these knowledge, do you really lament that life is amazing?

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. Watching his stomach bulge day by day, feeling that your baby grows up day by day, and meets his mother until he was born. It is really a happy thing!

Thank you, baby!Let me experience a magical journey of life!

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