Looking back at the changes in the child in the uterus, it is not easy for the mother and child to go, so don’t embarrass each other.

1-4 weeks

1 week: The strongest sperm encounters eggs and combines each other into fertilized eggs.

Two weeks: Fertilized eggs are split out of multiple cells and entered the uterus through the fallopian tube.

3 weeks: The blastocyst is nestled in the most nutritious place in the uterus.

4 weeks: The embryo period began, and all organs began to develop and operate.

The placenta is gradually developing, which can be provided to the nutrition and oxygen required for the growth of the fetus.

5-8 weeks

5 weeks: The baby looks like a tadpole, the circulatory system begins to form, and the heart begins to beat.

6 weeks: the brain becomes larger and the internal organs are formed.The heart has a preliminary form and starts blood circulation.

7 weeks: The heart is completely formed, and the eyes begin to form, and the face begins to form nostrils, and the tongue, eyes, and kidneys begin to form.

8 weeks: Start with legs, feet and toes from the leg buds, and start with the wrist, fingers and hips from the arm buds, and the reproductive organs begin to develop.

At this stage, a B -ultrasound will be done to confirm the position of the gestational sac, eliminate ectopic pregnancy, and you can see the fetal heart of the fetal buds and confirm the gestational week.Xiamen started to build a card from 8 weeks, so after the first B -ultrasound, the doctor would recommend going to a community hospital to build a card.Most of the hot moms have been consulted in other regions, most of them are 12 weeks.

Pregnancy is more common at this stage.Although I am not pregnant, from this stage, I am sensitive to the smell.Add a little sour before eating.Specific mothers who vomit are mothers, can prepare some biscuits and eat a small amount.Or smell some fresh or exciting tastes, such as lemon and ginger slices.

9-12 weeks

Nine weeks: The retinal nerve cells have been generated, the abdominal cavity is separated from the thoracic cavity, facial muscles and lips have become type, and they continue to develop.

10 weeks: Taste organs and reproductive organs are gradually shaped, cartilage tissue is gradually replaced by bones, and the upper jaw, taste organs, and neck muscles begin to form.

11 weeks: The skin begins with hair follicles, the liver begins to move, the head occupies half of the fetus, and the external reproductive organs begin to form.

12 weeks: The liver began to secrete bile and has formed a complete pulmonary thyroid and pancreas.

After this stage, when entering the second trimester, some expectant mothers’ pregnancy was eased.When the fetus enters a stable period, the body will be more comfortable.Early Tang Si and NT can start.

13-16 weeks

13 weeks: Men and girls have obvious distinctions. Fingerprints begin to grow and begin to form fingerprints. The internal organs such as lung, stomach, liver, and pancreas enter a state that can develop function.

14 weeks: Began to have a brain impulse, and he would use his facial muscles.

15 weeks: eyelids are still fusion, but you can feel light.

16 weeks: The fetus can clenched the fist, opened his mouth and swallowed things, and his legs were more developed.

At this stage, you will feel mild tire movement, like a small fish swimming, but the situation varies from person to person.

17-20 week

17 weeks: The bones used to be cartilage before, and now it is hardening.The umbilical cord is getting thicker and thicker, and brown subcutaneous fat begins to form, and the hearing has begun to develop.

18 weeks: The fetal movement is gradually strong, and you can feel the baby’s arms and legs.A protective layer began to form around nerves.

19 weeks: The legs and other organs of the body have increased proportional, and the fetus began to have obvious kicks and manual.

20 weeks: Babies can swallow, and blood vessels begin to develop. In order to protect the skin, it begins to form fetal fat and grow slender eyebrows.

At the stage of gradually enhanced fetal movement, the baby’s strength is getting bigger.At this stage, you must do the mid -term Tang screen.

21-24 weeks

21 weeks: Organization and organs of the body are still growing, and the movement has developed from drift to a complete kick and piercing the uterine wall.

22 weeks: The characteristics of lips and eyebrows are more clear.

23 weeks: The eyelashes begin to form, the more obvious lips are, the eyes and eyelids are completely formed, and the appearance of the limb changes significantly.

24 weeks: The baby faded from the outline of the long thinness and slowly became plump.The skin is thin, translucent, but it will start to change.The lung vascular has begun to develop, and the head is still a large part of the volume.

This stage is the best stage to do three -dimensional (four -dimensional).You can see your baby through color Doppler ultrasound.Also known as "large row".

25-28 weeks

25 weeks: The skin starts to be filled by fat.

26 weeks: The baby is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, which helps develop his lungs.

27 weeks: The baby forms a regular sleep and wakes up the schedule. His brain is very active, the lungs have not been completely formed, and the neural network leading to the ears has been completed.

28 weeks: The brain tissue is developed, the baby’s vision is developing, and the light outside the uterus can be felt.

After entering 28 weeks, a monthly inspection was once a month, and the birth check -in for two weeks. The baby’s fetal movement is more obvious. You can see that the belly has a big wave.

29-32 weeks

29 weeks: The baby’s muscles and lungs are busy preparing to adapt to the outside world.

30 weeks: The lung and digestive system will be completely formed.

31 weeks: The fetus has weak vision in the uterus.

32 weeks: The body shape gradually evenly, the head of the head is hardened, and the subcutaneous fat continues to form.Compared to the head, the limbs grow uniformly, and the bladder outputs urine.

At 28-32 weeks, pre-spoiled ultrasound examinations will be arranged, commonly known as "small row defaults".The report shows the gap between the data of the baby’s body and the actual gestational week.For example, my baby’s femoral femoral is the same as the pregnancy week, but the abdomen is two weeks more. The doctor suggested that I control my diet and strive for only one catty per week.

In addition, starting at 32 weeks, fetal heart monitoring is performed every time the birth check is performed to check the baby’s fetal heart rate, fetal movement and contraction.

33-36 weeks

33 weeks: The bones in the baby’s skull have not been fused, so they can withstand the squeezing of the birth canal.

34 weeks: The head bones gradually hardened, the skin’s wrinkles gradually decreased, and the skin was reddish brown and deepened.The toenails begin to form fingernails and grow to the end of the fingers. The baby’s central nervous system and lungs are gradually mature.

35 weeks: The fetal organs have been completely formed, waiting for delivery, and the lungs are fully developed.The baby’s kidneys have been fully developed, and the liver can handle some waste.

36 weeks: The baby’s eyes have grown completely, and you can hear the sound of the mother’s body.

At this stage, fetal monitoring data is important.During the birth checkup last week, when I met a 36 -week expectant mother, the fetal supervision report showed that the child’s fetal heart rate was always above 160, there were more fetal movements, and the possibility of suffocation in the palace. The doctor suggested to stay in the hospital for observation.

37-40 weeks

37 weeks: In order to adjust the body temperature after birth, the fluff and miscellaneous hair on the fetus began to fall off. In the next two weeks, his lungs and brains will be completely mature.

38 weeks: All organs are ready, and childbirth lungs are the final mature organs.

39 weeks: The physical development is complete, and the baby is still busy piled up fat. He needs to adjust the body temperature to adapt to the external world.

40 weeks: The fetal development is complete.

The narrow uterus can no longer meet the baby’s growth needs, and he can’t wait to meet you in the world.At this stage, you must be prepared to be admitted at any time.

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