<11> Depression: Why did it look ugly after pregnancy?

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The air this morning is particularly fresh and the sun is particularly bright.But why hot!A person who was originally refreshing, accidentally got oily.The egg mother came to the office this morning, and wiped her face with a paper towels there, then poured her "Three Black Fan" and brewed it, and took out a black egg.I just wanted to record my life for breakfast. I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t posted a beautiful photo in the circle of friends for a long time. She wanted to send two selfies through good weather and light this morning.

She turned on the beauty camera and tried to take a beautiful photo of various angles. As a result … she finally couldn’t help telling us that she had become ugly, her appearance changed, and her temperament changed!We all looked at her and laughed, comforting her and saying that this was the temperament of her mother, it was also very beautiful!The egg mother patted her face and said: Why is it so ugly!From a cute girl to a aunt.This face feels not mine!

The egg mother said that she did not grow much pregnancy, but she felt thicker and her face was a bit swollen!She also seized her colleagues before she was not pregnant, so that the colleague said how "high value" she looked like before pregnancy.Looking at our doubtful eyes, I moved out of the Dad dad and said that the egg dad was a visual animal. If she looked like this now, she would definitely not enter his "law eye."

Although she was getting ugliest and ugliest with eggs, she was looking at the angle and light selfie on the side.Finally, I took two beautiful pictures and sent a circle of friends!However, the comments below are either that she is like a son, or that she pays attention to the clothes she wore so cute.The comment area is happy!Occasionally one or two say that she looks good, and the egg mother can’t really believe it.

I wonder if other pregnant mothers have encountered such a situation?Since the baby Huai, I have felt that I have become uglier and uglier. In addition to getting fat, the skin has deteriorated, and even the facial features have changed.Of course, some pregnant mothers say that they are more and more charm and more and more beautiful.

Medical research analysis: The "general command" of the appearance of pregnant women’s pregnancy changes is the hormone in the body.In the early stages of pregnancy, hormones were mainly produced by ovarian luteal. In the future, the demand for hormones became greater and greater. Placenta became the main place for secretion of hormones. At the same time, the workload of thyroid, pancreas, and adrenal glands also increased.Although estrogen, progesterone, corticosteroids, and prolactin secretion have increased, and it is indispensable for maintaining normal pregnancy, its side effects have become increasingly prominent. We found that with the progress of pregnancy, the yellow brown class, stretch marks, acne, etc. also followed.And here.

In fact, pregnant mothers should not worry too much about themselves. The more worried, the bad the mood will be, and the mood is not good. Naturally, there is no good face ~ Keep a balanced diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits containing vitamins, and eat less fat content.Food; choose natural and mild skin care products to reduce the stimulation of the skin; maintain a certain amount of exercise during pregnancy, take more walks, and do some pregnancy yoga and the like;, Can reduce edema to a certain extent.

In short, good mood, good exercise, good diet can Keep be beautiful!Come on for pregnant mothers ~ Don’t dislike them by people around the pregnant mother!

Their image has changed, not because they are giving birth to small lives.They no longer wear beautiful clothes and shoes for this, and put on loose clothes and peace shoes.No more beautiful makeup, afraid of cosmetics affecting the baby in the stomach.Therefore, we must encourage and admire pregnant mothers!

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