"Xing’er" elementary school changed five schools and successfully finished junior high school in her class

Chutian Metropolis Daily, July 24 (Reporter Ke Jian Correspondent Dong Jingwen Peng Wei intern Hu Xiaoyun) "My child has autism, can you be divided into Teacher Yan?" Not long ago, some parents came to come toWuhan Liyuan Middle School, named Yan Chunlian, a 35 -year -old history teacher.It turned out that parents watched the public welfare micro -movie "Star Wish" released on the World Autism Day this year. Later, they learned that the actor Xiaojun (pseudonym) was a student of Yan Chunlian brought for three years.

A few years ago, when Yan Chunlian saw Xiao Jun for the first time, he learned that he changed five schools in elementary school in six years.Can ordinary schools teach special students?Yan Chunlian, who had no bottom in his heart, saw the eyes of his parents expecting, or agreed to try it.Unexpectedly, this test was three years. Xiaojun was slowly changing, and Yan Chunlian and other normal students were changed by him.In the context of exploring the "Pitt Integration" education and encouraging special children to go to work at work, Yan Chunlian’s efforts were also reported by CCTV News.

When Xiaojun graduated, the parents specially synthesized a photo for Yan Chunlian

Don’t want "Xing’er" to transfer for the sixth time

The rounded face, a shy smile … In September 2014, when he saw Xiao Jun, the 14 -year -old, Yan Chunlian didn’t think he and other students were different.But as soon as Xiaojun opened, Yan Chunlian knew that she had encountered a problem -this was the first time she encountered "Star" (children with autism), but I heard that such special children entered ordinary schools and would encounter all kindsproblem.

Xiao Jun’s mother also confirmed Yan Chunlian’s concerns. "This child is not easy. He has changed five schools in elementary school in six years, so you can accept him." This sentence also deeply touched Yan Chunlian, and decided to try it anyway.Try.At this time, Yan Chunlian graduated from the Chinese teacher for a few years. The experience of being the head teacher was not rich, and she had not experienced special education experience, but she secretly determined that "the child cannot be transferred for the sixth time."

Teacher Yan Chunlian

The first level that Yan Chunlian wants to break through is to let the students accept Xiaojun.Xiaojun has poor coordination ability, unfavorable speaking, and not keeping the rhythm of class, and soon becomes the object of ridicule many students.Yan Chunlian told everyone that Xiaojun only needs to take care of the child because of illness.Whenever her classmates help Xiaojun, she always praises greatly.In the class meeting, she also arranged Xiaojun to express her love and gratitude for her classmates.

What’s more difficult is to do the work of other students.On the one hand, parents sympathize with Xiaojun, on the other hand, they are worried about their children’s affected.As soon as Yan Chunlian had a chance, he communicated with his parents, telling them the progress of Xiaojun and the harmonious relationship with his classmates, so that parents believed in themselves and believe in schools.

"Put Fusion" also benefits students

"Put Fusion" education is to encourage special students to study with shifts, not just "sitting".How can Xiaojun really learn some knowledge?Yan Chunlian checked a lot of special education materials and cases. She knew that the best way was to be patient, love, and be careful.She often taught Xiaojun alone, and repeatedly taught in a word, and it is really difficult to understand the course. Please take him alone to take him to physical education.Sometimes the sports teacher couldn’t get away, and Yan Chunlian went into battle in person.

Compared with learning knowledge, it is often more critical to improve the "Xing’er".Yan Chunlian accompanied Xiaojun for lunch for a whole semester, and taught him to hold the tableware at the same time and make meals at the same time. When Xiao Jun cracked the crotch because of the exercise, she paid for a set of new school uniforms to resolve embarrassment.; In Xiaojun’s "Student Growth Manual", she wrote "I actively help the teacher to go to the office today to get things", "I will speak out a report when entering the office" and other encouragement.

Xiaojun participated in the community literary show

Yan Chunlian also gave full play to the specialties of Xiaojunhui’s multiple instruments, encouraged him to participate in the school’s literary performances many times, accompany him to participate in the "three love" literary performances of the street, the community’s new year’s event, etc., and let him find confidence when the applause soundedStage.

In the junior high school, Xiaojun was obviously cheerful, and it was not so difficult to communicate with people.His classmates also changed quietly.Yan Chunlian recalled that for the first spring tour of the first year, she was inseparable from Xiao Jun, for fear of losing him.When the second and third day of tour, the students saw the teacher’s hard work, and they took the initiative to take care of Xiaojun. Some people were responsible for the game with him. Some people were responsible for his portable items.

"The best education is to teach. I dare to say that Xiaojun’s classmates are the most caring." Yan Chunlian said that in the future, everyone will encounter various people who need to learn to get along. These students have a lesson in the morning.And she also had a deeper understanding of being a good teacher.

Mom said that the son is a miracle after studying junior high school

After graduating from junior high school, Xiaojun went to a vocational school to study art, but his connection with Teacher Yan never stopped.The reporter saw from Yan Chunlian’s mobile phone that every time in the past two years, especially festivals, Xiaojun will send a few voice blessings on WeChat, and Yan Chunlian will type a word and send a blessing to ask the situation.Recently, Xiaojun asked when Mr. Yan’s baby was born, "I want to be his brother." Yan Chunlian heard tears and tears, "This child really grows up."

In April of this year, Xiaojun’s mother suddenly called. It turned out that as the actor, Xiao Jun starred in the "4 · 2" world autism day charity micro -movie "Star Wish". He wanted to invite Teacher Yan to the streets of the street.The city participates in the premiere.Yan Chunlian was unable to participate because of her pregnancy, but the first time she was online.In the film, Xiao Jun’s color is starring, telling the story of aging autism patients looking for a job.This made Yan Chunlian feel sighed. "I have taught Xiaojun to gain a lot of honors, but he will face a very bumpy way in the future. I can do it really limited."

CCTV report screenshot

Yan Chunlian’s honor, in addition to being awarded the title of "Hongshan Good Man" and "Four Teachers" in Hongshan District, also included in Xiao Jun’s third day of the third day, she appeared on CCTV News to tell the experience of older children’s education.According to the news introduction, encouraging special children such as autism to go to work with each other has become a consensus. Hubei Province has been exploring, but there are more difficulties in encountering.Rarely.Xiao Jun’s mother also said in the news that her son was "a miracle" after reading junior high school.

Peng Xingpeng, an associate professor of the Department of Special Education of Huazhong Normal University, said that children with autism to ordinary schools can indeed better exercise the ability of interpersonal exchanges and social practice, and can better integrate into society in the future.However, there are indeed some special students who return from ordinary schools to special education schools. This requires more support from the whole society, and more teachers like Yan Chunlian.

She is best at discovering students’ flashing points

"There are tens of millions of flowers, each has advantages and disadvantages." This is what Yan Chunlian often said. She can always find the student’s flash point. She thinks that even if it is a fairy ball, beautiful flowers will be bloomed in the thorn.It is seeing this that the school has always handed over the more difficult classes to Yan Chunlian over the years.And she always uses the patience of Xiaojun to use every student who needs help.

Yan Chunlian had a "stabbing head" Xiao Bin (a pseudonym) in the class. He spoke in the classroom, stealing snacks, likes to make pranks, and even made difficult teachers.She knows that students at this age are more likely to rebound, and they change their strategy. On the "Student Growth Manual" written to parents, they have a chance to boast Xiaobin’s progress."Xiao Bin loves to speak, it is even better if you learn to talk about it on the occasion." "Your child’s notes in class today are particularly serious." "He is particularly abiding by the rules today and the number of students in class will become less."In fact, it was all written to Xiaobin, and it did have the effect. Xiaobin’s change surprised the teachers of the Ke Ren.

There is also a student named Xiaohao (a pseudonym), not so naughty, but just does not like to learn, there is no chance to be admitted to Pu Gao in the eyes of everyone.Yan Chunlian found that Xiaohao usually likes to play basketball. He goes to the court every noon every day, and does not fall before the exam."Love sports is a good thing. It is better than like playing mobile games." Yan Chunlian encouraged him to play in his spare time, and even organized classmates in the organization to cheer when he participated in the competition.

In the third day of the third day, Xiaohao, who had not thought about high school, participated in the selection of sports specialty students under the encouragement of Yan Chunlian, and was surprised to be picked by a high school in Hongshan District.He quickly started to make up for the cultural class with Teacher Yan’s help, and eventually was admitted to the middle school entrance examination.During this year’s college entrance examination, Xiaohao also bought rice dumplings and mung bean cakes to thank Teacher Yan.

"Pour every flower with heart, as long as you keep working, there will be the prosperity of spring and the harvest of autumn." Yan Chunlian said.

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