"Why is it so common now? Can’t keep it, you can’t keep the fetus frequently"

I called me early in the morning and asked me to help her hand over the work. The report was reported to the leader and suddenly covered it. This is to resign. Sister Liu, who gets along with each other, has a good relationship.I am so gone, I am really reluctant to be reluctant

"Why, do you want to resign?

"Don’t mention it, I’m in a hurry now, let me tell you afterwards"

In this way, after hanging up the phone, I said according to Sister Liu to help her do the end of the handover. Later, because of worry, I went to her house

As soon as I entered the door, I saw Sister Liu’s husband busy in the kitchen

"Busy, what about Sister Liu?"

"Where is the house, go and see her, I’m not in a good mood"

Then I saw Sister Liu lying down as soon as I entered the bedroom

"Sister Liu, what’s wrong with you"

"Don’t mention it, I saw red early in the morning a few days ago. When I went to the hospital

Prepare for pregnancy

"Well, don’t think about what has happened, raise your body, your baby will come to you"

Sister Liu has been married for five years, has been inaccurate, and has been conditioning. She has finally got pregnant this year. However, after two months, the fetus stopped

I have to say that this phenomenon is too common. Friends around you have several fetuses. You can only accept it and raise your body. There is no other way

After comforting Sister Liu, I went home. I thought a lot on the road. Is the food at the entrance not clean or because of the serious environmental pollution, or people’s life pressure?In short, I have never seen so many tires to stop or have no fetal heart sprouts in the previous age. Now, too common, why is it?

Anyway, it is right to listen to the doctor. Keep your body well. The baby will come to you

Netizen@网 网 网: The first tire was stopped for more than 50 days. The embryo stopped developing. I do n’t know if it has something to do with traveling. I ran to Taiwan for seven days after I was pregnant and went shopping every morning and evening.Knowing pregnancy, the index was okay at the time of 37 days, and after 50 days of checking the low progesterone, it took a seven -day needle. At that time, the doctor said that the pregnancy sac is small for more than 30 days. It stopped developing in two months., BC flowed out when I heard the tears stopped. For the first time, I felt the loss of pain.

Giving birth

Netizen@网 网 201: September 15, 2016 went to Thailand for a honeymoon. With a honeymoon baby, he did not know.I did n’t come in early October, I bought a pregnancy test stick, a bar.Try it again in two days, two bars.Surprise and scared.

About October 20, 2016, the child was old and went to the hospital to test the blood, but forgot to have breakfast.Then change to B -ultrasound.Go home and tell their parents that they are very happy.The doctor said that about 20 days came to review again.

On November 15th, the child went to the hospital to build files at 8 weeks, drawing blood, and doing B -ultrasound.The doctor said that I was normal and my body was very good.And tell me to check again a month.

Dad went to Hong Kong to bring a little golden chicken to the grandson

On December 14, 2016, the child was 12 weeks old and went to urinate at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night. It was found that there were light pink secretions.Fear of and awakened her husband. In the early morning of the next day, the secretions disappeared. When I went to work during the day, the secretion became light brown and more and more.A colleague who had a child comforted me, saying that the sons’ forebuls.I don’t believe it. When I went to the hospital immediately, when I was doing a B -ultrasound, the doctor said that the fetus stopped.What do I mean?She said that the child should have been in 12 weeks, but now it is only 8 weeks.The fetus has no fetal heart.I like five thunder.And tell me that the child is dead

Netizen@网 那 网: If you haven’t experienced it yourself, I have never thought about it. It turned out that there was so difficult to have a child … Whoever got married and became pregnant soon, the child was healthy and healthy after the child was born …The usual thing is that when I am myself, the progesterone is low and the thyroid function is low, and I have been taking medicine to keep the fetus. As a result, I stopped breeding in more than two months … The doctor told me that there are many situations in this situation.There are also many, friends also comfort me, saying that there is no fate

Newborn postpartum care

Netizen@行 网 网 网: In fact, there are not so many reasons. Do n’t always find your own reasons. Most of them are survival of the fittest. Some people do n’t know that they are pregnant.For tires, some people’s menstruation results are not good. Some people may be fine in 2 or 3 months.I can’t find out what the specific tire stop is. What is the reason? Anyway, do what you should do, relax your mindset, raise your body, and welcome the next ~

… …

Pay attention to diet during pregnancy, especially before pregnancy. If you listen to the doctor, if you do everything you do, you still have the fetus, do n’t blame yourself, do n’t blame your baby.If you raise your body, your child will come to you

I sincerely wish that all married people can be pregnant.

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