"Turn to yin" and cough?Super detailed cough method, please check

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Why does it cough after "turning yin"?

How to cough scientifically?

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↓↓↓ Why do you cough after "turning yin"?

Respiratory system

It is the only system that connects directly with the outside world

Not only is it easy to encounter microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria

And it will cause diffusion

Whether it is a new crown virus or a normal cold

One of the symptoms of respiratory tract infection is cough

Even "turning yin"

Some people still cough for a while

Cough after infection

In fact, it is in the process of airway inflammation repair


After the infection improves

Generally, it is simply used to cure the antitussive drugs

The course of disease is relatively short

Some people who have already "shade" may still have symptoms of cough

This is because the current Omikon strain mainly attacks the upper respiratory tract

Once infected, it is easy to cause swelling of respiratory tissue

And generate liquid

Even if the virus in the body disappears after rehabilitation

This liquid will be maintained for a while

at the same time

When the body is infected with the virus in the early stage

It will cause the respiratory mucosa to be destroyed

It takes a certain time to repair

Exile the secretion of respiratory tract in a cough and sputum

have to be aware of is

If you have other respiratory diseases itself

It will also increase cough time

"Three Steps" achieve effective cough

There is also a way to relieve cough

Cough is a pathological phenomenon

Try these three steps can achieve effective cough

Deep breath

Close the sound door, that is, the throat is closed, and the abdominal muscles are shrinking at the same time

While opening the door, quickly exhale

Doctors’ tips

Patients with cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, and hemangioma

Don’t cough hard

A few small methods help you to relieve cough

Pad the head

When lying flat, the secretions in the respiratory tract are easy to accumulate, which will aggravate cough, especially at night.It is best to raise the head and neck from high to low at the same time.


Rock Sugar Sydney Sydney

When dry cough, you can empty raw pears. Put some rock sugar in the middle, add water to the outside, and simmer. You can also put some lilies, honeysuckle.


Drink more warm water

It helps to dilute and remove allergies in the respiratory tract and reduce allergic reactions in the respiratory tract.


How to cough scientifically?The medication strategy is here!

Expert advice

Symptoms of severe cough and sputum

And affect normal rest

You can choose some cough and phlegm drugs appropriately


Dry cough can choose Formable, right Mishafen, etc.

If there is too much sputum, you can use sputum drugs

Such as bromine new, amproxol,

Creating gly glycerin, acetylcysteine, etc.

There are many such drugs on the market

Choose 1

Used by the usual usage of the instructions

have to be aware of is

If the degree of cough is increased

And coughing purulent sputum

You need to attract attention

Go to the hospital to check the blood routine and the chest CT in time

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