"There is a spare tire, give up me." The 39 -year -old mother was pregnant, and the 15 girls of 15 broke out instantly

A cousin of Jing Jing was born in 1977. In 16 years, when the state let go of the second child, the eldest daughter Miao Miao was already in high school for 15 years. The cousin was 39 years old.Nothing, follow the fate.Because her daughter was very nervous to study in high school, and she didn’t know if she could be pregnant, coupled with her husband and wife, she felt that a child should be happy with her daughter.

Unexpectedly, my cousin and cousin were strong in their bodies, and they were pregnant without contraception.

"Is there a spare tire and give up me?" Miao Miao, the eldest daughter, found that her mother was very angry after pregnancy.Just like Lin Miaomiao in the teenager found himself

My cousin comforted her and said, "Why do you think so? Mom and dad will always love you!"

However, Miao Miao was still very angry. Later, the test results fell straight. Mom and Dad took her home every weekend and slowly do ideological work.Sister cousin even said: If you really can’t accept it, your mother will be the flow of people, but you also know that the mother is old, and the flow of people is not good for her body ….. only Miao Miao finally forgive her parents.

From time to time, we saw that because of the second child, the boss even ran away, and there were many children who turned their faces with their parents.

There are many only children around Jing Jing’s own own. When we talk about whether they are willing to accept their parents to ask for a second child, most people say they do not accept it, and a few people say it does not matter.

First of all, the only child is unwilling to separate the love of his parents and mother; second, they will feel that the second child will take his original things away.

Lin Xinjie, a psychological counselor, once said that some people rarely feel the love and attention. Over time, even he thinks he is not worthy of being loved.

Now is the country’s second child, and the parents want the second child to understand.However, we must also be responsible for our first child. When we really intend to ask the second child, remember to discuss with Dabao.This makes them feel your love and respect for them, and they are more willing to accept the birth of their brothers and sisters.

1. The boss appears degraded

The degradation of behavior refers to the dislike of human behavior and age and social role. It seems naive and returns to the pattern of infants and young children.Many only children will have degenerative behavior after the second child is born.You will find what a four -year -old child can do with two -year -old children.

After Mei Mei gave birth to a second child, she found that her son had a degradation of behavior.At the age of five, he did not ask his parents to hug him again, but recently he always asked others to hug; he usually started to be bad when eating, and he had to feed him to eat.

Mei Mei was exhausted by the child, but she did not severely criticize the child’s behavior because he knew that it was because the child lacked a sense of security after the second child appeared.

2. Like to lose your temper

When you find your own sensible child, you start to make trouble unreasonable and lose your temper for no reason.Parents should not be angry. The child is getting your attention and your love in such a clumsy way.

They sensitively found that after having their brothers and sisters, their parents put more attention on their younger brothers and sisters and ignored themselves, so they were trying to get the love of parents.Temperature is the simplest and most effective way for them.

3. Special listening to parents

It is inevitable that the child is mischievous when he was a child, but one day your child becomes very sensible and well -behaved. When you are not naughty, when you are obedient, your parents will reflect on themselves.Did you really ignore the child and make your child so lack of security?

When the child is afraid of losing his parents, he starts to dress himself up, just to make his parents love himself a little more and pay more attention to himself.But isn’t this well -behaved distress?

Adele, a psychologist, said: "Those who are too favored and ignored by others are easily misleading. They often form a wrong outlook on life."

At home with a second child, parents must be flat in a bowl of water, and they must not take care of them.The back of the palm of the hand is meat, but right and wrong is the key to solving the problem, is it?

1. Dabao between 3 and 6 years old

It is a better time to take a second child between Dabao three and six years old.The child’s stage before the age of three is very important and very fragile. It is a big blow to Dabao before the child is three years old.Dabao will be in a state of loss when the second child is born, and it is difficult to adjust it.

After six years old, the child is at the most naughty stage.For parents, this is also a period that is difficult to overcome, and it is easy to take care of it.

2. It is best to conceive a second child before the age of 35

We all know that women want children to belong to the elderly after 35 years old.During this period, the damage to pregnant women was very great.The risk of abortion and premature birth is higher than that of normal maternal; the chance of merging other internal medicine or gynecological diseases is higher, so at the age of 35, you need to consider it carefully.

3. When the second child is allowed to be permitted by the family’s financial ability

We know how much energy and financial resources for a child are.Children from birth to economic independence. Among them, they need to spend financial resources, and parents need to support two children. If the economic situation is not allowed, we do not recommend that everyone has a second child.

Every baby is our angel. The angel comes in the most appropriate time to be welcomed by the world. At the same time, the angel will love the world.It is not a hot blood to have a child. When we say that life is born, we need to consider many things. Only at the right time is the best time to welcome the coming of angels.

1. To depict the benefits of Erbao to Dabao, so that Dabao has a sense of happiness

The reason why many only children cannot accept the second child are because they are afraid, and they are afraid that the appearance of another person has taken their love.If you want his child to eliminate such thoughts, parents must gradually tell their children step by step, where is the benefits of Erbao, so that they can feel the happiness and pride of being their brothers and sisters.

The beginning of the article, Lin Miaomiao was very resistant to the existence of the second child in the beginning, but after the latter series of things happened, Lin Miao Miao still accepted the fact that he had his younger brother and sister, and looked forward to his arrival.EssenceShe used her little vault to buy a 30,000 yuan insurance for her brother and sister.

This is the expectation of the second child, and it is also the first gift for my brother and sister.After this gift was sent, she could obviously feel the pride of being a sister.

2. Ask Dabao’s view of the second child

We should have a bowl of water to the children, and each child is a piece of meat dropped on themselves. So why should parents be eccentric?

When our parents think that we want a second child, our first thing is to ask Dabao’s opinions. If Dabao has no opinion, it will be better; if Dabao has an opinion, our parents should guide and let the children let the children be guided to let the children ask the childrenCan accept the fact that the second child is.

This can make Dabao feel that he is important. It is respected and a love. At this time, children will be more willing to accept the appearance of the second child, and look forward to this little life.

A 13 -year -old girl threatened her parents to abortion with suicide. Some parents wrote a guarantee for the child in order to want a second child. When we saw such a thing, we could only sigh that the world is not strange.If parents can ask their children and guide their children, is the chance of such a thing is not much smaller?

3. Don’t take care of this

British critic David Floros once said: "When you have only one child, you are a parent. When you have two children, you are a referee."

Not long ago, I was chasing a variety show, called "Teacher please answer", one of which made me very heartache.The 11 -year -old boy was smooth and cried as soon as he came to power.

It turned out that there was a sister in Changchang’s family, and the parents were particularly petting my sister. When my sister grabbed her toy, my dad always asked himself to give himself to his sister.You can watch 5 episodes of cartoons.

My sister tears her homework, and my dad will say it if it is granted, "Is a piece of paper that is important to have a relationship between you?"

In this way, how can you not let your children chill and do not hurt their children? Parents must be a fair referee when treating the contradictions between the two children, and they must not partial or cheat.Otherwise, you will be out in your child’s heart.

In the arrival of the second child, did your family have a second child?Want to know what problems are facing the second child family?Then open the headline app search bar and enter the "second child family", then drop the drop -down menu to select more interesting content

Mother Jing said: Some people say: "The second child is not a child to divide the love of his parents, but let this family have another love." Parents are in a very important position in the relationship between children.With a child relationship, the relationship between children depends on whether you can solve the contradictions between them well.

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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