"There is a little brother", Mengwa said casually, her mother was tested at hand, but she was really pregnant.

In the past, I felt that childish words were not tested, and what children said did not need to care too much.

It wasn’t until I saw this child that it was true that sometimes the children said casually.

As an adult, you should pay attention to your children, rather than ignoring it at will, causing a lot of key information to miss.

Mengwa predicts her mother’s pregnancy

A cute little girl played with her mother and put all the beautiful stickers on her mother.

During the play, the child suddenly came, and there was a younger brother.

When she heard this sentence, my mother was a little surprised and shouted?Where is there a little brother?The child said it was behind the clothes.

When the child patted his mother’s belly, the mother realized that the child was pregnant.

But my mother didn’t know whether she was pregnant, and the child knew it. The child said that he was dreaming.

Mom thought the child just said casually, so he simply tested it with a test strip, but did not expect it to be really pregnant.

Looking at the two red horizontal bars, it wouldn’t work if the mother didn’t believe it. Did the child’s mouth open?

In fact, don’t be superstitious. It is likely that when parents are usually preparing for pregnancy, they have accidentally said one or two words, and they were heard by the child.

There is a dream of the night and the night, and the child has such a strange dream. This is a coincidence.

In addition, when women are pregnant, they will secrete a special hormone. If they are more sensitive children or animals, they may notice it.

Mengwa was likely to find her mother’s pregnancy because of this, not because of dreaming or other magical things. It is not necessary to be too surprised.

Parents should pay attention to every sentence that children say

Express the child’s inner feelings

Sometimes the children will carelessly say their inner feelings, hoping that their parents can notice it.But parents are busy at work and concentrate their energy to other places.

As a result, the child was ignored by his parents, and what he said was regarded as a wind on the ears.When the child’s inner feelings do not pay attention for a long time, they will feel very painful.What parents need to do is to pay attention to their children and don’t ignore them anymore.

There may be a problem with the child’s body

Children often tell their parents that they have headache and leg pain.Facing the complaints of children, many parents were upset, thinking that they were just naughty, and they hurt everywhere.

Some parents don’t care about their children, let them hurt.Children may really have some physical illnesses before asking our parents for help. What we should do is to take the child to the hospital for examination, not ignore the child.

Maybe you can detect some clues

Children are very sensitive. Many adults can not only notice anything, and the child can feel it.For example, the mother above is likely to inadvertently say what she is going to prepare for pregnancy in life in unintentional life, but she was heard by the child.

So I told herself in the subconscious that my mother might be pregnant, and there must be a younger brother and sister in the stomach.When the child says some strange words, parents should not be surprised.

Can protect children’s healthy and happy growth

When parents value every sentence that children say, children can clearly feel the attention of their parents, and think that they are amazing and have the protection of parents.

This will bring great self -confidence to children, so that people do not need any difficulties in the process of growth.What are the parents who are around, what are the children afraid of?Therefore, parents must pay attention to their children and don’t ignore them.


We can give children a good childhood, and pay attention to some problems in their lives.

For some strange languages that children speak, parents can not take it lightly, which may mean that the child’s body has a problem, or it may be an important opportunity in their life growth.

Parents seize this opportunity to give their children a good transformation.If the child’s words are all naive, it will seriously hinder the child’s growth.

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