"The rich rich seduces, the woman breaks the sleeve and wants to get pregnant, netizens scolded: step by step trap"

Luo Mei’s story is full of absurdity and sadness. She was once raised by Liang Jun and lived a life -cared life, but gradually, she found that Liang Jun became indifferent to her.In order to retain Liang Jun, she deliberately became pregnant, but found that the child’s birth did not change Liang Jun’s attitude.He was indifferent to his child, and he was unwilling to pay even living expenses and maintenance costs, which made Luo Mei feel desperate for the affection for this period of being.

Luo Mei decided to ask Liang Jun to ask for the child’s support fee, but Liang Jun said indifferently that he was tired of her and promised to pay the support fee and the child’s living expenses.Luo Mei took down and thought that she had won a good future for her daughter.However, Liang Jun did not fulfill his promise and suddenly disappeared.The anger Rome decided to find him at all costs and asked the child’s support for the support.The two sides were chaotic in fierce quarrels.

Luo Mei’s family accused Liang Jun who was unwilling to pay the child’s support fee and thought that his behavior was mad.However, Liang Jun’s cousin retorted that the Luo Mei family had to put money, ask for support for the child, and suspect whether the child was Liang Jun’s biological.Liang Jun requested that the parent -child appraisal is paid before paying.

After the chaos, Romme decided to take the child to find Liang Jun to negotiate the support fee, but Liang Jun scolded Luo Mei angrily.Liang Jun said that it was Luo Mei who took the initiative to contact him. He had persuaded her to leave, but she insisted on following.He accused Luo Mei’s greedy demand, thinking that he became their withdrawal machine.He insisted on waiting for the results of the parent -child identification before deciding.

Luo Mei agreed to perform parent -child identification and proved that the child was Liang Jun’s biological.However, Liang Jun disappeared again, making Luo Mei very angry.She decided to disclose Liang Jun’s shameful behavior and expose it to the TV station.However, the host scolded Luo Mei’s behavior, thinking that she did not realize her mistake, but just blamed Liang Jun and ignored her responsibility.

Luo Mei eventually regretted the mistakes she made in order to enjoy it, and she decided to fight for the child’s support for the child through legal channels.This story has triggered people’s thinking about nursing and moral responsibility.Whether Liang Jun or Luo Mei, they are in the dilemma of morality and emotions.This story reminds us to cherish family and responsibilities and not indulge in desire, otherwise it will bring endless pain and regrets.

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