"Take the initiative to leave after pregnancy?" Chongqing’s 28 -year -old woman was asked to write a guarantee. Is men and women really equal?

Is men and women really equal?

As we all know, when women are applying, they will be asked if they are married, whether they have children, or have no plans to have a second child. If there are children in the family, who will take care of the child’s care?When these questions are satisfactory to answer, they will consider the ability of women; and when men are applying, they only consider ability problems, and everything else can be ignored.

However, for an enterprise, the humanistic care of pregnant female employees is the embodiment of an excellent corporate culture, but there are also individual companies who are doubting all kinds of doubts about pregnant female employees.When female employees, female employees also required female employees to write a guarantee before joining, and request resignation in the future during pregnancy.

Recently, some netizens complained that she went to a hotel in Chongqing for job hunting. The hotel manager asked her to write a guarantee. The content of the guarantee was probably if she was pregnant, she would take the initiative to resign.

The woman said: "I think women are unfair to find a job. I got married last year. I am 28 years old this year. Is it because I do n’t have a child. Do I treat it like this when I find a job? So, there is a maternity insurance in the five insurances.What is the meaning of existence? "

As soon as this news came out, it immediately resonated with countless netizens, and women were really difficult.

Some netizens think that this is simply discriminatory against female employees, so it is difficult for companies that lack humanistic care to develop;

Some netizens think that the enterprise does this also have the difficulties of the enterprise. They are afraid that the female employees will work for a month, and then for another ten months of maternity leave. The salary is still the same.

People often say: "Men and women are equal", "women can top half of the sky."Such a moral concept, in the eyes of some people who are not straightforward, they stand on the moral height to abduct women: not only require women to make money to support their families, and to take care of all aspects of the family, and even pay more.To weigh the family, we must work hard, we must both "go to the hall" and "enter the kitchen".The big and small things at home must be worried.

This society has always advocated equality between men and women, and has always shouted "equality between men and women", but has men and women really equal?I hope that this society can give women some tolerance, some "preferential treatment", and letting women really push up the "half of the sky".

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