"Stealing the forbidden fruit" early, if you accidentally conceive the child, the girl’s body will suffer 4 injuries

With the popularity of the Internet, many girls will directly obtain bad information on the Internet. For adolescent girls, they are very curious about sex and the opposite sex. In additionEarly pregnancy.

1. Cause infertility in the future

If you have an premature pregnancy, because you have no financial ability to raise your children, coupled with the condemnation of the society, you can only choose to go to the hospital for artificial abortion.Causes infection or can cause the perforation of the uterus, coupled with the uterine development of the girl in itself, it is not very mature. If there is no good care after giving birth, the uterus cannot be restored to the original state, which will lead to female infertility.

2. Dear nutritional insufficient nutrition

Girls are the best stage of long body. If they are pregnant, there will be insufficient nutrition. The fetal development must have sufficient nutrition. The nutrients taken in the fetus will not meet the needs of the fetus or deformity.

3. Causes ectopic pregnancy

Girls’ body structure is not very mature. During the abortion process, it will cause serious harm to the uterus. Once operating errors occur during the surgery process, causing the uterine cavity infection. The next time I am pregnantOutside of the uterus bed, which causes ectopic pregnancy.

4. Increase mortality

Girls’ physical conditions are not mature enough. If you choose to give birth to the child, it may bring serious risks to the body. During the process of childbirth, mitigation or postpartum bleeding may cause fetal death or mother’s death.

1. Tell parents in time to choose a regular hospital

Some girls are afraid of their parents’ scolding or beating after pregnancy or dare not tell their parents, and choose a small clinic to get a fetus. This will not be responsible for the body and increase the chance of infection, and even cause women to be infertile in the future.Try to tell parents in advance after pregnancy, and let parents take regular hospitals to do artificial abortion, because regular hospitals have professional equipment and doctors with rich clinical experience, which can avoid complications caused by surgery.

2. Take a period of time after the abortion

After doing artificial abortion at least one month at home, pay attention to the balance of nutrition during the period. Do not have too much psychological burden to avoid physical labor and severe activities, otherwise the body will become weaker.

Kind tips

If the girl is pregnant prematurely, it will cause so much harm to the body, so they must protect themselves. Parents must do sex education to avoid causing calamities.

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