"Stay" or "flow" by accidental pregnancy?The choice of these pregnant mothers, sympathy for capital

As the saying goes, "I often walk by the river, how can there be no wet shoes?" For women with husband and wife life, even if you are careful and be careful, what if you accidentally lose your hands?

I think this is nothing more than a two -choice question: "flowing down" or "stay"?Maybe the choice of most people will be flowing. After all, accidental pregnancy may not be good in physical condition, or they are not prepared for childbirth, but no matter what, different choices may bring different choices to life differentlyChange, the choice of these pregnant mothers is sympathetic.

Bao Ma Xiaohuang, accidental second child chooses "stay"

She is my colleague, the mother of the two children.She said that when she was pregnant with the second child, the boss was just one year old. At that time, the two red bars on the pregnancy test stick were stunned. After all, they never thought about the second child, but the second child did not take off.After coming in, after thinking about it, communicating with the parents of both parties, the old people agreed to give birth to the children.

Today, the two children are more than one year behind, but they separate the two places. Dabao brought it by themselves. After more than four months, Erbao broke the milk and sent it to the uncle’s house.In a small video shot, an adult asked Erbao, "What about your parents?" Erbao lowered his head and said it was distressing.

Unmarried female Xiao Zou, I chose "flowing" by accident before marriage.

This is a friend of a friend. A 28 -year -old unmarried woman. After her accident, her response was "I haven’t gotten married, I can’t ask this child, she will be scolded to death by her family!" She insisted that she did not listen to her boyfriend at that time.Marriage suggestions, resolutely choose not.

After the child was aborted, the emotional life of the two was also frustrated because of some trivial matters. Even if her boyfriend was dissatisfied with Xiao Zou, he did not agree to get married at the time. In short, it didn’t take long for the two to break up.

Later, Xiao Zou found a boyfriend again, but when the other party knew that Xiao Zou Huai was pregnant and flowed through the child, what he said was difficult, Xiao Zou couldn’t stand this mental pressure and proposed to break up.Now that she is still alone, I do n’t know where to go from her life. Sometimes she also thinks that if the child was left with her boyfriend and married her boyfriend, is it also a good life choice?But there is no regret medicine in life.

Bao Ma Xiaoliu, choosing "flow" by accident after marriage

Xiaoliu is the wife of a male colleague. They are married fifteen years and have no children.Colleagues said that in the first few years of marriage, relying on their youth, they loved to play with their daughter -in -law.However, I accidentally got pregnant several times. At that time, they felt that their children were born later, so they chose to have a miscarriage and do not want children.

In a blink of an eye, the baby of his peers will run away. Everyone has children, and the gathering of fox friends and dog friends will gradually become less.Colleagues and his wife, Xiao Liu, wanted to have children, but worked hard for two years but had no movement.

Helpless, the two went to check that in addition to the fallopian tube, Xiao Liu also suffered from uterine fibroids.Some people say that if there are no children in the uterus, they will grow something else. This is not fake at all. Now Xiaoliu has pinned his hope after a few years, hoping to recover after the surgery.Big, you can’t achieve it as a test tube baby.

The old saying, "What is the age of what age,", the male is married and the woman is married. Do n’t drag when you get married. After having a baby, if you accidentally become a second child, see the family conditionsLet’s try to give a small life a chance to come to the world.But what would you choose if it was you?Welcome to discuss.

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