"Sperm non -liquefaction" can cause male infertility?Strip: 4 methods to improve sperm quality

Men want to have normal fertility, and should pay attention to good habits. Of course, the reproductive system is healthy to have dynamic sperm.Many men have been pregnant for a long time still unable to get pregnant. There are various reasons. They need to be checked in time to find out the root cause and deal with them in time to restore health.So, does semen do not liquefy make men unable to have birth?

After maintaining a healthy male ejaculation, the sperm is liquefied. After a few minutes, it will appear jelly -like, and it will gradually liquefaction after half an hour. If it exceeds 30 minutes, it will not be able to appear in the liquefied state, which can be paid attention to.Sperm is not liquefied by many men. This condition cannot make sperm movement normally, and eggs cannot be combined with sperm, and naturally it is difficult to successfully conceive.

How to improve sperm quality?

1. Don’t stay up late

If you want to improve the sperm quality of men, you should keep the rest.Many people stay up late for a long time, lack of sleep, and have obvious impacts. It is the cause of decreased resistance, aging acceleration, and endocrine disorders.To keep the body’s organs normal, you need to go to bed early and get up early, and try to ensure that there are seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Otherwise, you will drag your body, the vitality of the sperm, and the quality of the sperm will decrease after staying up late, thereby decline.

2. Scientific diet

Maintaining a high sperm quality requires dietary science. In the process of obtaining food in three meals, it pays attention to the proper combination of vegetarian foods, which is helpful for men’s health, minerals, protein, and vitamins.Otherwise, some nutritional deficiencies will decrease, and the process of sperm may be affected.Some people overdose, which may be malnourished, and even sperm quality will deteriorate.

3. Strengthen exercise

To move appropriately, to exercise scientifically, it also has the effect of improving sperm quality.Many people lack exercise for a long time. Sitting for a long time may make the cooling of the private parts unable to maintain good heat, and the sperm quality will be reduced after the temperature rises.Many men often go to a hot bath and steam sauna, which will also hurt sperm.The method of exercise not only enhances resistance, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, and strengthen metabolism. It can also keep the local heat dissipation normal, otherwise the temperature will be too high and cause damage.

4. No smoke

Smart quitting sperm can remain normal. Many people do not leave the cigarettes and alcohol. They have been smoking and drinking a lot from when they are young. After these bad habits are developed, the body is constantly harmed. There are many harmful substances obtained, which may reduce sperm quality.Although some men also have good fertility, their embryo development will not be good because of poor sperm quality after conception.It can be seen that staying away from tobacco and alcohol is a way to maintain a healthy way, but do not indulge in bad habits.”””””

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