"Shengmen": 40 weeks of pregnancy, the child is dead in his abdomen, and he bleed for three days. Is it worth it?

Dong Liangbo, I tell you that your woman’s blood is more and more.

She was hospitalized, did she do it?

The emergency department was sent, and she was alone, and no one went to the hospitalization formalities.

Is there no family member?

Why are there no relatives in the New Year?

She came alone.

40 weeks,

Severe anemia.

She has been bleeding for three days.

The blood pressure is 124.

Abdominal pain for a long time.

Did you make a call?Reminder.

She couldn’t remember her last menstruation.Then she was related to bleeding, blood loss shock, and she was not married yet.

Let me check it out and see how the palace mouth is?Go to the delivery room.

What about family members?Just alone?Asked her phone number for her family, she said no.

Two things, the first case was serious; the second then urged the blood.

Dr. Dong Liangbo wandered outside the plant.

He reported to Director Li that she came here.

I asked her the number, she said nothing, and asked her phone number at home, she didn’t say, she took out all the money in her pocket.

For 2,000 yuan, and then there is no family member. If you find the phone number she wants his family, you will not give your family phone number at all.

So now she is alone, so I need to report to the Medical Office. If there are more bleeding, it may be undergone.

Sign in the book.Money can still be signed.

The snow -white sheets were stained with a piece of blood.

The nurse asked her your parents, and she said that my parents did not come.

Who cares about you?There is always a person who cares about you.

What happened to you, what’s the matter?Who do we tell?

You can save you, but do you want to be a family member?

I want me to sign myself.

What about your friend?Your friend’s phone number always remember one, right?

Dong Liangbo ran to the delivery room and told the mother that the process was risky.Including the danger of cutting the uterus, the risk of intervention, did you hear it?

The mother nodded, but said: I have no effort to sign.

The nurse said that you called me your family and asked them to sign it.Can you?Otherwise, I will tell you if your life will fall. Did you hear it?You have to save yourself, obedient.

It hurts, my mother.

Liu Li, do you want to save your own life?Not to lie to you, saying that you want to be obedient, it’s all for you.

I really want to cry, just take a break, and sign it again without pain.

I call your family, and there must be someone to be by your side, otherwise no one can take care of you in the future.

Call 110 and call the police.Her household registration was found on the computer.All the information is known.

I beg you not to fight

Then you just say a number.

At the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University, the 8th floor of the surgery building.Could you please come here now?Because the patient has a lot of bleeding.

For Director Li, you girl.

Which friend do you just find and ask which friend you can sign it.

My friend is not here, why don’t you do surgery?

You have to let your family come.

Have you married?you tell me.You don’t tell me that the delay time is your own.

If it is not good now, it will affect your next pregnancy.

Your current hemoglobin is only three grams, and you have developed a lot of blood.

What about your own mobile phone number?I didn’t bring my phone, you gave me the phone number, let me take a look.

Why are you so stubborn?You have to save your own life, this New Year’s obedience.

You have to be good for yourself, you are a sober person.Why don’t you tell us?The address of your family is contacting the address of your contact.

I divided my ex -boyfriend.

You tell us the phone number, we call her.

It doesn’t matter if it is divided.

Do you want to save your life, right?

You tell us, we contact her.I don’t want you to contact her, I didn’t contact her.Do you call the Security Office?After 110, how long does it take to come over?right away.

I can’t hurt it, don’t mess up.

Ask them to reserve the operating table, and we will go up when 110 comes.

Hey, is the blood transfusion department?We have just called to bleed.When can I come here?How long is it?This person’s congress bleeding.

We need to know who she is.

In this case, it is really.It’s not easy to do, we have encountered it.

Not much, there is no case in a year or two.

Look at her this time, in fact, she guess she is privacy.

But as long as you say clearly with your family, most of your family can understand.

Please, get anesthesia, start.

Okay, what do you say what do you want to do?

Okay, you said I am a doctor.

Hurry up and start anesthesia.

Okay, I promise you.But I give you, I am a doctor, my doctor asked you, you have to tell me what your real name is your family.If your family gets money, I want you to tell your family to do surgery in this place. In this case, your family will understand you.

I don’t want to say, what I just said is very clear.

Speaking of your ID card, you can’t say a name casually.Why are you so stubborn?

You are not stubborn, not, this is a program.

I don’t know who you are, how can I perform surgery for you?

Oops, don’t say it anymore.You do it, I beg you.

The police are here, and the police can testify.

Liu Li said a few phone calls, but turned off, no one answered.

Ask her for a few years, she said she was uncertain.

I see now, you have to maintain a better mood by yourself, then you will do it for you now.

Where are you from?Which year did you be born, how many months do you remember?

Can you do it?What is October?I have said it very clearly.

(I still didn’t ask.)

How do the doctor do, you must cooperate with the doctor.

Surgery is not to save that child. The child is dead and saves yourself.

I know, not to say, let me sign the handprint.

It means that you should let you agree with a caesarean section to take out the child.

The three people surrounded her, and then asked her to sign and press the fingerprint.Then I couldn’t worry, not in a hurry.

The most authoritative doctor will perform surgery for you, you must cooperate.

5 hours after admission, Liu Li turned into the operating room.

Straighten your feet, girl.

I am so tired.

I didn’t drink water for a day.

Go to the operating room right away and cooperate with it.

You do n’t want to drink water after you have anesthesia. You will go to the operating room in a while. We use a cotton swab to dip your lips?The nurse cut her sleeves along her sleeves with scissors, and then dipped it on her purple lips.

In fact, this woman’s looks are not bad. Why should she do this like this?Like the saddest people in the world.

The nurse said: She was not married.

What’s so great about not getting married?

It’s not a fight with your boyfriend, when you want to save your life.

At this time, I just want her boyfriend, comfort her, right?

At this point, the child took it out, the child did not cry, and the nurse held her out.

"Gate", for children, is not the door, and for the mother, it is not the door.

No, any raw door, why choose such a road?

So I think she is an extramarital child who is only 26 years old.

Some girls cannot understand this kind of worldly potential because they are young. They feel that they do things and do whatever they do for love. They think they are equal with men emotionally.powerful.

As a result, there was something really happened. The man patted him home behind him, and then spent the little day when his wife and child hot hoe. Only the girls faced a wolf borrowing of a wolf. They needed to bear the broken feelings.Difficulties and social pressure.

Self -esteem, depression and contemplation, extramarital affairs brings pain that cannot be solved.

I called them to send the money over, how much money owed more than 10,000.

Didn’t I tell you last time?If you don’t give you a discount, you won’t be able to keep it.

The director went out, and the nurse said that she had a family member last night.

The person next to her said that a 15 -year -old girl came up last night and shouted her mother at her.

But her medical record is 26 years old, and it is not a 11 -year -old child.

The case of 26 years may be fake. She may be 36 years old. She told us that she was born in 1987, but there was no proof.

Tell her to get the money today, otherwise it will affect her treatment tomorrow.

During the period, the doctor had been cheering her, but lying once again.

This is time. Director Liu turned around and ran into the ward and told her that you will get your needle today, and then you hand over the money.

Then the woman said, I will let a friend send some money today.

Okay, I believe you.

Later, the nurse walked in and asked,

Who are you?Isn’t it so sleepy?Have you ordered it?

I am her husband!

After that, she was also discharged.

Who did this wrong?

The woman, she started to say that she was not married. She broke up with her boyfriend. After that, this was my husband.

I don’t tell myself any information, and finally, I never know the real information.

There is no strength, signing.

There is no one to accompany the whole process.

In her opinion, there was no courage to tell, she could not get forgiveness, but she could only carry it hard.

And her "husband" has no courage to bear this responsibility.

The most harmful part of extramarital affairs is that you have to face the condemnation of society and morality. For women, the most acute part is also our country with thousands of years of feudal culture.

Girls, don’t choose at will, choose the wrong choice, are hospitalized, no one takes care, three days in the hospital bleeding, the child’s fetal dying, the pain is his own, no one.

In real life, the emotional issues of men and women have never been fair.

Men’s lover will be considered a "ability", which is a symbol of charm and romance. Men’s derailment is more likely to be re -accepted by marriage and partners, and social pressure is reduced year by year.

Once a woman goes wrong, it is facing a lot of good afterwards, and she may become fox essence. She is pointed out. In the future, they will fall in love and get married again.

Plaster your eyes, avoid the monsters and monsters, open your eyes, and move forward towards the light.

The corridor, a patient’s family asked: When will you rest?

The director said: I rest on the 32nd.

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