"Seeing redness" in the early pregnancy, but the doctor let pregnant women worry, these are normal phenomena

Today, a pregnant mother in the baby community panicked, and hurriedly found several obstetrics and gynecologists for consultation, which caused a lot of waves. What is going on?

The pregnant mother was originally a patient with chocolate cysts. After treatment for nearly a year, this year the doctor finally let go and said that she could prepare for pregnancy.The two couples were happy to prepare for nearly half a year, and finally she was pregnant not long ago, but I did not expect that the accident was so fast.

When I got up to the toilet this morning, the expectant mother found that blood flowed out of her blood, pink and pink, and she was scared on the spot. After a careful question, the doctor told the expectant mother after a careful question.Relaxing your heart is normal.

How many days have you been pregnant? I believe that many pregnant mothers will not calculate. Here are two most common methods for calculating pregnancy and due date.

1. The expectant mothers can clearly confirm that they are pregnant when they are pregnant, so this day is the first day of the expectant mother’s pregnancy, and your due date after 266 days.

2. The expectant mothers only remember the first day of my last menstruation, so after 280 days, the due date of the expectant mother.But this method is not the best, provided that the menstrual cycle law of expectant mothers.

The prospective mothers above are about 10 days of pregnancy. At this stage, sperm and eggs have been combined to form the characteristics of some babies, such as developing into boys or girls.

After the fertilized egg arrives at the uterus, I start to bed. Implie is a relatively slow project. It must carefully choose its own residence, choose the warmest and comfortable place to take root.The sponge net made of capillaries, so pregnant mothers around 10 days of pregnancy may occur.

When the fertilized eggs are normally bed, the color of the bleeding should be mostly red or pink blood, which is similar to menstruation, but there is no tissue fragments and will not condense.

When bleeding is found, it is also accompanied by abdominal pain, blood clots, and excessive blood volume. It may not be wonderful, and you need to seek medical examination.

I am a baby, and I am paying attention to health. If we are fortunate to be our article, I hope to share it with friends. If you have criticism and correct, please leave a message.

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