"Reconn" the abortion and fetal protection of those things to give birth to children

After pregnancy, expectant mothers are worried about the most, the most confused, and those who are not reliable in interior and layman must be "abortion and fetal preservation".For more than 20 years of medicine, in terms of "abortion and fetal protection", I have read too many bizarre stories, outrageous practices, and brain disabled recipes.

In order to allow everyone to have a correct understanding of the abortion tire protection, let’s tell you some basic facts about pregnancy and miscarriage:

In the entire female population, the total abortion rate of clinical pregnancy is about 15%. If the biochemical pregnancy is calculated, the total embryonic loss rate is as high as 60-70%. Among the embryos of all conceptionCan be converted into surviving newborns.What is biochemical pregnancy?It happened in the extremely early abortion of pregnancy. Women themselves do not know that they may not perform at all. At most, the menstrual strategy is delayed for a few days, and the menstrual flow is slightly more.Pregnancy is actually a process of trial and error, and it is also a process of natural choice and natural elimination.

The main cause of natural abortion is abnormal embryo chromosomes, with a proportion of about 50%. Other main reasons are parent factors, including anatomical structure abnormalities, autoimmune factors, infection factors, endocrine factors, unknown factors (including unknown factors (includingThromer tendency, etc.), really the proportion of abortion caused by lack of progesterone levels caused by lack of progesterone levels.

It is not recommended for conventional measured stood hormone levels to guide early pregnancy and preparation

The reason for clinically detecting progesterone levels is that one of the causes of abortion is the dysalia dysfunction (the proportion is very small), and the luteal dysfunction will cause the progesterone level to be low and further lead to miscarriage.If you find it in time, you can supplement progesterone to prevent abortion.

In fact, the golden standard of luteal dysfunction is to perform endometrial biopsy in the middle of the luteum. However, because diagnosis of luteal insufficiency requires two consecutive endometrium biopsy, it is almost impossible to diagnose the diagnosis clinically.Therefore, some people propose to check the level of progesterone to judge the function of the luteal, but this method is not reliable:

1. The range of progesterone levels of normal pregnancy is large.

2. The low level of progesterone is more likely to be the result of poor embryo development, not the cause of abortion.

3. Patients with diagnosis of luteal dysfunction are normal.

4. In the early pregnancy, there are two sources of progesterone, one is luteal secretion, and the other is the secretion of nourishing cells. Therefore, it is impossible to judge which is caused by low level.

Therefore, it is not recommended to conventionally measure the level of pregnancy hormone level guidance.Of course, you cannot deny the role of detecting progesterone. After checking HCG positive, the B -ultrasound is not found to be able to judge the prognosis of pregnancy when the B -ultrasound is found to be the prognosis of pregnancy.The possibility is relatively high.But the purpose of detecting progesterone is definitely not to supplement progesterone.

Not recommended in bed rest for fetal protection

Even if you repeatedly indicate that there is no evidence -based medical evidence to prove that bed rest can reduce the occurrence of miscarriage, there will still be many expectant mothers, especially their mother -in -law and mother can’t listen to it.I have seen one of the most amazing cases: My daughter has a natural abortion for the first time. After the second pregnancy, my mother forced her daughter to rest in bed. The food and drink is all on the bed, and it is not allowed to go to the ground for 6 months.When she brought her daughter to see my clinic, she was shaking. She found that the muscles in the lower limbs had shrunk significantly during the examination, which was really ridiculous!

In fact, without evidence -based medical evidence, common sense should be able to judge bed rest and protect tires.Nearly half of the cause of abortion is the abnormal embryo chromosome. This situation is destined to have a miscarriage. Don’t talk about rest in bed. Even if you hitting progesterone every day, it is useless to soak patients in luteum.Will it be okay if the child who sneezed it when it was sneezed?If the child walking will fall, the hospital’s family planning clinic can be closed, and there is no need to do artificial abortion, so that everyone can walk or even run instead of the curettage.

It is not recommended for routine application of oral or muscle injection of progesterone for tire preservation

The latest COCHRANE review (most authoritative evidence -based medical evidence evidence evidence evidence evidence evidence evidence) published in 2013 published in 2013 is: applying progesterone (both muscle injection or oral) prevent abortion; for three or more continuous and natural natureAbortion and experienced supplementation of progesterone may be beneficial, but this requires the research of large samples and centers to further confirm.

Since it is invalid to apply lutenone tires, why do you need to detect the level of progesterone to guide the tire?

WHO (World Health Organization) is not recommended to apply progesterone tires: see the WHO website.

Of course, in a few cases, there is still a need to supplement progesterone, such as patients and some patients and some patients with luteal surgery during the early pregnancy.

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[1] Haas dm, ramesey ps. Progestogen for Preventing Miscarriage. COCHRANEDASE SYST Rev. 2013 Oct 31; 10: CD003511.

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