"Promoting experience" for three years, and experienced an extraterrestrial biochemical husband’s semen without liquefaction.

Yesterday, after the official doubles, I couldn’t wait to share the experience, I hope to help everyone!When the palace and biochemical, my posts are also recorded, you can turn forward!

After getting married in 2014, after eating folic acid for a few months, pregnancy started to prepare for pregnancy early 15 years. Because it was a different place with her husband, I tried to find the ovulation period with ovulation test strips.Sisters should have experience.So I started to go to the B -ultrasound of the hospital, found a private hospital near the company, and met with irresponsible doctors. I only told me that I did n’t grow up this month every month.Wait for the next month, but the cause of the cause only says many aspects. Wait for it, the number of times to go is still the doctor of the B -ultrasound room that I might be polycystic ovary, let me take a look.Fortunately, when I met an expert, I said that the polycyston was tested after blood testing. Da Ying, who had given me eight months, asked me to regulate. I heard that it was a contraceptive pill. I was anxious. Because I started to urge at home, I took the medicineConsequences, resign and find her husband!

At the end of 15 years, he resigned and returned to his hometown. My mother -in -law asked the fallopian tubal examination. Fortunately, I found an expert in early 16 years. After reading my list, I suggested that I eat Da Ying for three months to start promoting.capsule.In June 16th, the first promotion began. Cimed, the follicles were more than thirty, the injection was not broken, and it failed … On July August, a enthusiastic dean recommended the Chinese medicine to promote the arrangement. I even eat it.Two months, I was drowsy every day, without appetite, and gave up. What I wanted to say here is that the premise of promoting it must also relax myself. This is the basic condition for pregnancy. I am not suitable for Chinese medicine.In September October for two consecutive months of rice or the thickness of the follicle wall, I was almost collapsed. At this time, the doctor asked me to rest for two months. I ca n’t understand why I did n’t change me early.

In 17 years, it was used in January. The follicles broke after the injection for the first time, but I did n’t want to check it. I thought that the quality of the semen’s semen was not checked for a year.No liquefaction, so this may also be a reason.After turning over the forum, I bought various drugs and started to take it. It was the same as it was checked. The doctor also said that the quality of semen is difficult to recover within a few months. The husband’s forehead is full of acne, and it is decisive.The road of wanting to people, turning around every day, inadvertently heard of melinase, Baidu, a lot of successful cases, I bought it. This is in April.In the same room plus miminase, my husband on May 6th, the B -ultrasound display had not broken, I went back to my hometown, and it failed too long. In addition, there were too many in the same room this time.On the 20th, I didn’t come. After a while, David had a backlight, and then turned my post. Anyway, I was diagnosed outside the palace on the last June 10th. I originally thought it was biochemical.Although it is very hit, I know that I can conceive, I am still very pleased. It seems that relaxation can be pregnant.Then the doctor suggested to rest for half a year. I was very obedient. Without family urging, it was very easy and comfortable for half a year. During the end of October, I went to actor again. I was surprised.It is very practical. At least the follicles can be broken, the semen is normal, and the endometrium fallopian tube is good. Next, look at luck!In December, it was promoted, and it failed. The reason may be too nervous.In January, I promoted it again. I deliberately went out to play more and turned around. Try to relax myself. The gray seal was measured only in fourteen or five days. I felt it was not wonderful. Later, it was not good.Efforts to protect the fetus, but on February 8th, biochemical biochemical.

During the promotion period, the follicles have grown five times in total and pregnant twice. Although the outside palace and biochemical, I think the chance of pregnancy is still very high, so it is not very discouraged.The eight aunts were sent out with a cheeky face, so sisters, my mentality is very important.

After the biochemical, I plan to take a break for two months. I think that I have not been at work for two years. I feel very relaxed. When I do n’t promote the arrangement, Ding Kundan and Kuntai Capsules have been eaten.I bought the ovulation test strip again. As a result, the yang was really tested. I tried the same room. As a result, I did n’t want to do it. Now I think that the test paper is not red enough. The follicles do not grow well.When I checked the Internet, it was said that Ding Kundan and Kuntai capsules also had a certain role in promoting, so they disassembled two boxes to eat, because they said to the family to rest after biochemical, so the mood zero pressure was very relaxed and the pressure was very relaxed.When the leucorrhea was brushed, I started to measure the ovulation. On the morning of April 3rd, the red hair was tested for the first time in the past three years, so I went to the B -ultrasound in the hospital. It was really super unexpected.Endometrial 9, the doctor recommends the same room that night, so when the strongest ovulation test paper is the strongest yang, it is best to prepare the ovulation at any time at any time. I feel a little bit pain on the left side at noon.I was in the same room in my husband, and continued to test in the afternoon. The test strip was obviously weakened. It should be the ranking. On the 4th, the B -ultrasound on the 4th was gone, but the ovulation test paper was still weak. I made up once at night.Knowing why it is very confident, I feel that the follicles have grown up naturally, the same time in the same room is also very good, my mood is very happy, there is no reason for the time, there is no reason.On the 12th of the ovulation on the 12th, Coreland slowly showed the cross. I was not surprised and surprised at all. I felt it should be.To the gray seal, so this time deepening is also very confident!It won’t look as blind like three or four times a day!

Yesterday, the official doubling was very good. Today I shared my experience at ease and summarized it a little:

1. The polycystic is not terrible. Find a way to promote the row suitable for you.

2. Infertility for a long time, both fallopian tubes and husbands must be checked in time.

3. Adjust your mentality, relax your mood, abandon negative energy, and ignore the seven aunts and eight aunts. I think this is the most important thing because polycystic is not ovulation, but occasionally ovulation, and the mood can increase the chance of ovulation!

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