"Pregnant Mother Notes" is uncomfortable after pregnancy.

You don’t hide it, hey, the new mother has always been a proud girl who will stinky every morning. The rules of ten years are like a day, but they are proud.Since 3 months of pregnancy, I have started constipation. I started to start 2 days first, and once every 5 days, but I was so sad that my eyebrows were almost twisted into eyebrows.Every time I have constipation, when I secretly, I think of the Xiangdanqing advertisement every day at noon dinner, "Don’t let the old stool, drag down the good body …" Hey ~

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1. Hormone changes.

A large amount of progesterone secreted by the placenta has reduced gastric acid secretion, and the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract also become "muscle weakness" like the old man.In this way, the food we eat in the gastrointestinal tract becomes longer, and it is blocked and stuffed. We cannot discharge the body normally as before pregnancy.Moreover, the water in those food residues was re -absorbed by the intestinal wall cells, resulting in the smelly stinky and hard, and it was more difficult to excrete the body.

2. The uterine swells.

Our uterus is growing, pressing the rectum, and slowing down the stool, just like a whale with a whale on the back of the train.

3. Insufficient dietary fiber intake.

Elders often say that after we get pregnant, one person wants two people, all kinds of great supplements.Eat a lot of high -protein, high -fat foods, and ignore the intake of vegetables and coarse grains, which will cause insufficient cellulose in the gastrointestinal tract, which is not conducive to the decline of peedant and stool.

4. Sports decrease.

The aunts after pregnancy are of course the heroes in the family. In addition, the first three months of fetus is still unstable. I am afraid of hurting the fetal gas. Of course, it is the most important thing to raise the body.So we have more lazy reasons.However, the pregnant mother who can’t move for a long time, the lack of exercise has dropped physical strength, the muscles of the abdominal wall become weak, and there is no enough abdominal pressure to promote during the bowel movement.Therefore, even if you want to pull it, you can shrink the abdominal muscles hard, but it is still difficult to pull out the feces accumulated in the rectum.

1. Time to defecate in the morning

One hour after breakfast is the best. If you think about pulling, you can pull it right away. Don’t support it, don’t stand it. Even if you can’t pull it out, it is necessary to squat for a while.After developing habits, timely bowel movements in the morning will become a very meaningful and fulfilling thing that we insist on doing in our lives.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drink water in a fixed time every day, and drink a lot, drinking boldly, but it is not a violent or thirsty to drink water.Drinking water can make the water reach the colon as soon as possible, making the feces soft and easy to discharge outside the body.Conditional pregnant mothers, drinking a cup of yogurt rich in probiotics every day is very effective for constipation.

3. Increase exercise

Take a walk for dinner, do simple housework, and go shopping. They are all exercise that pregnant mothers can choose. Try to go outdoors as much as possible. The intimate contact with nature will also make you feel happy.

4. Diet conditioning

Eat more foods rich in cellulose and vitamins, such as radishes, celery, bananas, apples, pears, honey, beans, coarse grains, etc. These foods are conducive to promoting the muscle motility of the intestinal tract, soft feces, and thus moisturizing the intestine.The role of slipping to help pregnant women to stool.Of course, you should also avoid eating spicy food. This is the reason, but for pregnant mothers who are usually spicy and unhappy, you should avoid your mouth. Do n’t eat even if you eat.So the new mother thinks that it is usually used to eating spicy pregnant mothers, which can be ignored.

5. Seek medical treatment

If the pregnant mother’s constipation still cannot be reduced, or even more and more serious, you must seek medical treatment immediately. You must not use the medicine without authorization.

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Some time ago, the new mother saw some poems of "Pipa", and I laughed so much that I couldn’t get together, and she pumped it:

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