"Pharmacist said medicine" and "cold medicine".

In a wave of medicine caused by the new coronal virus, cold medicine has become an indispensable member of millions of households.There are many types, how to choose and use correctly?

"Cold medicine" sounds a medicine, which is actually composed of multiple drugs.Anti -heat -relieving analgesic, antitussive drugs, nasal mucosal blood vessel contraction drugs, anti -allergic drugs, antiviral drugs, expectorant drugs, etc. can all become its family members, so as to alleviate the symptoms of different colds.




General name

Anti -heat town analgesic

Anti -fever, can relieve headache, muscle soreness and other symptoms


"Ammonia" and "phenol"



Inhibit the cough response of the brain center, and produce an antitussive effect

Right Michafin

"Mei" and "Meifen"

Nasal mucosal blood vessel


Reduce nasal mucosal congestion and relieve nasal congestion and other symptoms


"Ma" "Pseudo"

Anti -allergic medicine

It can dry and thicker the secretion of the upper respiratory tract, improve sneezing and runny nose, itchy throat, tears and other symptoms

Malan acid chlorophenamin

"Na Min" and "Min"


Anti -influenza virus effect




Stimulate the body to dilute sputum, so that sputum is easier to cough

Creating Pippinol gly ether

"Heal" and "more innovative"

In addition, some cold medicines will also add central excitement, such as caffeine, to enhance the effect of relieving heat and analgesic, and reduce the central inhibitory effects such as drowsiness and dizziness caused by anti -allergic drugs.In addition, some cold medicines will add some Chinese medicine ingredients, such as artificial beef, and play a role in clearing heat and detoxifying.

Common name analysis of cold medicine

Looking at the effect from the name, it is the first step we know it.

Phenoli Mimin

"Phenol" represents acetaminol, relieving heat and analgesic drugs

"Ma" represents pseudo ephedrine hydrochloric acid, nasal mucosal blood vessel contraction drugs

"Beauty" represents the right Mishafin, hydroceroide, and cough medicine in the central town

"Min" represents Malay acid chlorophenamin (poker Min), anti -allergic medicine

Then, phenolin -sensitive tablets have the effects of alleviating fever, muscle soreness, nasal congestion, cough, tears, sneezing, and sneezing.

Meimin pseudo -hemp solution- "beauty", "sensitivity", "pseudo -hemp"

"Beauty" represents the right Mishafin, hydroceroide, and cough medicine in the central town

"Min" represents Malay acid chlorophenamin (poker Min), anti -allergic medicine

"Pseudo -hemp" represents pseudo ephedrine hydrochloric acid, nasal mucosa blood vessel contraction medicine

Memin pseudo -hemp solution does not have the effects of antipyretic and muscle soreness because there is no heat -relieving analgesic drug.

Avoid the following misunderstandings

Increase the dose of medication or take two cold medicines at the same time (×) at the same time (×)

The name of the cold medicine products is different, and the drug components are actually similar. Do not superimposed!

On the market, we are familiar with cold medicine brands: amino miminist tablets (II), compound aminopenol capsule capsules, pseudolytic pseudo -pseudo -samising tablets, phenolinin tablets, etc., all contain acetyl aminophenol.The tragedy of acute liver failure caused by an excessive amount of cold medicine containing acetaminols per year has repeatedly occurred.Therefore, it is necessary to increase the dosage or take two cold medicines at the same time in order to achieve rapid results. Not only can it not shorten the cold course of the cold, but it will also increase the side effects of drug toxicity and cause damage to the body.

The name of the same medicine contains "ammonia", "phenol" or "in "cold medicine+antipyretics (×)

As mentioned above, cold medicines containing "ammonia", "phenol" or "phenol" in the name of the medicine are all containing acetylphenol.It is the same type of drugs with fever medicines that we often use ibuprofen.Patients with high fever (body temperature> 38.5 ° C) are recommended to take antipyretics directly.If you are still hot after taking a cold, it is recommended to take antipyretics for at least 3 hours.Generally, such heat -relieving analgesic drugs should be taken within 24 hours.

Chinese and Western medicines also have "pit"

In order to facilitate the use of medicines, some Chinese patent medicines on the market contain cold medicine ingredients.like:

Drug Name


Vitamin C Yinqiao

Chinese medicine, chloro -phenyamin, acetaminol, VC

Fangfang Cold Spirit Film

Chinese medicine, chloro -phenyamin, acetaminol, caffeine

Cold granules

Traditional Chinese medicine, chloro -phenyamin, acetaminol, caffeine …

Therefore, we need to understand the ingredients and avoid repeated medication before buying and use.

The following people need to pay attention to medication

1. Patients with severe liver and renal dysfunction should pay attention to reduction when taking cold medicines to avoid long -term large doses, so as not to cause drug accumulation.

2. Anti -allergic drugs in cold medicines can cause sleepiness. After taking it, you should avoid engaging in danger and fine operations.

3. Patients with broad bean diseases use cold medicines containing ingredients such as acetaminophen, beef, honeysuckle, and Huanglian.

4. Children’s use of cold medicines should choose suitable for children’s use varieties and dosage according to the drug instructions.

Finally, remind everyone that cold medicine can only relieve cold symptoms, and should not be excessively dependent, so as not to delay the condition.


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Author: Zhong Ling, the Department of Pharmaceuticals of the Ministry of Pharmacy, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Review: Director Pharmacist, Director Wang Yingyan, Department of Clinical Pharmaceuticals of the Ministry of Pharmacy in Guangdong Province

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