"Never give birth again!", How many do you have been in the pregnancy of life during the pregnancy of life?

We often say that birthday is the day we are born, but also the day of the mother’s suffering. In fact, it is not only the day when we were born on the birth day. From the moment the mother was pregnant, it was the beginning of the mother’s sad life. From early pregnancy to pregnancyIn the short period of ten months, mothers have experienced a lot of pain that have not been tried in this life, so this is why so many people are praising their motherly love.The method is carried out.

Xiaoxiao has been pregnant for eight months. Although it is nearing delivery, I think of my pregnancy experience, it is also a scalp. Xiaoxiao said: "I belong to the serious response during pregnancy.If you are not interested in any food, what you eat vomit, others become fat immediately, but I have lost weight when I get pregnant. At that time, I didn’t have a little weight loss in my heart. I only panicked. I was afraid of what was irreversible to the baby for my baby because of my own reasons.The injury, the panic is extremely uncomfortable, forced himself to eat, and then crying every day. Her husband didn’t know what to do. Think about crying at that time now. "Now someone asks her, do you want to have another child?Xiaoxiao only said, "No more!", It was enough once, and there was no less half -life again?

There are many women like Xiaoxiao. During pregnancy, they have suffered a lot of skeptical pain in life, but everyone has different constitutions, so the feelings are different. Let’s take a look. What feelings are unbearable.What about it?Bao Ma, who has already had children, also see, which one he was in?

1. Swallowing: Just like Xiaoxiao, most of the pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction. This is normal. Because after pregnancy, the body hormone of the pregnant mother will rise, so the pregnant mother will have a pregnancy reaction. There is a saying that there is a saying that it is. There is a saying that it is. There is a saying.Pregnant mothers have a good development of the baby. This statement is scientific, but if the pregnancy is too serious, it is necessary to find a way to relieve it.What she does, don’t let pregnant mothers eat something she shouldn’t want to eat.

2. Early response: In the early pregnancy, in addition to pregnancy, the pregnant mother is unbearable, and there are some reactions that are more annoying for pregnant mothers, such as dizziness, diarrhea, emotional unstable, etc. These often make pregnant mothers and husbands unable to be goodGet along, because when the pregnant mother is pregnant, the "moon is not round enough" will also quarrel with her husband. Of course, these reactions will slowly disappear after giving birth. Daddy, persistence is victory!

3. Ugly: There are people who love beauty, even more for women. Many pregnant mothers can’t stand it after pregnancy. They have become ugly. There is a video on the Internet.In the change, the dazzling big girl before became a village aunt after pregnancy, revealing rustic body. This change made the pregnant mother miserable, and the body would become fat.The situation is because the hormone secretion is too heavy. In fact, it will slowly improve after giving birth, but the dislike of her husband and their own often makes the pregnant mother very sad.

4. Situation of pain: As the little guy becomes larger every day, the burden on the body of the pregnant mother is getting heavier. Most of the pregnant mothers will have leg edema and back pain. After all, a person will carryHow can you not be tired in dozens of pounds?Some pregnant mothers who have not suffered often are often awakened at night. People who have not experienced may be difficult to understand. They are all the meat on their bodies. How can they press themselves?In fact, this is not the case. The weight of the fetus is pressed on the pregnant mother. It is difficult to relieve it. Do you feel that the pregnant mother is great?

5. Depression: How terrible depression is needless to say, it can make a person who was originally positive and optimistic became taciturn, lost expectations for the world, and even had a young age. Remember that a friend said that his sister -in -law was about to give birth to a child.I believe that I can survive everything no matter what they are. With such a mood, they will definitely give birth to the little guy smoothly.

"Never give birth again!", How many do you have been in the pregnancy of life during the pregnancy of life?The one is not lucky, and the one who is in the middle is normal. It can also explain the greatness of being a mother. For the sake of the little guy, you can only know how much you pay. In fact, the mothers should tell the children who grew up.What has been experienced so that he knows how easy it is, to be sensible in advance, and there will be no situation of "raising children to prevent old". Finally, I wish pregnant mothers who can go smoothly and eventually pregnancy.Babies can grow up healthy!

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