"Mother’s Feeling Emotions" affects children’s personality

Many parents have such experience. Looking at the children of other people’s families, their children are irritable and crying. They are difficult to appease. They even accept the new environment and new things very slowly.A little bigger, although these children no longer cry and stroke, their emotions are usually relatively negative, and they rarely interact with their parents, which seems to be "indifferent".These problems have these problems, excluding the influence of genetic, family environment and education, and are likely to be related to their mother’s bad emotions during pregnancy.Studies have shown that the impact of emotions on babies during pregnancy accounts for 10%to 15%.

On the one hand, during pregnancy, the bad mothers of expectant mothers will affect the development of the "almond nucleus" of the fetal emotional regulation center, increasing the susceptibility of the baby’s emotional problems in the future; on the other hand, if it is often in bad emotions during pregnancy, it will cause endocrine abnormalities.The fetus will be affected by this, and it is prone to increase negative emotions and attack behavior after birth.

In addition to the impact of "mother’s emotions" on the child’s personality, raising the environment is also very important to shape the child’s personality.For example, many mothers with "postpartum depression" may reduce their children’s attention, touch and speech communication, make children lack a sense of security, have not established basic trust in the world, and laid a hidden danger for future character development. It is easy to negatively negatively negativeRicky, even more, eventually developed into "personality disorder".Some parents often quarrel and divorce, and their children are raised by the elderly. In this case, the child will feel that they are superfluous. There is a sense of abandonment, and the personality will gradually deviate from the normal trajectory, affecting the future life.

So, how should expectant mothers regulate their emotions?1. Feel emotions.You can start from feeling your "one snoring and one inhalation", to perceive and name your emotions, such as expectation, joy, sadness, fear, nervousness, worry, guilt, etc., named the confirmation of emotions, and also helps understand the emotional emotions.Source, preventing unknown reinforced anxiety and anxiety extension.Then, regardless of the front or negative, accept all emotions and treat it with ordinary heart.2. Aware that emotions will change.In fact, it is not the incident itself, but the view of the incident.The idea changed, and the emotions naturally changed.For example, some expectant mothers occasionally insomnia, so they guessed that they would affect the growth and development of the fetus, and then nervous and anxious.As a result, the more anxious, the more insomnia, and the vicious circle.In fact, at this time, as long as the irrational cognition of exaggeration to the result of insomnia, emotions will improve.3. Communicates more with others.During pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers contact relatives and friends, and can also use yoga, massage and other relaxation training to regulate emotions.

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