"Mother" stomach pain is unbearable, but it is a stones "causing trouble"

Yan Zhao Metropolis Daily Reporter Tan Yanan

Recently, Ms. Zhang, a "prospective mother" who was pregnant for 8 months, suddenly had a pain in her left abdomen. She thought it was a fetal oppression. I did not expect that the culprit was actually stones.

It turned out that since she was pregnant, Ms. Zhang became the key target of care at home.One night, when Ms. Zhang was about to rest, she suddenly had a nausea, vomiting, and severe pain in her left waist and abdomen. The family quickly sent it to the emergency department of Shijiazhuang First Hospital.

The diagnosed urological doctor Cao Banran conducted a routine urine, color Doppler ultrasound and other examinations for Ms. Zhang, and was diagnosed with ureteral stones.In order to safety of pregnant women and fetuses, conservative treatment was preferred by urology, using drugs that were harmless to fetuses to help Ms. Zhang spend difficulties.

Yuan Shenru, chief physician of the urology department, said that pregnant women who drink less water should be careful of the urinary system stones.The proportion of pregnant women’s urinary system stones is not higher than that of ordinary people, but once the disease occurs, this disease has a great impact on pregnant women: they cannot use medication casually and can not be easily surgery.However, if the treatment is not timely, the pain caused by stones is enough to make pregnant women premature or even abortion.

It is reported that general urinary system stones can exist in kidney, ureter and bladder.The ureter is a sheep intestine trail, and the stones are stuck in it, which will cause the human body to have discomfort; if the stones do not reach the ureter, the patient will not have any discomfort.Therefore, the urinary system stones are "no pain, but it is amazing."

Drink plenty of water, urinate more, and eat lightly, which can reduce the possibility of urinary stones pregnant women with urinary systems.Yuan Shenru suggests that women who are intended to be pregnant are best to be a color Doppler ultrasound of the urinary system before preparing for pregnancy, including kidney, ureter, and bladder. Once you find stones, you can solveEssence

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