"Meet" appendicitis during pregnancy?Don’t panic!Jingzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital "put the pulse" for you

From the perspective of ordinary people, appendicitis surgery is an inconspicuous surgery.But if pregnant women suffer from appendicitis and need surgery, can the fetus be kept?

On December 24, 2020, Jingzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital successfully performed appendix resection for a pregnant woman who was more than 5 months pregnant. Finally, the mother and baby were safe and discharged smoothly.

The stomach pain in the second child’s pregnant woman is actually a "encounter" appendicitis

Ms. Zhao, 23 years old, has lived in Mashan Town, Jingzhou District for more than 5 months.

On December 22, 2020, Ms. Zhao continued to vomit and unbearable abdominal pain after breakfast.She didn’t care, she thought that drinking some hot water would just go to sleep. Who knew that the pain was not alleviated, but gradually aggravated.After one night, on the afternoon of the 23rd, she and her husband came to Jingzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment.

Li Xiaoqiong, deputy chief physician of the obstetric clinic, found that pregnant women were fever.After excluding new crown pneumonia, she first performed relevant examinations such as B -ultrasound, blood routine, and C -reactive protein for pregnant women.

Doctor discuss cases

The test results showed that Ms. Zhao’s total blood conventional white blood cells had a high total number and high C -reactive protein.Subsequently, through further examination, it was found that its right and upper abdomen had tenderness, and the preliminary diagnosis was appendicitis.

Remove the appendix in 40 minutes, and the mother and baby turn in danger into peace

A appendicitis usually has two ways: conservative treatment and surgical treatment.After soliciting the opinions of pregnant women and their families, Li Xiaoqiong contacted the gynecological ward, hospitalized for pregnant women, and underwent conservative treatment of infusion.

On the 24th, the situation of pregnant women still did not improve. Wang Hanling, director of the gynecological department of Jingzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, suggested surgery for surgery.

Wang Hanling told Ms. Zhao that pregnant women suffer from appendicitis, and the consequences are more serious than normal people.Because the pelvic organ is congested during pregnancy, the appendix will also be congested. Once inflammation, the development speed will be fast.Pregnant women have less choices than ordinary patients. Now the effect of conservative treatment is not good, which will stimulate uterine contraction and cause abortion. As the uterus gradually increases oppression, it is easy to cause appendix perforation, which will cause life to danger.

After listening to the doctor’s explanation, pregnant women agreed with the operation.

On the morning of the same day, Wang Hanling’s main knife was cut into appendix for pregnant women.Although appendix resection is a small operation, to ensure the safety of the fetus, you still need to be cautious.

During the operation, Wang Hanling found that the appendix of a pregnant woman was 1.5 cm, pus, and immediately faced the danger of perforation.He stepped up the surgery. After 40 minutes of tension, the surgery was successfully completed, and the mother and child were out of danger.

Director Wang Hanling

After surgery, the results of Ms. Zhao’s blood routine test showed that she was normal, and the fetus in the palace was well developed. She could be discharged in about 7 days.

"Thanks to the careful care of doctors and nurses, their superb medical skills have saved my wife and children’s life. I can let go of the restless heart." Said the pregnant woman’s husband, Mr. Ran.

Abdominal pain during pregnancy, you need to be alert to acute appendicitis

"Pregnant women must be vigilant during pregnancy, and may be acute appendicitis." Wang Hanling introduced.

The clinical manifestations of acute appendicitis during pregnancy are different in different stages of pregnancy:

In the early stages of pregnancy, acute appendicitis is similar to that of a non -pregnancy period, and often has typical metastatic right lower abdominal pain.

In the middle and late pregnancy, due to the increased uterus to change the appendix position, the appendix moved upward and backward, and the abdominal tenderness point was often higher than the non -pregnancy position.Symptoms of peritonitis.

In the third trimester, the abdominal pain caused by contraction pain and appendicitis is often difficult to distinguish, resulting in the severe condition when discovering, and it is easy to combat appendix pus and perforation.

Wang Hanling said that many pregnant mothers and family members believe that doing surgery and taking medicine will affect the baby. This concept is wrong."Regarding the treatment of appendicitis, once the diagnosis of acute appendicitis during pregnancy is clearly diagnosed, no matter what the pregnancy week is, it should be actively surgically treated. Blindly conservative treatment or delay surgery may not only delay the condition, but also cause appendix perforation and acute diffuse permeating.The probability of sex peritonitis increases maternal and baby disease mortality. "

Wang Hanling reminded the majority of women to discover the symptoms of appendicitis. Once diagnosed, surgery should be surgery as soon as possible.Especially women before pregnancy, if appendicitis recurred, will cause abdominal adhesion, and the fallopian tubes are not smooth, resulting in not easy to get pregnant.If there is a history of appendicitis and no timely surgery, it is easier to recur during pregnancy.

Source: Jingzhou Daily client reporter Kuang Yijun Lu Chunxue special reporter Zou Zhenghua correspondent Xie Yuqi Xu Yuqi for review Yang Changhong

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